boris brejcha: Boris Brejcha - La Fábrica, Córdoba - Aftermovie 2015, Boris Brejcha - Kosmonaut, St. Petersburg 2014, Boris Brejcha & Ann Clue @ Earth

boris brejcha

Boris Brejcha - La Fábrica, Córdoba - Aftermovie 2015
Track ID: "The Meaning Of Life" - Boris Brejcha (unreleased)
Boris Brejcha & Ann Clue @ Earth Frequency Festival, Brisbane 2016

Boris Brejcha created his own genre "High-Tech Minimal". It is a combination of minimal and electro. Playful, with countless variations, but still has a structure. The main features are a pumping bass foundation, driving percussion elements, crazy sound effects, melodies and unexpected turns in the arrangement. Each song tells a story with an incredible amount of variety. #Follow us on Instagram: #Follow us on Facebook: #Go for Dj mixes, news & interviews
Ребята! Давайте вместе попросим Борю выпустить этот трек!!!
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Было просто нереально круто! Кто туда не попал много потерял)
Everything you want, is on the other side of FEAR! This is the simple message of Boris Brejcha´s upcoming Release on his Label. Three outstanding Tracks from the other side of fear.

Label Code: FS015
Release date: 13.09.2016


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Видеорепортаж с мероприятия
в этом видео Boris Brejcha показал как он живет и работает.
Очевидно, с удовольствием!
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The producer couple is back. Boris Brejcha & Deniz Bul spend another great time in the studio and coming up with a new Techno banger EP "Out Of Brain".This seems to be unreal.
RELEASE DATE: 24/05/2016

(stay serious! and feel free to download & share)
Боря взял мой телефон и сделал селфи видео)
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Boris abrindo o longset !
TRIBE O RETORNO ! arena maeda - itu-SP 17/05/2014
Краснодар, Красная 64
Info & Reserve: 8-918-2-777-333
Aftermovie - Boris Brejcha Showcase @ Anzu Club, Itu (Brazil) 2016

Track ID: Roadtrip - Ann Clue & Boris Brejcha
from Instagram @markizadj
01 Hashtag - Boris Brejcha
02 Be F.L.A.M.E - Boris Brejcha
03 Welcome To Real Life - Boris Brejcha
04 Drehmoment - Smilla (Boris Brejcha Remix)
05 FEAR - Boris Brejcha (UNRELEASED)
06 Vampire - Boris Brejcha
07 Mont Blanc - Boris Brejcha
08 Space Gremlin - Boris Brejcha (UNRELEASED)
09 Purple Noise - Boris Brejcha
That was a perfect ending of my weekend @
Click At The Beach, Woodstock Bloemendaal (Netherlands)
Track ID "Moondancer"
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Боря и тупые русские клабпезды
Выступление Boris Brejcha на фестивале Механика в Санкт-Петербурге, клуб Космонавт.
Организация шоу
Techno - minimal club

Boris Brejcha
I did a little test with the new Roland VT-3 Voice Transformer.
I have to say - i really like it! Makes it simple and is funny :-)
You need to check it out.
Видеорепортаж с мероприятия
Boris Brejcha: ::
Track ID: Boris Brejcha - Bounce
#Borisbrejcha #teleclub
RELEASE DATE 13-09-2016

Boris Brejcha

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Vom Album: Mein Wahres Ich

Musik: Boris Brejcha - Frühlingsbienchen
очень крутое видео)))
Turn the volume up! :)

Performed with Cross DJ Android App. Download link soon. Tracklist below.

00:00 Intro Bleeding Heart
01:30 01. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
07:48 02. Be F.L.A.M.E.
14:35 03. The Madness
20:31 04. In All Your Glory
28:33 05. R U Fkng Serious
34:33 06. Dark Planet
40:51 07. Aussenluftdeckenstrahler
47:00 08. Mermaid of Salinas (BB Remix)
52:48 09. Sommersprosse
Aftermovie - Boris Brejcha @ Solar Weekend, Roermond & Nature One, Kastellaun 2016

Track ID: "Sternengleiter - Boris Brejcha"

Отрывок выступления в HD качестве.
500 special limited white Vinyls + 4GB designed USB stick (includes all 22 tracks in WAV & MP3) + 8 pages songbook.
Finished a great track together with Ann Clue today. Lovely melody with a dark and punchy baseline :-)
It´s already christmas and a lot people are spending their time with their familys. Me too. Today i like to give away my second DJ mix. This time we recorded the full set with our video cameras to give you a insight about what I am doing. Mixing, dancing and doing funny things. I hope you will enjoy it.

NOTE: All tracks are written and produced by Boris Brejcha. All tracks are still unreleased.


1. Caspase
2. Ranuncel
3. I Can´t Breathe
4. Vanilla Sky
5. I Lost


Долгожданный видео ролик с фестиваля Механика с участием Boris Brejcha в Tele-Club на Дне Рождении dj Van Nosikov'a
Minimal Techno Community

Ann Clue & Boris Brejcha - Acid Attack - FS012 - Promotion Video

Acid Attack incl. Road trip comes out next week. Yeah kind of dramatic but dont take it too serious ;)

Release date: 21.06.2016

НЕБО ночной клуб 6 мая 2010
Дата : 10.07.10
Место : JJ Night Club (Ukraine,Vinogradov)

Line-UP :

Boris Brejcha

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Boris Brejcha - Purple Noise /Original Mix/VideoMix/

Cinematic Techno
Boris Brejcha @ H2o 1/04/2011
MEHANIKA 3D Laser Show festival + Boris Brejcha (DE)
11.04.2015 / Cosmonavt club / St. Petersburg / Russia

Легендарный фестиваль МЕХАНИКА 3D LASER SHOW, прошел с размахом в одной из самых больших площадок Петербурга, в клубе Космонавт.

Всех гостей в эту ночь ждет фирменное, красочное лазерное шоу (3D Laser Show), спецэффекты и конечно же лучшая музыка от хэдлайнеров фестиваля Механика.

Борис Брейча (Boris Brejcha) – несомненно, одна из талантлевейших, интереснейших и актуальнейших фигур в техно-музыке но
• Boris Brejcha (Germany) /Techno/ ► Live DJ Mix @ Pioneer DJ TV

• Live @ 26.04 / HB Re_play/ Boris Brejcha

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On the road with Boris Brejcha - Brazil Tour 2012

Three performances in one weekend.
Accompanied by a cameraman.

Music written by Boris Brejcha.
Track ID´s
1. Frequenzfett
2. Lonley Planet

These tracks are unreleased.