the cure: The Cure - The Caterpillar, The Cure - Hot Hot Hot!, The Cure - Primary , The Cure -Play For Today live 1982/ HD, "Cure the thunder" Sergey

the cure

Январь, 1988<br/><br/>
Для тех, кто в теме.
Music written by The Cure. Performed and arranged by Mayflower Madame. Footage from "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari" (1920) by Robert Wiene.

Mayflower Madame is a psychedelic drone-rock band from Oslo. Their debut album "Observed in a Dream" is out 22.04.2016 (Night Cult Records/Custom Made Music).

This track is part of the compilation album "I Dare You To Be Real - A Tribute to Dark & Cold Sounds" released (digital only) by B
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To raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jessica Alba picked up a bow and arrow and took aim at the dunk tank! Who better than her husband to try to dunk?! Find out if she got the job done!


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Music video by Unspoken performing The Cure. (C) 2016 Centricity Music
The Cure Music Night 21-04-2016 в Rock'n'Rolla Music Bar (Астана)

Вероника - вокал
Ануар - гитара
Карина - скрипка

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Смотреть всем на Смита-Клеопатру.))
The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes
aquí les dejo este video que saque de una cinta VHS y ahora se los dejo en HD el famosísimo Robert Smith aun no esta del lado obscuro...
pronto cambiare la plataforma para que lo puedan reproducir en sus celulares sin problema..
Music video by The Cure performing Friday I'm In Love (Acoustic Version). (C) 2001 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
Siouxsie And The Banshees and their biggest hit a cover of The Beatles Dear Prudence featuring here Robert Smith of The Cure on guitar! Enjoy!
Summertime Sadness - Lana del Rey
The Cure - Lullaby (Ivan Roudyk Deep Mix)
mashup by Paolo Monti, summer 2016
Март, 1980<br/><br/>
19.03.2016. Белгород
Апрель, 1989<br/><br/>
При записи использовано следующее оборудование:
Акустическая гитара - Art & Lutherie CW Cedar QI
Видеокамера - Sony HDR-CX130E
The Cure - Cut Here ( Top Of The Pops In Germany ) Смотреть всем Саймон в костюме!!!!!!!!
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Enjoy this amazing arrange
Музыкальное телевидение 90-х - Музыка , радио , телевидение - #MusicTV90's
Апрель, 1989
LIVE in Vecherniy Yrgant..Amazing♥
The Cure Music Night 21-04-2016 в Rock'n'Rolla Music Bar (Астана)

Зек Юра - это:
Даулет Еркинов (Казино Энея) - гитара, вокал
Асет Курмашев - гитара
Ринат Алиев - бас-гитара
Дана Жумашева - клавиши, вокал
Рустем Рахимжанов (ElephantGun) - ударные

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Cover on "The Cure" by Polina Ice.
Video by Johnny K.
the cure KYOTO song
Сюжет: Клаус не прилетел в МФ, и единственный способ спасти Деймона - выпить лекарство. НО(!!) вампир, который принимает лекарство, забывает всю свою жизнь после смерти, и память будет возвращаться лишь со временем. Деймону естественно рассказали все, что происходило, но для него все равно существует лишь Кетрин, и он не видит будущего у отношений вампира(Елены) и человека(то есть его). Елена пытается напомнить ему все, что было, но все безуспешно..
PATHWAY TO THE CURE: A Fundraiser Benefiting Susan G. Komen at Santa Monica Airport in Santa Monica, Ca USA June 11, 2014

Official Site:

Maximo TV is a credentialed media outlet and MPAA Accredited. We are an entertainment media news video outlet that provides celebrity red carpet footage for br
Adele - Lovesong Itunes Festival
01. Hometown Glory (
02. I'll Be Waiting (
03. Don't You Remember(
04. Turning Tables (
05. Set Fire To The Rain
06. If It Hadn't Been For Love (
07. My Same (
08. Take It Al
Свадьба старшего брата!
Sergey Lazarev
"The Best"
The Cure Music Night 21-04-2016 в Rock'n'Rolla Music Bar (Астана)

Зек Юра - это:
Даулет Еркинов (Казино Энея) - гитара, вокал
Ринат Алиев - бас-гитара
Дана Жумашева - клавиши, вокал
Рустем Рахимжанов (ElephantGun) - ударные

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Robert Smith of The Cure talking (starting 01:38) about the 2000 album Bloodflowers. German introduction by Markus Kavka.
Here is a weird half acoustic, half electronic version of "Burn" by the Cure !!!
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"Все Пранки / All Pranks"
Здесь ты найдешь самые лучшие пранки, розыгрыши, троллинг - интервью, социальные эксперименты всего мира!
Veli Ulevi are:
Russudan Meipariani and Zura Dzagnidze
Video by:
Clemens Schmidlin
The Cure Music Night 21-04-2016 в Rock'n'Rolla Music Bar (Астана)

Айдана - вокал
Асет Курмашев - гитара

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The Cure - Burn Scene from the movie The Crow
первая песня из-за которой мне захотелось научиться играть сложные мелодии и соляки а не играть все подрят дворовыми аккордами...
Загружено группой
Burn by the Cure

Presented by The O'Keefe Music Foundation

Cameryn / keyboard
Keating / drums
Charlotte / bass
Sydney / guitar
Darby / vocals

Credit Sequence "Hallucination" from Labyrinth

Megan / piano
Cameron / pump organ
Thomas / acoustic guitar
Music video by The Cure performing Just Like Heaven. (C) 1987 Fiction Records Ltd.
Setlist: Plainsong, Want, Club America, A Night Like This, Push, Lullaby, Pictures Of You, Just Like Heaven, Jupiter Crash, Round & Round & Round, Piggy In The Mirror, Lovesong, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, Strange Attraction, Mint Car, The Figurehead, Return, Treasure, Trap, Shiver And Shake, Prayers For Rain, Inbetween Days, From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, Bare, End,
Encore 1: Gone, The Walk, Close To Me,
Encore 2: Boys Don't Cry, A Forest, Faith
Туроператор Music Tours едет 07 октября 2016 г. на концерт The Cure в Хельсинки.
Подробнее о поездке:

Kobetamendi, Bilbao, 12 July 2012. Broadcast by ETB.
The Cure - Play for today

01 - The Holy Hour
02 - In Your House
03 - The Drowning Man
04 - 10:15 Saturday Night
05 - Accuracy
09 - The Funeral Party
10 - M
11 - Primary
12 - Other Voices
13 - All Cats Are Grey
14 - At Night
15 - Three Imaginary Boys
16 - Fire In Cairo
17 - Play For Today
18 - Splintered In Her Head
19 - A Forest
20 - Faith
by Martin Grinchevsky
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I cannot stress enough how perfect this episode was. Im going to cry when elena leaves because damon & elena were my complete favorite.


song- To the Wonder -Aqualung - (feat. Kina Grannis)
coloring- mine
The Voice 2016 | Antoine - Boys Don't Cry (The Cure) | Blind Audition
TRAFF The Only Cure The Cure at Austin City Limits at Zilker Park in Austin Texas on Saturday October 5, 2013!<br/><br/>
Rare version,6-13-93, Last boris show.
Boris Williams left the band in 1993. His last concert was on June 13th in Finsbury Park at a benefit concert for London's XFM radio station

The Cure in Orange - концертный фильм, который был снят в классическом античном театре во Франции (Оранж, Воклюз), 9 и 10 августа 1986 года. Часть 3-я.
The Cure in Orange - концертный фильм, который был снят в классическом античном театре во Франции (Оранж, Воклюз), 9 и 10 августа 1986 года. Часть 2-я.
Live to Berlin (Trilogy)
You are not well. Find a cure at
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You are not well. Find a cure at
Catch me if I fall

I'm losing hold

I can't just carry on this way

And every time

I turn away

Lose another blind game

The idea of perfection holds me...

Suddenly I see you change

Everything at once

The same

But the mountain never moves...

для сравнения - 1979
Цой, Кино плагиат the Cure, the Smiths, The Clash
You are not well. Find a cure at
A stunning show, blown me off my feet. PLZ watch in HD! - here's all I got thus far -

По недостоверным сведениям, одновременное нажатие клавиш alt и end приводит к перезапуску некоторых программ.

01 - Intro
02 - Shake Dog Shake
03 - Piggy In The Mirror
04 - Play For Today
05 - A Strange Day
06 - Primary
07 - Kyoto Song
08 - Charlotte Sometimes
09 - Inbetween Days
10 - The Walk
11 - A Night Like This
12 - Push
13 - One Hundred Years
14 - A Forest
15 - Sinking
16 - Close To Me
17 - Let's Go To Bed
18 - Six Different Ways
19 - Three Imaginary Boys
20 - Boys Don't Cry
21 - Faith
22 - Give Me It
23 - 10:15 Saturday Night
24 - Killing An Arab
25 - Sweet Talkin' Guy (End Credits)
Исполнитель - Шаповалов Виталий

Гитара - Maxwood md8602bk
Струны - Elixsir 11-52
Отдельное спасибо Кириллу Ткачуку - за помощь в создании этого ролика
Ролик из фильма "Лекарство" ("The Cure" 1995). Поёт Declan.
The Cure in Orange - концертный фильм, который был снят в классическом античном театре во Франции (Оранж, Воклюз), 9 и 10 августа 1986 года. Часть 1-я.
65! Великий Новгород сегодня встречает Сергея в своём городе!!
Second part:
Made by Alex {OfficialTVDNTv}
˙·٠•● Thank you so much for watching ! ●•٠·˙

The new episode was perfect - yet again. This season seems to go down as one of my fav ones of the show ever. I loved the DE scenes, awww! I have no words at all.. I'm just so speechless :x
about this video: Ugh, I made it in like a few hours only, as you can see. I was never ever before this disappointed of myself while making a video. Every
Программа "Икона MTV", 2004 года, посвящённая творчеству The Cure.
The kiss
All i want
Japanese dream
Just like heaven
Hot hot hot
If only tonight we could sleep
Like cockatoos
The walk
In between days
How beautiful you are
The perfect girl
The snakepit
A forest
Close to me
Let's go to bed
One more time
Charlotte sometimes
Shiver and shake
3 imaginary boys
Boys dont cry
Why cant i be you

Gernany 1987.

- please watch in 720p -

BOY X BOY - don't like, don't watch

Wow well... i can't tell you how much i am drowning in newtmas tears, really. actually this isn't the video i wanted to upload but well, i started and finished it today when i was supposed to study maths BUT WELL XDD I'm so into newtmas right now i can't take the pain
i read page 250 and a lot of other yesterday and wow it gave me all the feels back so i decided to do this little video. i

Pictures of You
The End of the World
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
The Walk
Mint Car
Friday I'm in Love
Doing the Unstuck
Fascination Street
The Hungry Ghost
Wrong Number
One Hundred Years
The Lovecats
The Caterpillar
Close to Me
Let's Go to Bed
Why Can't I Be You?
Boys Don't Cry
The Cure Music Night 21-04-2016 в Rock'n'Rolla Music Bar (Астана)

Зек Юра - это:
Даулет Еркинов (Казино Энея) - гитара, вокал
Ринат Алиев - бас-гитара
Дана Жумашева - клавиши, вокал
Рустем Рахимжанов (ElephantGun) - ударные

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Music video by The Cure performing Boys Don't Cry. (C) 1993 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
Music video by The Cure performing Pictures Of You. (C) 1993 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
The Cure Live from the Berg en Bos Festival,Apeldoorn,Netherlands.18/7/80
Are you thanked, M.E.?;)
Feat. Saffron
музыка должна быть честной!
The Cure ONE HUNDRED YEARS subtitulada español e inglés, con apoyo del video de AlmostAKiss2323
First part:
09.06.2016, Crocus City Hall, Moscow