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cats.... I want....
now it’s a strange situation that i’m in,
i don’t know where to begin,
i can’t change the way i feel
everyone tries to tell me you’re no good, stay out of this neighborhood,
i sure run the other way,
everybody says no no everybody says no, everybody says no no no, but you are what i want, you’re what i want, you’re what i want, you are what i want

i can only hope you feel the same,
i love when you say my name,
you have got me on my knees
All the world say i should live you for dead
that you’re not right in
Solo song from Catherine Pierce of The Pierces
Director: Steve Birnbaum
Вокалистка группы The Pierces
#vine от Matthew Espinosa: "I think my cat wants my attention." [Все ролики Matthew Espinosa:|[club52604856|Подпишись на лучшее]]
#vine от Matthew Espinosa: "I think my cat wants my attention."

[Все ролики Matthew Espinosa:|[club52604856|Подпишись на лучшее]]
#vine от Prince Ohakam III: "I JUST WANTED A CAT (got kicked out lol) #princeblast #doitforthevine"

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“Again, goo to master class !!! Cats sleep I also want! Right now come Nadine @nadin_chernysheva take me in a wheelbarrow and flights to Samara !!! all…”
“@Tlatw "I want to feel alive" out today!! Thanks for the good times!! Talented folk @triple_the_cat / Cameron Dutra and lighthouse and the whaler!!!”
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Music Video by Cat Pierce - You Are What I Want

Dir: Steve Birnbaum -
Motion Graphics : Martin Hayward -

Solo song from Catherine Pierce of The Pierces ( ) for an upcoming solo project coming in the near future.
Video Description

Original: sm28990642

Those who would become cats should they have the chance.

Urata:"Gufufufu I want to be raised by a young lady gufufu "
Sakata:"Uwaaa ... 。"
Urata: "Defyufufufufu"

Sakata: "And this was the dream I saw."
Urata: "I see."


Gone crazy Vocal
Uratanuki【mylist/35789880 /Twitter:uratasama】
Aho no Sakata【mylist/34669838 /Twitter:sakatandao】
Summary of UraSaka up till now: (mylist/50175649)
Video Description
if this is such a sleepy world
then shall we become something more than just kitties?

Thank you, it's Mafumafu
I was able to do a dimwitted kind of song.
The dude just keeps getting resurrected.

drawing / animation: Mafuteru [mylist/39671664] Twitter @uni_mafuteru

song / music: Mafumafu [mylist/22993832 / co1089826] Twitter @uni_mafumafu

off vocal ⇒ key/male key+4)

previous work: No Entry [sm28350031]
previous cat work: Super Nuko World [sm22491239]
[フィルター]=p か n をコメントすると...?
An artistic man from Chicago hopes the Sharks will see his cat drawing service as a worthy business investment.
Мультик к году кота, вся моя малышня распевает)

Она хотела чёрного котёнка и предлагала взамен всех зверей из своего зоопарка, а получила белого, и зверей отдавать передумала. Но всё же решила, что белый тоже ничего :)))

Music and Video
Cat Power 2012 (Полная дискография, концерты, новости, фотографии)
Louis Prima's I want to be like you featuring Lee "Plink" Floyd, Mike Fulton, Allen Broome Filmed at the New Orleans Convention Center July 2012
Cat Power naked if I want to

Кавер-версия песни одной группы Джерри Росси, сделанная другой.
Cat Power 2012 (Полная дискография, концерты, новости, фотографии) brings you a Rhonda Rousey after watching the Zingano-Tate fight at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale. TUF 17 Finale took place on April 13th 2013 at The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.

i was really bored so yeah....ENJOY!!!!!!!! Talking Tom Cat 2 - app for iPhone, iPad and Android
Cat Power 2012 (Полная дискография, концерты, новости, фотографии)
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Revenge of the Psycho Cats

[01]. The Meteors - Please Don't Touch
[02]. Demented are Go! - The Chase
[03]. Long Tall Texans - Mad About You
[04]. The Highliners - Henry The Wasp
[05]. Frenzy - Robot Riot
[06]. The Pharaohs - You're On Your Own
[07]. Batmobile - Zombie Riot
[08]. The Klingonz - Klingzones
[09]. Guana Batz - Just Love Me
[10]. The Sharks - Jack The Ripper
[11]. Shakeout - What You Gonna Do?
[12]. Radium Cats - Pink Hearse
[13]. King Kurt - Zulu Beat
[14]. Taggy Tones - Crazy K
For everyone who ever wanted to live in a wigwam.... :)

Peace, Love & EternaL Groovie-Ness !!

My EarthMuffinHugs YT channel received its second strike for copyright violation, so I deleted all my uploaded videos from that channel. I am going to upload some of them to this channel. This is the first re-upload.
I like to work with you :3
and I experimented with the effects, but I hope you like it ;D

to see if you can differentiate my parts with hers xD

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Song: I want you to know
By: Selena Gomez ft. Zedd
Miniature: By me
I'm working on a video for Beck and Cat (one of my favorite Victorious pairings!) And this is what I have so far. I always thought this song was so perfect for them :)

Rennes, France
December 7th, 2006

I'd give everything to see Dan tour with "Keep It Hid" album...
I wanted a dog but my wife wanted a cat and that's what happened in the end.

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Help cats and kittens find the loving homes they deserve. Nov 7-9, adoption fees for all felines will be reduced at all Animal Humane Society locations. Adopt a cat over 6 months old for just $25 and kittens under 6 months for $75.

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"OOHHHH !! Big tune coming soon with my friends The Cats!"
#Th3CATS #KJSawka #Pendulum #Destroid #EDM #Dubstep #DrumNBass

XD so cute I couldn't help myself.
Все бездомные животные хотят только одного - оказаться дома с любящим хозяином!
Naked if I want to Cat Power & The Memphis Rhythm Band, Vegoose Music Festival 2006
Jerry Rossi (Your Funeral) moves east and forms BCB.

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I created a new pair!
Hah, actually, guys. Lovely couple is! I do not know why, but I decided to make this video. They are pretty cute together ...
This video is purely fanbased. I own nothing. All clips belong to BBC Three/BBC. The song is a cover of Aero Smiths "I Dont Want To Miss A Thing" done by Sean Rumsey. Look him up. Hes brilliant =)

Now dont get me wrong im a big Frankie & Cat lover. But as ive watched the series over and over for 2 weeks because its my latest addiction, Ive grown to love Sam & Cat as a couple. Its different. So i hope you enjoy this video.