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open your eyes

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моя самая любимая песня но клип могли и получше снять
Просто нравиться клип. =)
Song "Open your eyes"
Rachelle Plas : author
Philippe Hervouët : composer, music producer

Live Interview Radio Valois Multien 93.7

Rachelle Plas plays on HOHNER Golden Melody Harmonicas.
Label Victory's Way Music.
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Хвала Аллаhу Всевышнему. Хвала Аллаhу, равного Которому нет, и нет ничего, подобного Ему. Он создал вселенную по Своему Могуществу без чьей-либо помощи. Он существовал до того, как были созданы направления и место, и абсолютно не имеет недостатков. Его нельзя постичь разумом, вообразить умом!

Нет ничего, подобного Ему. Он – Всеслышащий и Всевидящий.
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Music video to Open Your Eyes by the Guano apes and yes to anwser all your guys question,it is a woman singing lol

"Open Your Eyes" is taken from STRFKR's new album, Being No One, Going Nowhere, out 11/4/16.

Order LP/CD/Tape/Digital:

Producer: T.J. Connor
Director(s): Chris Birkmeier & Aidan Brezonick
Cinematographer: Dustin Supencheck
Production Designer: Matt Steinbeck
Starring: Michael Allen Lyle
Aliens: James Sowka & Conor Reed


lonely eyes and a save me smile I know I could die tonight
junior high and I’m getting by
I don’t wanna try

I wanna take you home boy
come with
Open Your Eyes behind-the-scenes by David Gamboa. Music: "Well Kept" by Ryan Taubert. Courtesy of Music Bed. Aerial footage by Aerial Imagery Works Open Your Eyes film directed by Diego Contreras Cinematography by Khalid Mohtaseb. Produced by Brendan Cochrane. - CORECLUB | Metalcore | Deathcore | Post-Hardcore | Hardcore | Mathcore | Screamo | Experimental - самый большой архив CORE музыки в контакте и интересные турниры между группами! Вступаем!
United States
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Open Your Eyes, Disturbed, Santander Arena, Reading, PA; October 9th, 2016; Immortalized Tour
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28.11.28 Фестиваль Современной Музыки Nord Session, г. Костомукша.
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Cover party: поколение MTV 3.10.2015
группа Factoreal
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Josh tries to sneeze with his eyes open...

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Elfen Lied (Эльфийская песнь)
Music: Draw The Emotional & Foreground Eclipse – Accept Your Fate Now
Hamas violently took control of Gaza in 2007. What have they been doing since? Oppressing the Gazan population and investing billions in terrorism against Israel's civilian population. Some people choose to close their eyes to the reality on the ground. What about you?

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Автор: Shikki
Latest Hip-Hop / RnB / Pop
Open Your Eyes – the new single from Benga. Available on iTunes here:

Tour dates:

Music video by Benga performing Open Your Eyes. (C) 2012 Benga under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
Anime: MIX ( )
Music: NEEDTOBREATHE - Keep Your Eyes Open
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Музыка: Needtobreathe – Keep Your Eyes Open
"Close your ears."

Obviously inspired by this:
Which, if you haven't seen why are you even here.

This video is quite disappointing and unoriginal but I worked so hard on it so here it is anyway.

My lovely Apsu. The phrase "where have you been all my life?" couldn't be more accurate when it comes to how I feel about you. We s
55 Escape - Open Your Eyes
Cover-party "Поколение MTV"
2015 Plastic Pollution Coalition Video - Narrated by PPC Notable supporter, actor Jeff Bridges.

Plastic Pollution Coalition would like to thank:

Jeff Bridges
Georgienne Bradley
Sea Save Foundation
Jon Bowermaster
Kate Connor
Ed Begley Jr.
Grant James
Javier Mas
Mas y Rallo
Greg Stone
Jill Mazursky
Captain Charles Moore
Algalita Marine Research and Education
Nick Thune
Abrielle Stedman
Van Jones
Andy Keller
Fabien Cousteau
Kelly Meyer
Taina Uitto
Jan Vozenilek
Annie Fa
Live @ Das Kapital 26.01.2014
Rocket Pengwin - Open Your Eyes (Official Video) FREE DOWNLOAD: * Directed by: Emanuele Kabu * Music and Lyrics by Eddie Sears. Produced by Eddie Sears and Ercopop. * London 2016
SONG | In the end of the video
FANDOM | Hannibal
INSPIRATION | DegixHorse, impavidity, martinnnas, Merllonyx
PROGRAMM | Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 + Photoshop CS6
Есть радио. А есть - ULTRA.
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Title: Gatari Series
Style: Alternative rock
Track : Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Blue Stahli Remix)
By Ludivke
by RockPolka
NATO Open Your Eyes (Russian Military NUMBER 1)
Alter Bridge performs in San Antonio Texas at the Aztec Theater on Sunday September 25, 2016. No copyright infringement intended, I do not own the content in this video.
ролик по мотивам клипа Open your eyes группы Snow patrol
Music: Pslmrk - Ales
Camera: GoPro Hero4
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Looking back I clearly see
What it is that's killing me

Through the eyes of one I know
I see a vision once let go
I had it all

Constantly it burdens me
Hard to trust and can't believe
Lost the faith and lost the love
When the day is done

Will they open their eyes
And realize we are one
On and on we stand alone
Until our day has come
When they open their eyes
And realize we are one

I love the way I feel today
But how I know the sun will fade
Darker days seem
In a dystopian future, the truth is hidden from citizens who have been put at the mercy of an authoritarian regime. Using the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ flying camera, our heroine flies out of the city and reveals the truth to everyone inside.
This short film was shot entirely in one day, a project only made possible by the flexibility and reliability of DJI technology. The DJI Ronin handheld gimbal and Spreading Wings S900 flying platform were used.

Watch the behind the scenes footage to learn more:https://ww
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Live in Moscow 2016 Anabuk
watch in HD!!
Really love this 2nd season, I love this song combines them both!! I love how much they have advanced Oliver and Felicity this season, I love whenever you touch and hug Episode 2x09 I'm died!! I hope to get these two kiss to end the season is what I want most!! Sadly Oliver and Laurel don't have any chemistry and they just didn't gel to me. I loved these two right from their first scene so I'm proud to see that this pair just keeps getting more popular!!
hope you like :)

режиссер: Эльдар Махъянов

'Eyes are the gateway into the soul.'

New year, new TYS round.
Last year was amazing, the themes were so creative and challenging, I really enjoyed doing them (and I got into the last round which was the biggets surprise ever!!). So when I found out there is going to be another year of this contest, I knew I had to join :)

In first round we were supposed to choose and object (I chose an eye) and explain its symbolic meanings in the video.

I really tried so I hope you guys will like it!
And thanks to Rebe
Stilverlight Live January 22, 2016 at Aurora Concert Hall, Saint Petersburg, RU. Opening for Grave Digger 35th Anniversary Show 2016.
DJ Dreem & CLSM - Open Your Eyes (Eyeopener)

DJ Dreem


Out Of This World
"All this feels strange and untrue and I won't waste a minute without you"


Hey guys! So earlier this week it was my friend Bia's birthday & she joined the 22's club! You may know her as ItalianRory and if you don't, you really should:

She is an amazing vidder and an amazing person. She is so joyful and full of life, she laughs at me when I'm drunk and doesn't get drunk with me (rude, I know). She welcomed me into her life and into her city an
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3月15日(火)に日本で6枚目となる待望のNEWシングル「RUN-Japanese Ver.-」をリリース予定、世界中でファンが急増している大人気のヒップホップグループ「防弾少年団」。
それに先駆けCSテレ朝チャンネル1では昨年2月に行われた初の日本全国ツアー“防弾少年団1st JAPAN TOUR「WAKE UP:OPEN YOUR EYES」”を全編ノーカットで放送&#
I hope all you like. espero que todos vocês gostem. Disturbed \o/
Music: Phantom Power Music – Overpowered
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Ку) Сделала не большой клип, смысла тут нету.
Музыка: Bea Miller–Open Your Eyes
Shape memory refers to the ability of nitinol to undergo deformation at one temperature, then recover its original, undeformed shape upon heating above its "transformation temperature". Superelasticity occurs at a narrow temperature range just above its transformation temperature; in this case, no heating is necessary to cause the undeformed shape to recover, and the material exhibits enormous elasticity, some 10-30 times that of ordinary metal. Home Energy Reactor. Green Technology Devices, and Water as Fu
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This video will open your eyes to the truth about our food industry. Come face to face with the real-life impact of your dietary choices. See where (and who) your food comes from. Watch, listen, and bear witness to the truth. Open your mind. Open your heart. Open your eyes. For more information and resources, see or the links below.

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The footage in this video is from a 24 hour vigil I attended with Toronto - Live @ Rock House (18.02.2012) [Filmed by MXN]
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Open your eyes Dwayne Wade this is how I wake up 🙈 #raiseit
by Rewondernard · #bird, #sound, #michael bay, #transformers, #pigeons, #pigeon
DVJ BAZUKA - Open Your Eyes [Episode 028]

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Музыка: Sum41 - Open Your Eyes
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Music video for Tha Los' cover of Bobby Caldwell's 1981 classic.

I do not claim ownership of any of the interview or music content in this video. This video was a film project at the Savannah College of Art & Design and was used for educational purposes. All of the rights and ownership belong to their respective parties.

"Open Your Eyes" is a mini-documentary that examines the music, philosophies, and movement of the Bassnectar community. Lorin Ashton, the mastermind behind Bassnectar has been producing music and touring for over 10 years and has easily
Проект Apples From Mars ВКонтакте:
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Apples From Mars (ЯБЛОКИ С МАРСА) - это музыкальный проект играющий в стилях new age & chillout & enigmatic & lounge & ambient & downtempo etc..


BangTan | Bulletproof Boy Scouts | BTS | 방탄소년단
Live/21.09.2013/Москва/клуб P!PL

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28.05.2016 | Green Theatre | Anabuk Festival 2016 | Moscow

Director: Diego Contreras Cast: Lafair Hebert, Jessica Swopshire Writer: Diego Contreras Director Of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb Producer: Brendan Cochrane Co-Producers: Diego Contreras, Khalid Mohtaseb Production Designer: Joseph Sciacca Location Manager: Julie Bordelon Editor: Adam Rudd, Final Cut Edit Assistant: Nicke Hupp Edit Producer: Suzy Ramirez Colorist: Diego Contreras Sound Design & Mix: Defacto Sound Original Score: Ryan Taubert Gaffer / 2nd Unit DP: Daniel Stewart 1st AC: Jared
Made In:
Музыкальная импровизация в Музыкальной студии "THREE ONE FIVE"
Scratching - DJ PSYMIST (Technics 1210, Ecler HAK 360)
Beatmaking - ZOOLOCK (Akai MPK mini Mk2)
Synth bass - KATERINA (Yamaha PSR R 200)
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Аниме: Ergo Proxy (Эрго Прокси)
Музыка: Disturbed - Open Your Eyes
I'm a sobbing mess. that's all i can say rn

headphones are highly recommended for hearing everything