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cats.... I want....
now it’s a strange situation that i’m in,
i don’t know where to begin,
i can’t change the way i feel
everyone tries to tell me you’re no good, stay out of this neighborhood,
i sure run the other way,
everybody says no no everybody says no, everybody says no no no, but you are what i want, you’re what i want, you’re what i want, you are what i want

i can only hope you feel the same,
i love when you say my name,
you have got me on my knees
All the world say i should live you for dead
that you’re not right in
Solo song from Catherine Pierce of The Pierces
Director: Steve Birnbaum
Вокалистка группы The Pierces
#vine от Matthew Espinosa: "I think my cat wants my attention." [Все ролики Matthew Espinosa:|[club52604856|Подпишись на лучшее]]
#vine от Matthew Espinosa: "I think my cat wants my attention."

[Все ролики Matthew Espinosa:|[club52604856|Подпишись на лучшее]]
#vine от Prince Ohakam III: "I JUST WANTED A CAT (got kicked out lol) #princeblast #doitforthevine"

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“Again, goo to master class !!! Cats sleep I also want! Right now come Nadine @nadin_chernysheva take me in a wheelbarrow and flights to Samara !!! all…”
“@Tlatw "I want to feel alive" out today!! Thanks for the good times!! Talented folk @triple_the_cat / Cameron Dutra and lighthouse and the whaler!!!”
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Video Description

Original: sm28990642

Those who would become cats should they have the chance.

Urata:"Gufufufu I want to be raised by a young lady gufufu "
Sakata:"Uwaaa ... 。"
Urata: "Defyufufufufu"

Sakata: "And this was the dream I saw."
Urata: "I see."


Gone crazy Vocal
Uratanuki【mylist/35789880 /Twitter:uratasama】
Aho no Sakata【mylist/34669838 /Twitter:sakatandao】
Summary of UraSaka up till now: (mylist/50175649)
Video Description
if this is such a sleepy world
then shall we become something more than just kitties?

Thank you, it's Mafumafu
I was able to do a dimwitted kind of song.
The dude just keeps getting resurrected.

drawing / animation: Mafuteru [mylist/39671664] Twitter @uni_mafuteru

song / music: Mafumafu [mylist/22993832 / co1089826] Twitter @uni_mafumafu

off vocal ⇒ key/male key+4)

previous work: No Entry [sm28350031]
previous cat work: Super Nuko World [sm22491239]
[フィルター]=p か n をコメントすると...?
Cat Power 2012 (Полная дискография, концерты, новости, фотографии)

Music and Video
i was really bored so yeah....ENJOY!!!!!!!! Talking Tom Cat 2 - app for iPhone, iPad and Android
An artistic man from Chicago hopes the Sharks will see his cat drawing service as a worthy business investment.
We had the pleasure of having Steve on the Courts Sports Radio Show. Here is his appearance on Shark Tank. Steve Gadlin runs He took the "I Want To Draw A Cat For You" idea, turned it into a brand and a website and went on the NBC program Shark Tank and had Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, buy in. Great job, Steve.
I like to work with you :3
and I experimented with the effects, but I hope you like it ;D

to see if you can differentiate my parts with hers xD

Suscribe to her:

Song: I want you to know
By: Selena Gomez ft. Zedd
Miniature: By me
Cat Power 2012 (Полная дискография, концерты, новости, фотографии)
Louis Prima's I want to be like you featuring Lee "Plink" Floyd, Mike Fulton, Allen Broome Filmed at the New Orleans Convention Center July 2012
Cat Power naked if I want to

For everyone who ever wanted to live in a wigwam.... :)

Peace, Love & EternaL Groovie-Ness !!

My EarthMuffinHugs YT channel received its second strike for copyright violation, so I deleted all my uploaded videos from that channel. I am going to upload some of them to this channel. This is the first re-upload.
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Cat Power 2012 (Полная дискография, концерты, новости, фотографии)
Revenge of the Psycho Cats

[01]. The Meteors - Please Don't Touch
[02]. Demented are Go! - The Chase
[03]. Long Tall Texans - Mad About You
[04]. The Highliners - Henry The Wasp
[05]. Frenzy - Robot Riot
[06]. The Pharaohs - You're On Your Own
[07]. Batmobile - Zombie Riot
[08]. The Klingonz - Klingzones
[09]. Guana Batz - Just Love Me
[10]. The Sharks - Jack The Ripper
[11]. Shakeout - What You Gonna Do?
[12]. Radium Cats - Pink Hearse
[13]. King Kurt - Zulu Beat
[14]. Taggy Tones - Crazy K
Кавер-версия песни одной группы Джерри Росси, сделанная другой.
I'm working on a video for Beck and Cat (one of my favorite Victorious pairings!) And this is what I have so far. I always thought this song was so perfect for them :)

Rennes, France
December 7th, 2006

I'd give everything to see Dan tour with "Keep It Hid" album...
I wanted a dog but my wife wanted a cat and that's what happened in the end.

#приколы #кошки #cat #кот #funny #gjhyj #eva #котенок #ghbrjks #ржака #юмор #россия
Help cats and kittens find the loving homes they deserve. Nov 7-9, adoption fees for all felines will be reduced at all Animal Humane Society locations. Adopt a cat over 6 months old for just $25 and kittens under 6 months for $75.

View all cats waiting for homes here:
"OOHHHH !! Big tune coming soon with my friends The Cats!"
#Th3CATS #KJSawka #Pendulum #Destroid #EDM #Dubstep #DrumNBass

XD so cute I couldn't help myself.
Все бездомные животные хотят только одного - оказаться дома с любящим хозяином!
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Naked if I want to Cat Power & The Memphis Rhythm Band, Vegoose Music Festival 2006
Мультик к году кота, вся моя малышня распевает)

Она хотела чёрного котёнка и предлагала взамен всех зверей из своего зоопарка, а получила белого, и зверей отдавать передумала. Но всё же решила, что белый тоже ничего :)))
I created a new pair!
Hah, actually, guys. Lovely couple is! I do not know why, but I decided to make this video. They are pretty cute together ...
Jerry Rossi (Your Funeral) moves east and forms BCB.

This video is purely fanbased. I own nothing. All clips belong to BBC Three/BBC. The song is a cover of Aero Smiths "I Dont Want To Miss A Thing" done by Sean Rumsey. Look him up. Hes brilliant =)

Now dont get me wrong im a big Frankie & Cat lover. But as ive watched the series over and over for 2 weeks because its my latest addiction, Ive grown to love Sam & Cat as a couple. Its different. So i hope you enjoy this video.

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