love is a cat from hell: Chiodos - Love Is a Cat from Hell Teaser, Chiodos | "Love Is A Cat From Hell" Teaser | Dir. Robby Starbuck, ноты Sheet Music - Love Is

love is a cat from hell

Director: Robby Starbuck
DP: Greg Ephraim
VFX: Jonathan Pharr @ Online Revolution
Producer/Editor/Colorist: Robby Starbuck

Prod. Co:

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by Tanya Gagarina
All copyright infringement intended in the most infringing way possible.

"Love is a Cat from Hell"

lyrics (copied from youtube user InRecognition)

First time seeing Chiodos was amazing!!!! Even though they got a new singer it was worth every second standing in the hot sun lol.<br/><br/>
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Directed by Robby Starbuck

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