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motorama - Northern Seaside


Motorama - Northern Seaside
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Клуб "Танцы", СПб, 30.10.10


Liverpool (Донецк)
I don't claim any ownership.
The movie is :"Lust Weekend" (1967) by Henri Pachard
Music is from Motorama'album called Alps.
July 22, 2011, Saint-Petersburg, New Holland

I am alone, throwing stones to the dark
Thousand lights on a ship stern glow
Following my eyes
Before the dawn, all of us gone to their homes
Before the dawn, I will be far from this place

I am alone, watching birds flying above
With an empty map, with no thoughts in my head
I was watching them flying above
Before the dawn, seasons are changing too fast
Before the dawn, I will be far from this place

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