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Наконец то!! мы ждали его 5 лет!!
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song: Amandine - Faintest Of Sparks
так. вот и настала пора повести "итоги" так сказать. моЁ третье фанвидео. Сомневаюсь что еще буду делать. Ну в общем вот смотрите.
Песня называется Elliot Yamin - Wait For You
by NCISmelanie
My first attempt at a video. Hope you like it.
неплохое видео... ну мне так кажется

момент запомнился... предпоследняя серия 6_сезона:

Кадди - я просто хочу, чтобы мы были друзьями...
Хаус - смешно... именно этого я хочу меньше всего...
The "mess-up" scenes from an interview with Lisa Edelstein and Rober Sean Leonard.
by ohquizasquizasquizas
Song by the kinks - all day and all night
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даже Хаус бывает романтичен:)
by yllen27
Features Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) from House MD
House and Cuddy))
Для тех кто не хочет заморачиваться с просмотром на Ютубе))
автор - NCISmelanie
House Md season 7 episode 15-"Bombshells"---one of Cuddy's Dreams
История такова - ехала в маршрутке, в плеере играла эта песня. Показалось, что она именно про них.
U know imma big fan of House M.D. and i just couldn't resist putting some of my favourite moments of House and Cuddy... this is some kind of tribute to Lisa Edelstein cóuse she's no longer in the series which is (as one of my friends says) - shamee..... ;d but oh well we'll always remember her as a giant part of the show and Lisa- WE LOVE YOU!!! Enjoy!
Declimer: i own nothing. All rights go to FOX and Bad Hat Harry productions.
A scene from the episode 7x15 Hollywood Hollywood :)
Get Happy!


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Извините если было но мне очень нравится...
it's my first video with sony vegas. HUDDY HUDDY HUDDY (:
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Very simple video of the opening from season 7th premiere, part of it in slow motion and a few clips from the promos that weren't shown in the episode.

Music: On the nature of daylight by Max Richter

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Entertainment purposes only
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music: The White Stripes - Hypnotize
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Song by the incomparable Mati Gavriel.
Cuddy's weird dream as she and house are surrounded by Bolivians and are getting ready for an heroic exit.
I don't own this

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С наступающим Новым годом! :)
Новогодний ролик-шутка. Все права принадлежат уважаемым правообладателям.
House and Cuddy in season 7.
Well, it's like House's POV.

and I don't own [H]ouse (what a pity!) or David Shore
and I don't make money out of this
and all the clips belongs to FOX
and DO NOT DELETE THIS! This is just for entertainment! :D

Hope you'll enjoy! :)

Им никто не может управлять, кроме нее.
I had such a great time making this :) !
музыка-Clint Mansell(саундтрек к фильму "Реквием по мечте")
Watch in HD! Because House and Cuddy are.. well.. HOT! I always knew these two would get together. Why the writers broke them up after 15 episodes beats me. Ugh! But still, I love me some Huddy! Enjoy!

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L'amore di House e cuddy HUDDY

Музыка: yiruma - river flows in you
Enjoy! :)

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by JDistotallyHOT house and cuddy kiss. House m.d. season 1 2 3 4 and season 5 episode 16 17 18 19 Things are heating up on screen as house and cuddy take their relationship to the next level as cuddy kisses house
Finally the much anticipated House/Cuddy kiss!

House on Facebook!

Другая версия,не как в серии :)

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I do not own "House!" It belongs to NBC!

I do not own "Girlfriend!" It belongs to RCA Records, and Sony Music Entertainment.
Автор - saraahh02
Story is, House and Cameron's and House and Cuddy's relationships suffers due to House's addiction to drugs.

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Just a very simple and funny (I hope) video about House and Cuddy :)

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House MD and its characters are the property of David Shore, Fox and NBCUniversal.
This is an Alternate Take from House MD S03E02. Cameron Cuddy.

I don't own any of this all credit goes to David Shore.
Так как многим понравилось мое первое видео, я решила сделать второе . Приятного просмотра :)
автор: NCISmelanie
An imaginary story about Cuddy's baby

All my vids:

A House/Cuddy episodic video that aims to be a lyrical recap of "Help Me" & "Now What?", drawing parallels and communicating even the little moments that lead to up to their new, romantic relationship. Set to Ingrid Michaelson's version of "Can't Help Falling In Love".

I still hope there'll be a Huddy reunion in the future... *sigh*


Para los que me conocéis sabéis lo mucho que amé y amo esta pareja. Que no haya podido ver más allá del capitulo 15 del s7 lo demuestra. Creo que los creadores de House hicieron una cagada monumental en el momento que dejaron a Lisa E. escapar...peor para ellos...
House no debería haber acabado así...esperamos 7 años para que nos regalaran 15 capítulos que en mi opinión algunos dejaban mucho que desear. No supieron aprovechar el potencial de Hugh y Lisa por lo que así les
Here you can see the way Cuddy is in love with House.
I hope you enjoy this vid.

Disclaimer: I'm not own House M.d. or the song.

Song: Cascada - Truly, madly, deeply
Clips: From House . M.D.

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Ето моих рук дела!))Не судите строга!
House and Cuddy, 7 years/seasons in 10 minutes. Huddy compilation - from 10 years ago till 2011. Hope you like it.
I do not own the clips in this video or the music.
House M.D. is owned by David Shore &Co.
** Watch in HQ **

Please don't take it too seriously ;-)
My friend Olivia forced me to make this one !
Even if i already used this song for an ncis video, i could not resist ^^

Season 1 to 5.

//No copyright infringement is intended.
House MD and its characters are the property of David Shore and Fox.
Huddy - Beautiful Like You

Song By: Lee DeWyze

I DO NOT Own This Song Or Any Of The Clips Used In This Video!!!

Huddy Forever
That last scene... :D


Bombshells indeed...
Obviously I'm still mourning. Yet, I can't wait to watch the rest of the season between these two.

Shhh, you can't tell anyone but I secretly hope they come back as a couple :$

Huddy is LOVE ♥

After 6 long, emotionally intensive, bittersweet and at times heartbreaking seasons of House, Cuddy and House are finally together. These are the events that lead up to the new chapter in their relationship which begins in season 7.
Watch in HD!!

For all of you asking when are we going to see this scenes. I have an answer for you all. Dunno if it's the one you were expecting. Anyway, this footage never existed, just like teh yeti (Greg Yaitanes twitted this). Which means this will never be shown on House :\! Damn!
What a loss of footage. I'm just hoping that at least we'll get this scenes as extras on the DVD. xD

//Sorry if it's a bit fast.. I just tried to animate the pics... ;)

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by yllen27
by moonfallenangel
Song: Love the way you lie, Eminem feat.Rihanna
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The Cane Dance (s4e5)
хаус пидарас со своиими галюцинациями на всю серию)Я уже реально думал,что он её вые...л)
Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy) answers questions submitted by fans from the official House forum!

Be sure to vote for Lisa on in the 'Favorite TV Drama Actress' category!

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-- Spoilers till 7x17 --

Show: House MD
Pairing: House / Cuddy
Song: Goodbye by Jessica Lowndes

This is a little video I started making after Bombshells and it's something like a tribut to Huddy.
I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Nothing mine.<br/><br/>
by kindyb01
Umm I hope Youtube isn't gonna block this,

i wish i own house but i don't xD.
it is still David Shore who owns it xD.
A song called Caffeine by The DSLR available on iTunes, reminds me of House (don't ask me why)
A clip of a scene from the 7th Season Episode "Larger Than Life" on iTunes.
The Sexiest Couple On TV Today.
I love the chemistry between these actors, the hands down best TV show ever!

Hitler's first reaccions when he finds out about the huddy break up.....hahahahha XDD

Huddy are perfect for each other, they make me smile, and I think I'm forever alone since I saw them. :) Enjoy the video, rate, comment and subscribe if you found it interesting. ♥
amv sur la serie dr house
Huddy - Say When

Song By: The Fray

I DO NOT Own This Song Or Any Of The Clips Used In This Video!!!

Huddy Forever

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Музыка:Three Days Grace - I hate everything about you
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Song by Bitter:Sweet - Dirty Laundry

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Song: I Got You by Leona Lewis
Fanvideo by FuckingDoll
Song: The Black Eyed Peas-I gotta feeling
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song: Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground
Awesome final scene from the latest House M.D. episode
House M.D. "Selfish" Season 7 Episode 2
автор: NCISmelanie

автор NCISmelanie
Видеофанфик по Хаусу. Автор не я, украдено с тюбика, там, кстати, его забанили, так пусть будет тут :)
//No copyright infringement is intended.
House MD and its characters are the property of David Shore, Fox and NBCUniversal. I don't own anything.
First of all remember to watch it on HD.. ;)
Anyway, I finally rendered this video, believe me it took me yeaars! Ugh! Even though that I'm now using Sony Vegas 10 it didn't help either.. somehow I'm hoping you'll like the results. Hehe.
So yeah, I thought of making a "Season finale video" but fuck it.. I didn't like this SF. In fact I'm like it never happened aft

HD, small screen & headphones is magic:3
Hi, guys. What I wanted to say is that Huddy is my first and huge series love. One close friend of mine reminded me of this show recently. To be honest, she brought up House M.D. topic at a very emotional for me moment . So when I decided to make this project I probably expressed most of my feelings through it. It may look too long and boring for you, I don't know. But as for me, even almost 4 mins is not enough to capture this deep and complicated relationship. I'm
Если бы могли бы -говорили так=D
Dr. House 7TEP09 - Huahuahuhua esse House é muito sacana -q
клип сделан по последней серии 6 сезона House M.D.
лучшая серия из всех! сразу заметно чего не хватает в Российских сериалах...
автор NCISmelanie
Movie: [H]ouse M.D.
Song: И.Дубцова и Л.Успенкая – Я тоже его люблю
Недавно пересмотрела сериал и поняла, что не успокоюсь, пока не сделаю по нему видео.
Это не самая моя лучшая работа, но зато теперь я спокойна.
House is having quite funny reaction for Cuddy's question.

13 -циганка!!))

by Ксюша Гаршина
A short vid about Cuddy trying to get pregnant. Hope you like it :)

Song: Hugh Laurie - Cuddy's Serenade

I own neither clips nor songs I use in my vids. No copyright infringement is intended. All my vids are for fun and entertainment only
by LisaHouse
Song: Jennifer Lopez - Step Into My World
All the clips are property of Twentieth Century Fox!

Alternative story of love House/Cuddy/Wilson.
Song - Within Temptation - What have you done

This one is dedicated to lauriedonachy.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Song: Rolling In The Deep (Adele) Cover by Mike Posner

No Copyright Infringement Intended. No harm intended to the actors.
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Music: eelG - "Losing My Religion"
SEX BOMB ALL THE TEAM ARE SOOOO SEXY!!! and doesnt vid just show it... some season 3 spoilers so be aware!

Entertainment purposes only, all clips belong to their owners!

by TheHoulina
Eu tocando a música que o Hugh Laurie toca no episódio 15 da 5ª temporada.
(7 сезон 1 серия)
Don't be a stranger.
[720 p] It took 8 hours to render this, so this time I really appreciate comments, even more than usual. ;)

I just love House and Cuddy, Hugh and Lisa have some of the best on-screen chemistry..

song: Hurts - Mercy
clips from the BEST TV-SHOW EVER HOUSE M.D.
DISCLAIMER:Viewer discretion is advised!<br/><br/>
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