d.notive - d.licious: d.notive - d.licious (Cpl. Bradley Remix) смотреть онлайн

d.notive - d.licious

★SOUNDCLOUD LINK: http://soundcloud.com/cplbradley/d-notive-d-licious-bradley
★ORIGINAL SONG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkgpB0fYmr4
★DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/H6n9qR

His track was sick as hell. But it was missing something. So I decided to make it complextro/electro house and give it a bouncy feel. Hope you enjoy it!
Overdue for another original, and this time I tackled a genre I've never attempted before, and probably will not try again. We shall see. Shoutout to Lavender H. for the help and moral support.


Art credit goes to Jungle Animal on deviantart.