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wardruna: hagal

Wardruna - это группа музыкантов Норвегии, призванная познать и пробудить глубины древнескандинавской мудрости и духовности. Древняя норвежская / нордическая музыка - один из источников композиций, исполненных на аутентичных музыкальных инструментах. В проекте создание трех альбомов с раскрытием всех рун Футарка.
Video of Wardruna performing 'Hagal' live at the Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands on September 19th 2009. http://incubate.org http://wardruna.com
Anton Shcherbakov

by Anton Shcherbakov
Anton Shcherbakov
From the Vikingship museum (Oslo), first part of my own visit in august 2010...

Hagall - Wardruna

Halghrið slær,
Hógg i aks!
Deyr einn,
spirar einn.

The text on in the video is from a scaldic poem to the runic letters. Each rune had its own meaning and history. The text is on Old norse plus English translation
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۩ https://vk.com/ward.runa
Video of Wardruna performing the song ‘Hagal’ at Logen in Bergen, Norway on August 24, 2011.


Подписка на канал неизбежна.
Fan video on Wardruna's "Hagal" track.
Artist: Wardruna

Haglhrið slær,
høgg i aks!
Deyr einn,
spirar einn.
Wardruna - Hagal 2009

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Video of Wardruna performing "Hagal" live at the Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands on September 19th 2009.
The report is right here : http://www.psychopathia-melomania.com/2014/01/wardruna-arnica-live-paris-2013.html#Wardruna_English_version
Le live-report est juste ici : http://www.psychopathia-melomania.com/2014/01/wardruna-arnica-live-paris-2013.html#Wardruna
Wardruna performing the song "Hagall" from their 2009 album "Runaljod-Gap Var Ginnunga" @ the Roadburn Festival on Thrusday, April 14th 2011.

Концерт группы Wardruna в Москве 24.04.2016. Видео взято из группы https://vk.com/wardruna2016
Москва 24.04.16
Wardruna performs at Faerieworlds (09.05.2015) at Hornings Hidout just outside of Portland, Oregon. First show in the U.S.