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erotic film
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Hundreds of passengers reportedly stopped to stare at the monitor, outside the Jilin Station in China, as the film played for at least ten minutes.
Victorian lady takes off her clothes and sits in a chair, removes one stocking and displays one ankle. Wonderful for underwear of the period. Early erotic film for 'Mens' Smoking Rooms'.

Просто не слов.....это просто суперрр... Нарезка фильмов!

хочешь узнать больше об эротических танцах?
Украинская Федерация Эротических Танцев
ASYLUM - a dark fashion/erotic short film
i made the main 3d vfx for that short film.

all rendered with octane. vfx 3d elements are: cyber glove, beds, cars
i think even without passes its ok to use octane for well compositing.
but when passes arrive it will be much more flexible.

hope you like it!