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Клип, где все плачут
посмотрела - расплакалась
Jukebox Trio и Дима Калинин. Выступление в клубе "16 тонн". Полный лайф. 16 марта 2013. Кавер-версия песни "Muscle museum" группа "MUSE".
съемка - Ильдар Салахов/ cameraman - Ildar Salahov
Мой чересчур эмоциональный кавер. Опять на Muse
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Muse performing Muscle Museum at the London Astoria in England on January 31th 2000.
7 of 7 - Muscle Museum
Muse Live at Big Day out, Sydney 23/01/04

1 - Stockholm Syndrome
2 - Medley
3 - New Born
4 - Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
5 - Citizen Erased
6 - Sunburn
7 - Muscle Museum

Credits: Auditek-SNV

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Угорел по старью. 18 августа 2000, Bizarre Festival
Muse performing Muscle Museum at Rock Am Ring in Germany on May 18th 2002.

Setlist :

01 - Space Dementia
02 - Hysteria
03 - New Born
04 - Micro Cuts
05 - Dead Star
06 - Citizen Erased
07 - Sunburn
08 - Feeling Good
09 - In Your World
10 - Hyper Music
11 - Muscle Museum
12 - Plug In Baby
13 - Bliss

You can find the videos of all these peformances here on my channel :
английский поп рок рыдает)Muse
Muse - Muscle Museum live at Top of the Pops 2000

Лучшая их песня, лучший вариант исполнения
very old live preformance of muscle museum :) i uploaded this cos i dont think no one else has and its just totally epic
Pretty rare footage of Muse back in 2000 at Channel V Studios. (Sydney, Australia)
Each day, one cover.

Muse - Muscle Museum
Tuning : EADG

Fender American Precision Bass V
Avid Mbox Pro
Pro Tools 10
Ik Multimedia Amplitube 3 (plug-in)
effects : overdrive

Recorded: 20140128.
Bass: Ibanez 300wk.
Camcoder: JVC GZ-EX355BU
Muscle museum muse acoustic cover
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Here is Muse's Muscle Museum!

The bass used is a Modulus Flea Bass (Seymour pickup and Bartolini preamp) and I used a Tech21 Sansamp VT Bass pedal.

Никогда не был особым фанатом Muse ... но этот клип ... ))) Прям плакать хочется ...
Кавер на одну из самых знаменитых песен группы Muse в нашем исполнение
Muse performing Muscle Museum at the London Astoria in England on January 31th 2000.

Setlist :
01 - Uno
02 - Sunburn
03 - Plug In Baby
04 ...
Cologne Butzweiler Hof 21st August 1999
Muscle Museum - Muse
HSBC Arena (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Oct 22, 2015.
No copyright infringement intended, all rights are reserved to Muse.

#169; 2009 WMG
Muscle Museum [US Mix]<br/><br/>
Muse - Muscle Museum (Bridge TV)
Альбом: Showbiz
Birdeatsbaby cover the iconic track by Muse "Muscle Museum".
1999-11-10, MCM Cafe, Paris, France,
*READ* this is my cover of Muscle Museum by Muse. Even this song isn't hard, it sounds good... The differents view were filmed with a JVC Everio and with my MacBook, video and sound mixed together with iMovie and Vegas7, the sound was recorded with Cubase... Sorry for the views which are inverted this is due to my MacBook cam ...
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this the last performance of this song. (multicam) The performance of "Muscle Museum" was a tad shonky, apparently due to being requested by Tom Kirk prior to Muse going on stage, leaving them no time to rehearse the song beforehand .<br/><br/>
Загружено группой
The final track of a three track set. This is an instore signing session from 1999, filmed by Matthew George. This track was previously published on Georges website "The Muscle Museum" in low resolution, but was recently rediscovered on VHS.

Muse performed in many stores during the 1999 Showbiz promotional tour - some of the signed items from these performances carry high values because they took the time to sign with their full names back then.

This is probably the most intimate Muse set you will ever se

First performance of Muscle Museum since 2007

More info about the concert on my new blog:-

Artist reserves all rights. No Copyright infringement intended.
Muse playing Muscle Museum live at Le Zenith in Paris 2001 off the Hullabaloo DVD.

NOTE: The setlist contains songs from both days of which Muse played (the 28th & 29th of October)

01 - Dead Star (28th October)
02 - Micro Cuts (29th October)
03 - Citizen Erased (28th October)
04 - Sunburn (guitar) (28th October)
05 - Showbiz + riff (28th October)
06 - Megalomania (29th October)
07 - Dark Shines (28th October)
08 - Uno (29th October)
09 - Prelude in C Sharp Minor + Screenager (piano)
10 декабря Muse night в FAQ-cafe, вступайте в нашу группу вконтакте
НАС НЕТ на My British American Cover Party (28.12.13 MOD Club, Saint-P/Russia)
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группа НАС НЕТ:
Muse playing Muscle Museum at Rock Am Ring (Germany) on May 18th 2002.


01 - Space Dementia
02 - Hysteria
03 - New Born
04 - Micro Cuts
05 - Dead Star
06 - Citizen Erased
07 - Sunburn (guitar)
08 - Feeling Good
09 - In Your World
10 - Hyper Music
11 - Muscle Museum
12 - Plug In Baby
13 - Bliss (extended)
Cover by symphonic orchestra
Muse - Muscle Museum - Cover
Muse – Muscle Museum (Bass Cover) от Матвеева Р.В.
Ох Мэттью что же ты зараза вытворяешь с микрофоном??? С ума сойти можно)))
Muse preforming Muscle Museum, very rare and hard to find acoustic preformed live on radio.
Muscle Museum Piano Cover + Piano Sheet Music
Sheet Music / Free MP3:
I'm in love with the Glastonbury/Sydney live version of Muscle Museum by Muse,
and during these days I decided to play it, adding a little intro of a song I've always considered soooo cool, and I'm talking about Gangster Paradise

Remember that you can download the free piano mp3 on my website

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A Live Acoustic Version of Muscle Museum by Muse.

rare videos and good show lol ;)

Be sure to check our teacher out!
He's the one singing.

X goes Muse! Played this at our music lesson this monday... Our teacher was absolutely shocked about how awesome this really sounds. AND OH!!!111oneone. This is, surprisingly, learned by ear. That means; no, he doesn't have any sheets or tabs or wahtsoever. Thanks.

Muscle Museum Piano Tutorial + Piano Sheet Music
Get Midi on
Sheet Music

Officially my 1st tutorial on this channel, and I'm proud to show you how to play Muscle Museum on piano by Muse!
You'll learn how I exactly played it in my previous video, and it contains the intro of Gangster Paradise by Coolio and the full Sydney /Glastonbury live version of the song.

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In front of you is a simplified version of "Muscle Museum" by Muse. Tempo is slowed down to give you time to process the notes. It many seem hard but remember, everything comes with practice. I hope you all enjoy!!!
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that song is actually sang by this rabbit
Muse playing Muscle Museum at Pinkpop (Netherlands) on 12th June 2000.


01 - New Born
02 - Uno
03 - Sober
04 - Sunburn
05 - Falling Down
--------------------------------------------- Broadcasted
06 - Feeling Good
07 - Cave
----------------------------------------- Not broadcasted
08 - Muscle Museum
09 - Plug In Baby
--------------------------------------------- Broadcasted
10 - Fillip
11 - Unintended
12 - Minimum
----------------------------------------- Not broadcasted
13 - Showbiz

Я же сказала, Muse много не бывает
Artist: Muse
Song: Muscle Museum
Album: Showbiz (1999)
Muscle Museum played at Glastonbury during the Absolution Tour. Taken From the Absolution Tour DVD.

Here's a link to the Showbiz (the album in which this song appears) Guitar tab book:
Muse на балалаечке

Автор: KlukvaMan
InRock 27/09/2014 Cover party vol.4
Muse perform 'Muscle Museum' live at HSBC Arena in Brazil on 22th Octuber 2015