summer flat: Global-Flat Summer Trick Roundup - Will Redd // Pretzel Flip, Summer "Flat" | Soon, Illustrator Tutorial - Flat Design Summer Wallpaper (Google

summer flat

Will doing one of his signature original tricks - junkyard to decade. Watch closely.
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Quick edit of a few skimboarding training sessions by Cesar Caminero, on some tiny South Florida waves. Slotstik Skimboards. Gorilla Traction Pads. [Music: Reunion - The XX]
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01. JUNGLE AFRICA (Performed by Dj Maxwell)
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Take your flats to another level by adding lace-ups to them! This quick and easy DIY Lace Up flats are an affordable way to get into the summer's latest trends!

Comment down below let me know what DIY you would like me to post next :)

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Каждый флэтер знает как порой тяжело и грустно кататься одному и музыка в наушниках уже не спасает от этого чувства. Приезжая летом на спот провести тренировку или покататься в своё удовольствие я потихоньку замечал что моя давняя мечта начинает осуществляться. Ребята из моей секции - это не просто ученики, а ещё и друзья, которые всегда готовы помочь и поддержать тебя, и конечно же устроить весёлый флэтленд-джем после хорошей катки!
За это лето я многому научился, побывал в разных местах и понял чем я хоч
Not much riding this summer but when i did, i tried to make it count! enjoy
#MartinClancyTheWitnessProtectionProgramme #FlatFootDjMemeSummerClubRemix #video #АфишаFM #AfishaFM
#Монтекарло #Спб
Products Used:

Chi Thermal Protection Spray
Wide tooth comb
Loreal Elnett Hairspray, very volume
GHD flat iron

Nail Polish: 17 Orange Soda

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Products Used:

Chi Thermal Protection Spray
Wide tooth comb
Loreal Elnett Hairspray, very volume
GHD flat iron

Nail Polish: 17 Orange Soda Premier Guitar's Jason Shadrick is on location in Nashville, Tennessee, where he visits the Vox Amps booth and gets to hear a demos of their new Tone Garage Series pedals -- the Double Deca Delay, Trike Fuzz, Flat 4 Boost, Straight 6 Drive, and V8 Distortion.

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David Nagy BMX Flatland Global Flat Summer Trick Round Up
Ride, Video, Music: David Nagy
Hungary 2013, Gyöngyös
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Четвертый фестиваль Open M4C SUMMER FLAT STYLE в Екатеринбурге 10.07.2015. Богдан снова выступает у себя дома. В программе реальные истории из жизни, приправленные парой несмешных шуток. Запись включает комментарии известного арт-деятеля Владислава Грушичева.
Simon sat down with Luke and Calum of 5 Seconds Of Summer to discuss first kisses, first concerts, and getting drunk off boxed wine in a Granny Flat

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pegless flatland and street mix. last section of the edit is bars small (backwards).
These are a very well worn pair of studded leather ballet flats size 8 US. Very well loved!

If interested in purchasing these babies, contact me!...

Жмем 1080!
К сожалению так и не смог доснять, все, что хотел. Идей еще очень много. Огромное спасибо Никите Миляеву за камеру и сьемку. Первый сезон качаю этот стиль)
Music: Cosmic Hurricane - The Dot
Edit and direction: Dmitriy Oliton
Survey: Nikita Milayev
SNOWANDFLY. project:

Огромное количество растений в квартире в центре мегаполиса. Невозможно? Реально! Так считает Саммер Рэйн Оукс
"Я выросла в деревне, и с тех пор я ищу способ, как принести природу внутрь дома"
Working aerobically on your abdominal muscles for over 7 minutes stimulates the capillaries in this area. These in turn increase the blood flow. A greater blood flow means a greater flow of oxygen - and fat only burns in the presence of oxygen. Toned muscles need more calories (kcal) to stay active. Our organism tends to release these calories from the area nearest the muscle, in this case the waist area.
Learn to create a Happy Summer Man vector illustration. Its easy and quick. Or just watch and enjoy.


Today a tutorial for Adobe Illustrator and a bit of Photoshop. Those Google Now wallpapers look very great, flat, minimalistic but still enjoying and fun. So I decided to create a tutorial for you guys, to show you how to create something like this. You're going to learn how to use:
- Clipping Masks
- the Pen Tool
- Gradients
- Pathfinder
- Shadow Techniques
- Blending Modes
- Shear Tool
and much more..

Hope you'll enjoy and I would appreciate if you would drop a like, comment and subscribe for more videos
Flat_montanaro: video montato sull appennino tosco/romagnolo durante lo spostamento per show a Firenze nella calda estate 2015.
Luca Contoli (Flat Luke) e Michael Piccolo (Old Mike)

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music: Make It There (feat. Folly Rae) (The Prototypes Remix)
montaggio video: Luca Contoli
Flat Peak: vid created on the Apennines Tuscan / Romagna during the move to show i