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the beauty of nature

Samsung - The beauty of nature oceanic life HD Trailer - Amazing Nature Photos / Wallpapers.
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by たそがれ清兵衛 братск

Discover the Beauty of Nature at TomorrowWorld. September 27-29, Chattahoochee Hills (USA).

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Японская классическая музыка - Silent Moon

Рассказывая о природе Канады, очень сложно подобрать слова, которые точно смогли бы ее описать. Эта страна словно сочетает в себе два разных мира — цивилизованный и тот, где редко ступает нога человека. В первом все подвластно людям. А вот во втором человеку приходится уживаться с дикой природой, которая живет по своим законам. Именно эта первобытность делает Канаду неповторимой страной. Страной, куда отправляются за головокружительными впечатлениями от местной природы.
“🌿To move in nature Getting my inner @rosstraining out during a beautiful evening in the woods. The changing of the seasons is so wonderful🙏The connection…”
An epic journey comes to a close for photographer James Houston with the final day of shooting for 'Natural Beauty'. For this highly anticipated shoot with Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss -- currently one of the top models in the world -- he incorporates a pile of red algae in an unexpected way. While a chance arrival in NYC the same day sees Australian model sisters, Jess and Ashley Hart, in the studio to support James and his environmental awareness campaign for Global Green USA.

From ancient times to today, nature has provided the most fertile source for jewelry designers. Whether portrayed stylistically or naturalistically, plants and animals have been depicted in various degrees of artfulness but it was in the twentieth century that Van Cleef & Arpels took the imagery to new heights, creating flora and fauna that have become icons of their time. Van Cleef & Arpels strives to capture the cyclical movements of nature at its most beautiful instant — when nature’s vital force and it
#частный_ботанический_сад #сад_дракона #ХроникиВесны #Garden_of_the_Dragon #garden #Chronicles_of_spring #beautiful #beauty #bestoftheday #flower #flowergramma #flowermagic #floweroftheday #flowerpower #flowers #flowershow #flowerslover #flowerslovers #flowersofinstagram #flowerstagram #flowerstyles_gf #instaflowers #nature #photooftheday #pictureoftheday #plans #megodoo
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Music: Jo Blankenburg ~ The Feather Dance
Album: The Feather Dance (Piano Album 2008)

Info: I'm not the owner or creator of this music or images. All rights belong to the owners. This video is fan made for entertainment purpose.

The Beauty of Nature (Chris Rea - And You My Love)
#частный_ботанический_сад #сад_дракона #ХроникиВесны #Garden_of_the_Dragon #garden #Chronicles_of_spring #beautiful #beauty #bestoftheday #flower #flowergramma #flowermagic #floweroftheday #flowerpower #flowers #flowershow #flowerslover #flowerslovers #flowersofinstagram #flowerstagram #flowerstyles_gf #instaflowers #nature #photooftheday #pictureoftheday #plans #megodoo
The most beautiful video highlights of Nature 4k news video 2016-2017 Nature - the material world of the universe, in fact - the main object of study in the natural sciences. In everyday life the word "nature" is often used to mean the natural environment (everything that is not created by man).Земля — единственная известная в настоящий момент планета, на которой есть жизнь. Её природные особенности являются предметом многих научных исследований. Она является третьей по счёту от Солнца планетой Солнечной си
Наполняем душу прекрасным – живопись, поэзия, музыка, фотографии, цитаты. Большая колекция потрясающих видео, музыки, фото
Ежедневные обновления.
The Beauty of the Nature

Красота это неотъемлемая спутница совершенства!
То что возвышает душу! Красота бывает внешней, внутренней, Красивым может быть человек, голос, картины, может Природа, Небо, звёзды! всё что возвышает душу то прекрасно! То и совершенно!

Сайт натуральной косметики Биобьюти:
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National Geographic Documentary Animals 2016 || The Beauty Of Snakes - Nature documentary 2016

Красивая природа Урала. Beautiful nature of the Urals. :
Ссылка на канал http://www....

As Leonardo DiCaprio eludes his grasp, photographer James Houston reveals the difficulty of securing big name talent for his projects. Meanwhile, Sean O'Pry -- currently the No.1 male model in the world -- joins the 'Natural Beauty' crusade for Global Green USA. Returning back to the essence of natural beauty, James also focuses his lens on the skin and pure form of the body with high-profile models Arlenis Sosa and Lais Ribeiro.


Shoot in Milk Studios Loft, NYC
BTS Noah
Crocus Tricolor.... #частный_ботанический_сад #сад_дракона #ХроникиВесны #Garden_of_the_Dragon #garden #Chronicles_of_spring #beautiful #beauty #bestoftheday #flower #flowergramma #flowermagic #floweroftheday #flowerpower #flowers #flowershow #flowerslover #flowerslovers #flowersofinstagram #flowerstagram #flowerstyles_gf #instaflowers #nature #photooftheday #pictureoftheday #plans #megodoo #vidiki
Happy Sunday everyone! Leaving you with a #video shooting some amazing @veelovecouture crystal costumes & dresses with the most beautiful natured horses I had the pleasure of working beside. Makeup: @sheridynfisher @swanstudios Video: @kellyann_campbell Photo: Danna Russo Hair: @wadewilliam Assistant: Karl F #lovemyjob #horses #beach #crystal #love #bling #movie #sheridynfisher #behindthescenes #igapp
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The Greatest Chefs in the world fuse with nature to control the elements to provide an unforgettable experience. For this inspirational film a group of top UK chefs travelled to Mugaritz in San Sebastian to not only understand how natures beauty is controlled in the pursuit of perfection, but to test themselves against nature on the world championship surfing beach at Biarritz. It was a stunning 48hrs that the chefs present will never forget. This is why we travel to restaurants around the world. This is wh
Episode 2 - 'The Making of Natural Beauty' - a Web Series with photographer James Houston.

Finding the right top models is crucial to a photographic project. Join James as he meets with model agency NEXT, followed by the photoshoot with Eniko Mihalik on a cold spring day in Central Park, NYC.

'The Making of Natural Beauty' Web Series is a 12-part web series leading up to the launch of the Natural Beauty exhibition (at Milk Gallery NYC) and photography book by photographer James Houston. In th
Photographer James Houston heads to Paris to work with legendary makeup artist Karim Rahman. In a collaboration where "nothing is too crazy or too wierd", together they push the boundaries of what defines natural beauty.


Model Kelsey Rogers,
Light Painting
BTS Raphael Gianelli-Meriano

Karim Rahman - Makeup
Hair - Vi Sapyyapy
Kelsey Rogers - Model, Marilyn Agency
Vlada Roslyakova - Model, Women Management
Joe Boggon - Photo Assistant
In Episode 4, James works with the spectacular dancers from Complexions Contemporary Ballet in NYC. To achieve the perfect shot, he brings trampolines on set amongst other props, all while battling a nasty bout of food poisoning.


Photo Shoot with Trampoline
BTS Video and Sound - Vitaly Bokser
First AC - Jeff Brink

Makeup - Manami Ishikawa
Makeup Asst - Ljupka Arsovska
Hair - Cash Lawless
Renata Mosci - Stylist Assistant

Actor and environmental activist Adrian Grenier takes to the water, fully clothed, for his photoshoot with photographer James Houston for 'Natural Beauty'. James also interviews him about his environmental concerns and our responsibility on an individual and community level to take action.


Director - James Houston
Producer - Pete Maiden
Cinematography - Evan Jake Cohen, Simon Liu
Music - Human
Title Sequence - Box Communications

Film by Ernst Sasse
This is Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a country located in Southeastern Europe.
Find out more about Bulgaria
As an active environmentalist and Yoga teacher, model/actress Angela Lindvall embodies the ethos of 'Natural beauty'. James photogtaphs her and her children on their beautiful property in Topanga Canyon, LA. Then it's back to a smoke-filled studio for the shoot with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk.


Photo Shoot/NY
BTS Evan Jake Cohen
Adrian Martinez - Sound
Irina Shayk - Model
Munemi Imai - Makeup
Kenna Land - Hair
Craig LaCourt - Photo Ass
One cold Saturday morning I took a trip to the Saint Paul conservatory to shoot the beautiful flowers, trees, plants, and fish. Despite it being frigid and snowy outside, the conservatory was a tropical wonderland of exotic plants and flowers.

If you are ever in Minnesota I highly recommend visiting this wonderful free attraction. I shot this video on a Sony FX7 1080 HD camera and edited in Apple Final Cut 4.
Heres a nice natural look guys! And we made the skin look really natural with those three key products: foundation+illuminator+freckles! SO happy with it!


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Un video che dedico alle meraviglie della Natura :)
Musica: X Ray Dog "Dark River"
Immagini: BBC Planet Earth Series HD

Sean O'Pry -- currently the No.1 male model in the world -- joins the 'Natural Beauty' crusade for Global Green USA.

Shoot in Milk Studios PH, NYC
BTS Daniel Schloss
Personnel Sean O'Pry - Model, VNY Model Management
Fredrik Stambro -Makeup
Kayla Michele - Hair
Chad Tenorio - Photo Assistant, Photo Producer
Greg Byers - Photo Assistant
Художник - Юрий Ломков
Из архивов газеты «Северный Рабочий»

... Свободные, широкие движения кисти, лаконичные обобщенные формы. Небо -- плотно втертая в картон серо-голубая краска, ветки-царапины, оставленные в слое свежего масла черенком кисти. Не столько изображение природы, сколько ее образ. Не фиксация внешнего вида, а произведение настоящей живописи. Иными словами, картины Ломкова демонстрируют нам некий иной уровень художественной условности, отличный от примитивно-натуралистического изображения

Our world is not just war,building,factories, and etc.
In all populated areas at the height of beauty the nature are hidden, rather than human beings do not come.

Very special thanks to: Image Entertainment, BBC Motion Gallery & Beggars for the Amazing Landscape Sections

I don't have copyrights of the videos that are in this vidéo.

Musique : alt-J - Fitzpleasure

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Episode 1 - 'The Making of Natural Beauty' - a Web Series with photographer James Houston.

Join James as he meets with Mazdack Rassi, Creative Director of Milk Studios, and get an insight in to one of the most important elements of getting a project like this off the ground -- gaining the right support and partners. Then come on set for Day 1 of the very first photoshoot for 'Natural Beauty' featuring Isabella Rossellini's model daughter Elettra Wiedemann.

'The Making of Natural Beauty' Web S
Mehr Informationen zu Gartenplanung, Gartengestaltung, Schwimmteichen und Natural Swimming Pools von den Gartenplanern aus Hamburg:
Mehr Informationen zu Gartenbau, Schwimmteichen und Livingpools:

Als Alternative zum klassischen Swimming Pool eignet sich ein Schwimmteich hervorragend. Durch die biologische Wasseraufbereitung kann auf den Zusatz von Chlor oder anderen chemischen Zusätzen verzichtet werden. Der Schwimmteich ist deshalb vorallem für
Relaxing Music - The Beauty of Nature
A collection of beautiful nature pictures
Every day is Earth Day....

Nature is the art of God....

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.......

Natural Lights in the eyes of Girl Beautiful Video.
The nature provides enough to satisfy every man's need. We should appreciate what we have.
Природа дает достаточно, чтобы удовлетворить потребность каждого человека. Мы должны ценить то, что у нас есть.

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Wonderful Planet Earth & The Beauty of Nature in FULL 1080p HD - Amazing Nature and its Beautiful Scenery
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The beauty Scenery of nature with wonderful relaxing music.

Music. Composer Dick Kait
Норвегия -это глоток свежего воздуха жарким летом
Это череда чарующих пейзажей ...
Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Spring!
music: Yanni - True Nature
Video edited by Andreea Petcu

Beautiful nature of City of Victoria. Canada. February 2015/Прекрасная природа города Виктории. Канада. Февраль 2015
I don't own ANYTHING!

The music is Merlin's magic - The Heart of Reiki. The normal size is 62 minutes. I shortened the song to ten minutes for the video.

Enjoy! :)
What will the spring of 2014 be like? I remember the beauty of spring from years gone by and I hope that there is not so much change that the we won't recognize the spring of the future.

Activists have battled for so many things that today we take for granted and except as the norm. Labour laws, environmental regulations and even the right for women to vote.

USA - women were granted the right to vote in 1920

In the early 1900s, Canadian women faced an old political guard as they struggled for the right
All styles of relax music! - Music for relaxation.

Welcome to
Этот ролик обработан в Видеоредакторе YouTube (
I have created this set of relaxing beautiful scenery, calming relaxation videos to be played in the background during meditation or study. The videos are also perfect to play while trying to relax or get to sleep.

Relaxing Gentle Waterfall - Beautiful Bird, Nature & Sounds of the Forest Relaxation

Filmed in March 2015

Video Produced by Paul Dinning - Wildlife in Cornwall
is Amazing How Beautiful is Our Home Planet And This is The Most Perfect Planet That God Create For The Human Race And
All Creatures in Our Home.Love Peace And Happiness For Every
Creature in The Earth.
Music:Atlantis Ita - See You in the Next Life [Beetseekers Chill Trance Remix]
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(Track 1)
a.Anorganic Transmutogenesis (Synthetic Division)
b.Coitus Interruptus
c.I Know You're Fucking Someone Else

From Type O Negative's debut album, "Slow, Deep and Hard", released on June 16, 1991, on Roadrunner Records (now owned by Warner Music Group).
Type O negative plays the second part of "Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity" on 28/06/2003 at A Summer Day In Hell in Bologna, Italy.

Video © Johnnie Lawson All rights reserved

Additional sounds used in this video have a Creative Commons Attribution unported 3.0 (CC BY 3.0) License which can be viewed at the following links.

Anything can happen on a live shoot and usually does! An explosion on the street outside Milk Studios, NYC forces the team to evacuate. The pressure is then on leaving the team with only with hours to pull off an entire production. You will also meet the God of Insects, Lawrence Forcella, whose beautiful butterflies become central to this shot with model Meghan Collinson.

'The Making of Natural Beauty' Web Series is a 12-part web series leading up to the launch of the Natural Beauty exhibition (at Mi
James reaches a turning point as high profile models Arizona Muse and Anja Rubik join the growing list of contributors for the Natural Beauty project. Arizona teams with her son Nikko, while Anja is fully immersed in a small fishtank for the shot which will become the hero image of the entire project.


Photo Shoot
BTS Video and Sound - Vitaly Bokser
RED Camera - Vitaly Bokser

Arizona Muse, Model - Next Model Management
Arizona's Son Nikko
From their Album "Slow, Deep and Hard" (1991)!

Wicker Man Song 02:52
Blood Of Solitude I 07:26
Bloodstreamruns 08:45
My Black Diary 13:23
Tears For An Eastern Girl 18:30
Beauty Destroyed
Skeletontonguedworld 26:08
Obsession Flowers As Torture 29:06
Blood Of Solitude II 31:00
Best of Time Lapse

Footage used:

1. All Alone in the Night - Time-lapse footage of the Earth as seen from the ISS
2. Arches and Canyonlands National Park Timelapse 4k UHD
3. BEST STORM TIME-LAPSE_ Lightning, Tornado & Supercell Montage
4. Breathtaking Time-Lapse Video of Earth From Space
5. Calbuco volcano eruption 2015, previous TimeLapse
6. Dazzling Time-Lapse Reveals America's Great Spaces
7. Erupción Calbuco Chile 2015, 2 Timelapse Volcán HD
8. Go Beyond 4K Ultra HD Time Lapse
9. HD Northern Lights ti
Music: Two Steps From Hell - Nero
Лучшие видео, снятые на GoPro:

Under the Antarctic Ice - Beauty of The Nature

The Antarctic ice sheet is one of the two polar ice caps of the Earth. It covers about 98% of the Antarctic continent and is the largest single mass of ice on Earth. It covers an area of almost 14 million square km and contains 26.5 million cubic km of ice.[2] That is, approximately 61 percent of all fresh water on the Earth is held in the Antarctic ice sheet, an amount equivalent to 70 m of water i
Исполнение Юкари Ито ! Song Yukari Ito! 歌伊東 美しい日本!
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Under the Antarctic Ice - Beauty of The Nature

The Antarctic ice sheet is one of the two polar ice caps of the Earth. It covers about 98% of the Antarctic continent and is the largest single mass of ice on Earth. It covers an area of almost 14 million square km and contains 26.5 million cubic km of ice.[2] That is, approximately 61 perc
Photographer James Houston travels to Arizona to shoot Irish model/actress Caitriona Balfe with the dramatic Antelope Canyon as his backdrop. The shapes, textures and colors of this sacred Navajo territory create a fantasy landscape which he has dreamed of shooting for the last 15 years.


Director - James Houston
Producer - Pete Maiden
Cinematography - Daniel Schloss, Evan Jake Cohen
Sound - Adrian Martinez
Editor - Evan Jake Cohen
Assistant Editor - Sarah Phoenix
Music - Human
Очень красивый timelapse о природной красоте Новой Зеландии. Качество видео захватывает дух, да и пейзажи очень даже неплохи. #Новая_Зеландия
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The Beauty of Nature: nature is full of surprises.
-Beauty of the world.
-Beauty of the earth.
-Beauty of flowers.
-Beauty of nature music.

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просто вдохновляющее видео, показывающее всю красоту нашей природы. всегда можно остановиться и понаблюдать за закатом, а иногда и снять это на видео, что я и сделала :)
наслаждайтесь красивыми видами и слушайте прекрасную музыку.

sometimes you just need to stop and look around you.
iamamiwhoami inspired video i made to inspire you! enjoy the views of sunsets, flowers and beautiful sky with atmospheric music.
also, let me know in comments if you like such style and that video at all.

Аудиоряд: iamamiwhoa
I thank the authors of images and music, as well as artists for materials which I use in my videos 💐🌷
Изображения и Музыка ...
Join the Global Family... Join the People Of Tomorrow.

Tomorrowland Brasil (May 1-2-3, 2015)
Tomorrowland Belgium (July 24-25-26, 2015)
TomorrowWorld USA (September 25-26-27, 2015)

All info:
Directed by Vladimir Sumashedov
Beautiful nature video (1080p HD) with relaxing music composed by Peder B. Helland. The instrumental music is called "The Song of the Heart", from my album "Dawn of Hope". Previous nature video ►
Itunes ►

Good evening! :-)
I am happy to share the fourth video in the series "Beautiful Nature Video & Relaxing Music". This time I made a nature video for "The Song of the Heart", w

Dreams by Armen Hambar
Magic Travel by Stive Morgan
The Natural Beauty of Guilin, China

Скалат,околиці,природа.The beauty of nature
0:00 Orchestra of folk instruments. Lviv - A voice of Jesus is calling ...
1:02 National orchestra of folk instruments of Ukraine, conducted by V. Gutsal
5:34 National orchestra of folk instruments of Ukraine - Lyrical dance (komp.S.Hulak-Artemovsky)
7:24 Jaroslav Dzhus - Ukrainian melody
Relax and enjoy!
My favorite relaxing music, Sundial Dreams

720 HD ставьте
(Kurdistan Workers and Kandil Mountains) the nature of the nicest and most beautiful song
Somewhere in Russia... moments from cross-country
Russia, Kirov
●The Beautiful Nature of Canada GoPro HERO 4 Canada Road Trip In 4K ● This was one of the most beautiful holidays I have ever made. Canada has for sure an awesome view. The nature is exquisitely. This was our trip and hope you like it.

This video is recorded in the highest possible settings. It is shot in 4K, but no worry if you don't have a 4K monitor, you can also just watch it in 1080p HD. Enjoy!

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from

●Our trip●Info And Places●

0:00●Three Valley Lake:
Island in the Pacific ocean. The extraordinary beauty of our nature. Neukaledonien. Frankreich.
Amazing nature of planet earth : beautiful scenery, seascape in Ultra HD / 4K resolution. Relaxing nature video by Fred Bouchal.
Facebook :

Copyright © Fred Bouchal - All rights reserved
Музыка: DJ Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe - Back To You (Aly & Fila Remix)
Merlin's Magic. The heart of Reiki. Nature's Beauty
Магия Мерлина. Сердце рейки. Красота природы
Музыка: Ciaran McAuley & Roly feat. Oonagh - Forgotten (Club Mix)
A Relaxing Mushishi Zoku Sho music video I felt like making.
Considering the show is so relaxing and beautiful.

Welcome back to the 737Channel.
Departure airport: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (MDPC).
Arrival: Montréal, Canada (CYUL).
In between, mixed clips recorded while flying to and from the Caribbean.
Enjoy the views and stay tuned. There's much more coming soon.

The 737Channel, sharing views...

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800W.

Footage: Panasonic X920 (note there is a significant loss of quality when uploading here...). Some clips with the Gopro Hero 3+ Black Edition. 737Channel ow
Еще больше крутых видео смотрите здесь - Рекомендую!

"Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity" (1991)
1. "Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity" (Extended Mix...
Composer: Enigma ~~~ Song: The Eyes of Truth

"The Eyes of Truth" is Cretu's term for a higher power....this is a stunning & powerful opening track that features a driving beat, Indian tabla drums, a pungi (a reedy-sounding instrument), the shakuhaji flute, a massive choir, & haunting Mongolian voices & chants that are used as instruments.....

Enjoy it :)