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crazy japanese commercial
I love Japanese commercials. Even if you know what product is being advertised, they're too funny to make sense.
Courtesy of -Top 10 Japanese Commercials.Watch now and as always prepare for nonsense! (A blurry rear end of a Japanese man appears in the video for a split second in a commercial, you have been warned.)
This one is weirder than most. Visit us at
Do you believe Cristiano Ronaldo really uses that in real life?
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Country: Japan
Brand: MTG CO
Year: 2014

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Where do I start? Haha o(^▽^)o This must be the most random/crazy/silly/weird compilation I have ever done. It's 99% nonsense, LOL! (∩_∩) Japanese commercials never disappoint, do they? (◠‿◠) Don't mind losing some brain cells; it's worth it (☆^ー^☆) ENJOOOY!!

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Here is the advertisement of a CD which was broadcasted in Japan.

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LOL! What sorcery is this!? (◠‿◠) Where do they get all these insane ideas from? Haha, it's just AMAZING! I love Japanese commercials and their creativity!! (∩_∩) Hope you guys like this new selection! ENJOOOOY!!


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This was a tie in for the equally RARE Japanese Live Action Spiderman show. Contact me if you need a dvd source for this. For more superhero spots visit us at