child models: BEST CHILD MODEL OF SAINT-PETERSBURG – 2011 «Лучшая детская модель Санкт-Петербурга 2011», " BEST CHILD MODEL OF SAINT-PETERSBURG"2012, " BEST

child models

«Лучшая детская модель Санкт-Петербурга 2011»
Вероника Устимова на конкурсе Best child model of Russia 2013

“👭дефиле @mademoiselleadri 💗💗💕Нинель сегодня бы без вас никак 😅#style #azarovaemili #beauty #belarus #minsk #model #life #like #love #child #cool”
It's finally up. c: I love how it turen out, everyone did an amazing job, and it turned out really good I think, and I'm really sorry bot the frame randomly was gone the last few seconds.. I'm really sorry bout that! I hope people like it.. :) Oh, and if it's blocked in your country, go to: "" and insert the video adress. :) Yea, everyone did a great job, and I'm definitely gonna host another collab asap! :) I did coloring, tag, frame and overlay/sparkle. :)
Part 1: Irisb33 with Dia
Adsaasagdsahjgkjdkfsdashkdjsg I`M SO PROUD OF HOW THIS CAME OUT!! You are all soooo talented!! This was my very first collab and I ccouldn`t be happier with the end result! Thanks so much to everyone who joined, and an extra special thank you to svetahappy1 and Noieandemsfanworld for filling in at the last minute!! You guys rock :) hope everyone likes this, I sure do!

Part 1: 114XD with Diana Pentovich
Part 2: svetahappy1 with Marusya Knekova
Part 3: Noieandemsfanworld with Maya Wada
Part 4: MissMaddieeXOXO with Kristina Pimenova
Part 5: allthatgossip01 with Anfisa Lavrova
Part 6: MarianxCutie with Valerie Davidenko

So FYI I'm gonna be uploading like a mad woman for the next few days. So many ideas! I wanted to make a happy video because there were a ton of people on my editing FB who said they were having bad days :( So hope you like this! It's got a few glitches but I worked hard on it, so comments would be lovely :)

In the video:
Mackenzie Foy
Mia Hays
Sadie Som
Kristina Pimenova
Valerie Davidenko
Diana Pentovich
Sofia Pestryakova

one last video before i'm inactive for gosh knows how long? Yep.

people and/or photo credit:


kristina pimenova

mia hays (photo credit :

ferry corsten (pictures used with permision.)

nicole roque (permission granted.)

emerald gordon wulf (permission!)

dasha kostina ( pic credit: everything dasha on f acebook)

valerie davidenko (pic credit: her fashion bank (dont remember the name LOL)

im sleeping now peaceeeeeee
BEST CHILD MODEL OF SAINT-PETERSBURG – 2011 «Лучшая детская модель Санкт-Петербурга 2011»
«Лучшая детская модель Санкт-Петербурга 2011»
best child model of the world - 2012
Gala eve
2 выход<br/><br/>
ProFashion NEWS. Конкурс "Лучшая детская модель Донбасса 2011". Подготовка: Марабушта, Цифровой планетарий, Форест парк, Art For, кинотеатр в ТРЦ "Золотое кольцо",боулинг в Chicago, Дельфинарий "Немо". Финал конкурса "Донбасс Арена"
best child model of the world - 2012
gala eve
1 выход<br/><br/>
Shadow Child & Horx remix of OFI by Model 500
This is a quick slide show video of some still shots from the past year of shoots Ferry has done for many different designers. Thank you for enjoying and sharing this video with everyone.


PART1: ALINA - Margarita Drugal
PART2: LESLIE - Baillee Madison
PART3: Me - Allisa Bragina
PART4: MIMI - Kingston Rossdale
Hey people Giustina again! So this is our second collab, and i think it went better than the first one because now we're all set we have all our members, and we're a GREAT team! i happy about that, I hope you guy enjoy this we choose cute models and we hope you guys like it! (: one last thing i had to pitch shift the song to avoid all that copyrights crap! :)

Person: Child Models
Song: You're beautiful - James Blunt
Software: Sony Vegas
Rendering: 2:50 hours
Tags and Coloring by Giustina

Конкурс красоты Best Child Model of Russia 2012. Национальный и деловой костюмы
•●°•ღღМackenzie Сhristine Foyღღ•°●•
Сегодня в "Доме молодежи" выбирали самую красивую. Средний возраст моделей - 10 лет
As a parent of a model, the most important thing is to be supportive. Learn other parenting tips for models with this free video clip from a professional modeling agency.

Expert: Mary
Bio: Mary works at W Talent, a top modeling agency. She runs a program called "The Development Program." This program is responsible for training young models in everything they need to know.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

•●Stars Kids | Дети-Звёзды●•
Hey :)
So I wanted to do another collab it's gonna be about childmodels but also about pageants and little actresses =)

You can have more than 1 part if you want but every kid just one time please♥
I'll tell you the due date when all spots are taken :)

- you need to have sony vegas
-please NO NAME TAG! (lyrics are okay) - if you dont wanna upload your video without your name tag then you can upload your part without tag to mediafire or another site and send me the link and i ll download it there and you can upload it to youtube with your name tag :)
-coloring and sparkles are okay
-video clips are okay
- please no slideshow

Part1:celebchildvideos (mackenzie)
Part2:littlemissunshinexx (emerald)
Part3:crazykandy101 (Kristina Pakarina)
Part4: me (Kristina Pimenova)
Part5:WhereIsMaddie (Ferry Corsten)
Part6: craziibabe90 (eloise stewart)
Part7:xRockMafiax ( Jazlyn Sydney)

Имидж – Центр Влады Евсеевой, Форест Парк
Otkritie Best Child Model of Russia 2011 Sport
Национальный конкурс Best child model of Russia 2013.
Выход в спортивных костюмах.
Айра на 3:14 минуте

This is Kenzie! She is adorable I had to make a video! She models and acts, she use to do pageants since she was baby! Hope you enjoy!

Награждение. Best child model of Russia 2013.

Рок СТИЛЬ!. Best child model of Russia 2013.
Вечерние платья. Best child model of Russia 2013
«Лучшая детская модель Санкт-Петербурга 2011»
18 декабря 2011, Дом Молодежи
Some photos of a young Whitney Houston growing up as a kid and teen modeling.

Часть 1. Выход в джинсовых костюмах. Best child model of Russia 2013.
CHOREOGRAPHY:Александра Аманова
DANCERS:Вероника Котюжанская,Александра Матяш-Рыбачук,
Мария Петрик,Вероника Поликовская,Вероника Цыганкова,
Даша Стукан,Карина Ноноян
Конкурс красоты Best Child Model of Russia 2012. Награждение конкурсантов Часть 2
Best Child Model of Russia 2012. Награждение конкурсантов Часть 1
Национальный конкурс Best child model of Russia 2013.
Выход в национальных костюмах.
Best Child Model of the World International contest -2008<br/><br/>
Маленькие копии голливудских звезд. В Донецке провели национальный конкурс красоты среди детей. Кто будет представлять Украину на международной арене - знает Анна Миронюк.

Ведущий - Сергей Игрунов
Видео телеканала "Донбасс" -

Мы в социальных сетях:
It looks like young Reese might have invented Blue Steel back in 1991.

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1-anastasia bezrukova
2- diana pentovich
3- kristina pimenova
from backstage video
Ask me if you want one of them
Hope you enjoy ♡♡♡
Thank's to everyone who participated :3
Part 1-jullpretty
Part 2-xmissxkassiex
Part 3-xLenaMeyerLandrutx
Part 4-madebyisabella
Part 5-jazzwinkle123xX
Part 7-xBellaJogiax
София Митюрёва на конкурсе Best child model of Russia 2013
Atlanta, GA
The Tiara Twins walk the red carpet and send a quick shoutout to fans.. includes some photos from the event!
See more at
Shot at the Goat Farm in Atlanta, Georgia
Награждение 2. Best child model of Russia 2013.<br/><br/>
Наша СОНЯ---Конкурс красоты Best Child Model of Russia 2012. Выход в стиле "РОК". Дизайнерская коллекция "ЦВЕТЫ". Выход в вечерних платьях.
Amy Childs hot video (18+)
The most chic and sexy top models present you heed his stunning form. We have tried to collect only the best girls from all over the world
for you. Sexual photomodel, beautiful sportswomen, models and covers many of the other girls. You just have to relax and enjoy the beauty
of these wonderful creatures. Enjoy watching!!!
Do you like sport? E
Конкурс "Вest Child Model"
Some of them aren't named on this video, if you know the names very well, then send me a message. Also, correct me if there are any error names, thanks in advance. If you think any of photos listed in the video is inappropriate or offensive, please inform me, thanks.

NOTE!!: I do not own the music and the photos on this video, all are collected from different sources on internet.

Listed Names:-

BEST CHILD MODEL OF RUSSIA 2011 Cocktail dresses