save the world tonight- swedish house mafia (cover): Kristoffer Rahbek Save The World Tonight - Swedish House Mafia (Cover), Save The World Tonight - Swedish

save the world tonight- swedish house mafia (cover)

Heeeey peeople!
Really felt good about doing a cover of this song - very acoustic! So definitely hope you like it too!
Save The World Tonight - originally by Swedish House Mafia
Cover by Kristoffer Rahbek - KrisToTheRahbek

It's an amazing song, and with a touch of acoustic it's just even better. Not talking about my own video, but kind of an inspiration from another cover of this one - by a guy called Collin Mcloughlin. Very inspirational.

Anyway - hope you like it, and as always... E

I hope you enjoy my cover of Save the world.. I LOVE THIS SONG! so i hope you like my version !!! thanks for watching and make sure to check out my other videos if you enjoyed this one and subscribe if you like!!!! x) also just got a new website!
Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia tweeted this video. All by ear, like the rest of my youtube videos. Enjoy!

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RE-UPLOADED. first upload on August 17th, 2011 (20k views)

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