(death is waiting): Svenia - Death Is Waiting For Your Heart, Svenia-Death is waiting for your heart, Svenia - Death Is Waiting For Your Heart, Mark Sloan's

(death is waiting)

Svenia's video for Death Is Waiting For Your Heart

как бэ второго Вилле нам ненада пжлста. 8(
вполне лав-металл)и вполне по-херски :D
Up and coming goth band from Italy
Gothic band Svenia's first video
A dark looking-glass ordinary life. Awareness of the words "live" radio, live radio, flying thousands of miles away and absorb into itself all the thoughts ... White noise mixed with the piano in a deserted house, schizophrenic lives of ordinary things. Harsh cleaning consciousness.(c) press-release
Style: Suicide Ambient / Horror Ambient
A short teaser for the upcoming series finale 'Death In Heaven'

Enjoy :)
Mark is dead, i'm crying...T-T, it's so sad...

Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters: Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey, Derek Shepherd, Callie Torres