//like a worm from a bird: DAY SEVEN » Merlin & Morgana | crawls like a worm from a bird, Like a Worm from a Bird [Amon & Tahno], like a worm from a

//like a worm from a bird

song: the bird and the worm by the used
fandom: merlin bbc
coloring by: JooFlashx

Gaby and all of those who requested this. You were quite a few, to my great surprise! Hope you like it, even if I really have many doubts about this, really.

Also dedicated to:
Linda (missingthebetterhalfofme on tumblr) LINDAAAAA. Pensavo a te mentre facevo questo e davvero DAVVERO credimi quando ti dico che non era quello che avevo in mente. Volevo fare una cosa più heartbreaking, e meno angst ma bo, ho scelto questa canzone e di conseguenza questo è il risultato. YOUR BEAUTIFUL AND TRAGIC OTP, più angst che mai xD

Because this song popped up on my shuffle.

And gave me instant emotions for today's episode. It is very fitting given the situation...

TAHNO. ;__;<br/><br/>
От автора: Идея родилась по мотивам так и нерожденного драббла с хоррором, по которому Мерлину снятся ночью кошмары о постоянных смертях Артура, а он ничего не может с этим сделать.