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star wars cops

Cops parody of Star Wars
COPS gone Star Wars... It is an independant Star Wars fan film that was created by Kevin Rubio in 1997. The voicing cast includes Jess Harnell, Cam Clarke, and Bill Farmer. All of which are well known voice actors...

This is the Star Wars parody for the TV show COPS. I have nothing to do with this video (though it's as old as I am, and it deserves more publication). I just think it's funny and want to share it.

What it would be like working for the empire.
So around 6 months ago i said i would put it up for
download.... So here it is now :D....
Thanks to Soz307 for helping me get the audio back.

Note: I did not create this or know if there is more.

Star Wars version of COPS

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Original video authors: Kevin Rubio and his team
Original video uploader: Darrin Fabish - /watch?v=TDptvrYr7Rg
Original video was distributed by TheForce.Net.
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Santa gives christmas present to police officers. Light Sabers to fight evil.. (
Star Wars Parody of TV Show "Cops." Very enjoyable and lots of hidden jokes if you look for them ;) Anyway this video is not of my creation and I do not take any credit for it, just posting it for everyone else's enjoyment :) Enjoy! - перевод
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