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Video grabado lor mí. Josh Hutcherson en el festival de cine de san sebastian / Donosti. La persona mas agradable del mundo.
♥ So it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames.

♥ I do not own the music in this Video. Its 'Blank Space' covered from
Aiden Lewis.
♥ All the footage used in this video is from the game 'Until Dawn'
from Supermassive Games.
♥ I edited it with VSDC Video Editor.
Song: Zella Day - East of Eden (Matstubs Remix)
Fandom: Until Dawn
Sam Reinhart vs Josh Morrissey (1/31/14) Fight Hockey WHL Draft 2014
A fund raising concert for the Missionary in West Covina Ca.of St.Christopher Catholic Church. Sam was originally scheduled for two songs but the crowd requested a third song. This event was attended by about 300 people and the media was on hand for photos and reporting.

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Ball Up continues its search for the next greatest street baller in the streets of Baltimore. With Sam Cassell bringing is experience and player-coach Josh Selby bringing his game, team Ball Up has their work cut out for them.
i thought we were close. (pls watch in hd)


kill me before mizzy murders me

also leave it to the mad duo to ship the most brutal ship that has -20 chances of having one happy moment. but who am i fooling, those are the best kind of ships wHO NEEDS A HEART ANYWAYS

footage: until dawn



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First 'Catching Fire' Set Photos of Josh Hutcherson Sam Claflin(русская версия)
A quick video of my trip to see josh, thanks to mike for letting me use the little trip pod haha!!

US Hunger Games Pt. 2 Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and 'Catching Fire' cast dish on kissing, flogging and hazing

Libera, from the DVD "Angel Voices: Libera in Concert"
all Movie Family josh and sam / Джош и Сэм
Bring on the Men by Josh Young and Ensemble Broadway Backwards 8 on 3-18-13 video by Sam Bernero (

Sam and I played a fun game of SKATE.

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Outro song: Marble Garden by Northward
♥ HD + headphones ♥

''Don't be too hard on Joshua. He has been through so much, but you know that already...''

Spoilers!! My love for them is out of this world. Josh is my favorite character in Until Dawn. It's so beautifully sad. It's also the first time I vid a video game. So don't judge, because it's not that great. I just wanted to capture their story.

I wish he didn't die :(
I only own the editing.
Leiden Concert (Holland 2007). Джош Мадин - один из самых очаровательных голосов Libera.
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Лучшие каверы! Мы выкладываем популярные песни в исполнении незнакомых вам певцов и коллективов.
Not without a little extra something from Drums, Keys and Guitar!
This song was actually a suggestion that almost went unnoticed. I found it intriguing as I have never heard of the song before and also knowing what I knew about his music at the time, I thought it was kind of crazy. So I had to check it out. Upon listening I loved it, the dynamics, tonality and performance was awesome! Recognising another potential challenge with the middle eastern vocal and epic string arrangements I was super keen to arran
Day 2 of Catching Fire Fan Camp, and got to meet Sam Claflin (Finnick), Jena Malone (Johanna), Jeffrey Wright (Beetee), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta), and Francis Lawrence (Catching Fire Director). Such an amazing day!

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These two are so adorable. I wasn't planning on making any videos until the holidays but I couldn't resist. I made this in a rush and I've run out of songs to vid but I still hope you guys enjoy it.
Song: Alive by Empire of the Sun
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Music - Avril Lavigne - innocence

VK group -
Christina Grimmie, Delvin Choice, Josh Kaufman and Sisaundra Lewis join forces to sing Disclosure and Sam Smith's "Latch."
The Voice USA 2014 - Sea...

Sam Bakker, Josh Ratta & Rohit Shah - FB Infinite - CLICK THE LINK TO THE LEFT TO LEARN 3 THINGS
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Sam Shalabi (Land Of Kush) on Oud with Josh Stevenson (Magneticring) accompanying on EMS Synthi. Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, August 23, 2009.
This is one of the cutest things ever, JAM BROMANCE!

тот сказочный вечер в Asheville, помните?))
Live Action Fan Video for Sam & Josh from Until Dawn.

Song: Wait by M83.

I do not claim ownership on any of the material presented in this video...
I missed a little at the beginning but oh well just a second or two

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now; entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now; entertain us...

Here's us with our re-imagining of Dick Lee's classic, Home. Share and subscribe if you like it! We hope you're as proud as us to be Singaporean :)

Music & Lyrics - Dick Lee
Arrangement - The Sam Willows
Violins - Josh Wei
Mixing - Teddy Looi
Video Director - Benjamin Ong


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Exclusive Interview with Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin to Etalk Canada. The interview aired on 8th November and the actors talked about the movie "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and how was the movie recording.<br/><br/>
Really quick trash 'cause I'm happy and heard this amazing song today and just 6K ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH! I simply have no words, it's a silly number to think about and you are the best adkjghadk, bless each and every one of you! :')

... I don't know who I ship the most tbh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Josh/Sam had more sexual tension but Climbing Class is so fucking cute and the scene where Josh finds out that Chris chose to save him instead of Ashley was... suggestive. 8D

OK BACK TO READING SMUTTY - Все треки прикрепляются к записям:3*почти)*
and here we go again! like I said in the description of my last gmv I made a video for Sam and Josh. this is my second gmv of Until Dawn and I still love the game. I'm so obsessed with Sam and Josh bc they're so cute together. I love them so much (even though I ship climbing class) I can't decide which ship I prefer so maybe I will do another video about Chris and Josh.
I really hope you like my video. see you (hopefull
Game: Until Dawn
Song: Zella Day – Hypnotic - Все треки прикрепляются к записям:3*почти)* - Все треки прикрепляются к записям:3*почти)*
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DJ Mag Live Presets D-Vine Sounds vs Madhouse w/ Sam Divine, Josh Butler & Jess Bays (DJ Sets)

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I ship this so much and I don't even regret it.

Also, I got this video done early! Yay! :D ...
and then I remember the end of Until Dawn and I get sad again DX someone hug me!

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Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Sam Claflin and Jena Malone answer fan questions about their movie "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", and ask each other some of their own questions in this Unscripted Interview.

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Bruce Banner (Bana), a brilliant scientist with a cloudy past about his family, is involved in an accident in his laboratory causing him to become exposed to gamma radiation and Nanomeds. Confused and curious about his survival, Banner discovers that since the accident, whenever he becomes angry he transforms into a giant green monster destroying everything in sight in an act of fury. Bruce's mysterious past and the answer to why the radiation had this effect becomes revealed to him as his Birth Father David Banner (Nolte) intervenes with hopes to continue experimenting on him.
Gracias por ver , espero que os haya gustado el video y recordad que 1 like siempre me viene bien , gracias y hasta el proximo video :D
«Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me?»



LORD. AS. ME. It HURTS! Damn it!
This game introduced me into a stupor, especially on the end.
Based on my actions went something like that I killed Matt, Jess and Josh (Jesus fuck). After replay I all survived, but due to fail with Chris, I lost him T. T

Damn, that was so painful for Josh no good ending. I am sincerely sorry for him as a character. There is a lot of controver - Все треки прикрепляются к записям:3*почти)*
it may be short... but you cannot beat the fresh loam that mother nature gives us! Clay spades crew throw together tracks that make the brothers hiss