stormtroopers dance: Stormtrooper Secrets Hip Hop Twerk ( Star Wars Dance), Stormtroopers's Dance, Star wars - stormtroopers dance,

stormtroopers dance

Stormtrooper Secrets Hip Hop Twerk ( Star Wars Dance)
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stormtrooper gets down and then boba fett joins in with the party. i do not own this video or star wars etc no copyright infringement intended

darth vader and stormtroopers dance to michael jacksons beat it at star wars weekend 2010 hope you enjoy and to also subscribe
As part of the annual Hyperspace Hoopla "Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars" at Star Wars Weekends 2010, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers showed off their dance moves to Michael Jackson's "Beat It".
President Obama and Michelle Obama dancing with star wars characters

Dance. Or dance not. There is no try. #MayThe4thBeWithYou



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Coreografie realizzate e riadattate dalla seguente Crew:

Valexs206 (montaggio,riprese,effetti)
Dodo (aiuto produzione, idee, backstage)
Музыка из видео:
Hier mal wieder ein neues Tanzvideo (dieses mal von Anoxia) ;)

Theres a new dancevideo (this time with Anoxia) ;)

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Das Klub:<br/><br/>
Dancing Stormtrooper at HIV/AIDS benefit walk in Wisconsin. Stormtrooper jams out to Gangnam Style

A little animation done for my buddy's wedding. A Starwars fanatic who also like Wonder Girls.
So this is a natural mash up of the 2.
Stormtrooper 3d model courtesy of
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Song : Spenca AFK - Lemon Face

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A couple of Stormtroopers enjoy some klezmer music played by the Bus Tunnel Bandits at the 2012 Penny Arcade Expo.

My five year old son and me dancing in our driveway in our Stormtrooper costumes

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Dj Smash – Stop The Time
Updated: Sorry there's no sound, I got informed someone didn't like the sound and it's copyrighted even though the whole song isn't used in this. So, it will remain silent and you will just have to watch the video minus the sound. I don't feel like adding another audio track when it's just as good silent.

Washington, DC: US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle dance with R2-D2 robot and stormtroopers celebrating the Star Wars Day at the White House on May 4. Video 0:24

Washington, DC: El presidente estadounidense Barack Obama y su esposa Michelle baile con un robot R2-D2 y soldados de asalto que celebran el Día de Star Wars en la Casa Blanca.

Washington DC: Le président américain Barack Obama et son épouse Michelle danse avec un robot R2-D2 et stormtroopers pour célébrer la Journée Star Wars à la M

Kinect Star Wars Dance Off - YMCA Empire Today - Xbox 360 Kinect
Добавила: GFox

Наконец-то его можно увидеть
What happends if you combine one Star Wars geek with Britney Spears' new single "Circus"? This music video is the result..

Watch the real Britney Spears Circus Music video over at

Have you ever seen stormtroopers dancing to the YMCA song?

As good Star Wars fans and in the spirit of the eternally re-mixing internet, we had a little fun with this. Hope you enjoy it!

Big thanks to Scott and Brendo for making the amazing original video and allowing us to share this. If you haven't checked it out you can see their video here:

Make sure to explore the rest of their videos and music by checking out their social media links and channels i
A Very Funny StormTrooper Dancing.
ANIMINAS, Belo Horizonte-MG.

Кавайный штурмовик :D
Learn the Dance to the epic music video StormTrooper Twerk!! Choreographer Jason Celaya breaks it down and teaches you the dance!

Contact and Booking Jason:

Watch the original video at:

Chaz Bodily
Landon Anderson

Filming/Editing by Scott Winn

Thanks to The Vibe Dance Studio for the dance space!
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Dancing Stormtrooper at Merka Stock, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Штурмовики из Star Wars танцуют под музыку LMFAO - Party Rock.
Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers dancing Cuban Casino to music by Los Van Van


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Incredible Stormtrooper Dance Troupe
Great dance team from Bixby HS doing an amazing Star Wars dance as Stormtroopers
Hey guys! So I've read some comments saying that this is not the original song and things like that. We all know you are right, this is the original vid with the original song! You must check it out because it is amazing!
I am very sorry if I offended anyone, it was never intented that.
Stormtroopers will teach you how to dance by Denis Semenenko
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