dww mixed: Luzia vs David DWW Mixed Wrestling, Luzia versus Martin DWW Mixed Wrestling, Vanda vs Marco DWW Mixed Wrestling

dww mixed

An early mixed match for Luzia. David wins this one 5-3, but it's a close match. They trade combo neck stretch/reverse body scissors and David uses his weight and height advantage to get pins. Now I usually like a mixed match where the woman kicks ass, but this one is still good. This would have made a nice rivalry and with more experience under her belt, I'm betting Luzia wins the rematch. You can see that David makes Luzia suffer and you can be sure that pissed her off plenty.
Great mixed match, in my humble opinion. Luzia looking stunning and powerful as always. Martin is an excellent match for her size and build wise. Luzia comes out strong, tries a scissors then a chin pull, yet Martin gets out of everything,. The first fall is not decided for more than 8 minutes! That's a long time on the mats, people. Both get submissions. Crushing head scissors, cross body pins and, well, what a schoolgirl pin to end it. Did Luzia ever look sexier than here?

Note: this match is uploaded elsewhere on the net, but this is my personal download from DWW and is good quality.
A competitive mixed match between blonde Vanda, in a red one piece and blonde boy Marco in black and white trunks. This is from fairly early in the life of DWW, before going all topless. This is a relatively close match with both gaining submissions. Lots of scissors.