billy cobham: Billy Cobham & George Duke - Montreux JF 1976, Billy Cobham & George Duke Band - Live At Montreux Jazz Festival (1976) / Full Version,

billy cobham

Billy Cobham & George Duke - Montreux JF 1976
George Duke - Keyboards
Billy Cobham - Drums
Alfonso Johnson - Bass
John Scofield - Guitar
0:00:00_01- Panhandler
0:04:18_02- Juicy
0:12:28_03 - Red Baron
0:20:19_04 - Almustafa The Beloved
0:29:26_05 - Ivory Tattoo
0:35:03_06 - Some Day
0:44:57_07 - Hip Pockets
0:53:03_08.- Drum Solo
1:01:03_09 - Sweet Wine
1:04:56_10 - Life & Time
1:09:11_11 - Stratus
1:14:21_12 - That's What She Said

Featuring George Duke, Billy Cobham, Alphonso Johnson, John Scofield,
1976 Montreux Jazz Festival
Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Billy Cobham playing "Walkin'" (Composition by R. Carpenter).
Recorded at Palazzo dei Congressie, Lugano January 26, 1983.
Dr. L. Subramaniam, Jean Luc Ponty, Billy Cobham

Performing 'Conversations' by Dr. L. Subramaniam
Live at the Gateway of India as part of the Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival 2003
Billy Cobham live at The Palais Des Festivals Hall Cannes in 1989 with a great team of his personal favorites, including his brother Wayne. What can be better than having two Cobhams together! :)

Billy Cobham - Drums
Nippy Noys - Percussions
Wolfgang Schmidt - Bass
Peter Wolpl - Guitar
Rita Marcotulli - Grand Piano
Wayne Cobham - Electric Piano
Billy Cobham: Appearance Guitar Center Drum Off
2009....more Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD:
в программе Д.Диброва Антропология
Специальные Гости :
Billy Cobham (Билли Кобхэм) - ударные
Фёдор Досумов ( " A ' STUDIO " ) - гитара

Состав группы "Marimba Plus" :

Лев Слепнер - маримба, перкуссия, клавиши, композитор
Сергей Нанкин - кларнет, бассетгорн, вокал, перкуссия
Тимур Некрасов - саксофон
Илья Дворецкий - флейта
Our first gig in Maxwell pub (11.05.14)
Школа Ударного Мастерства - обучение игре на барабанах в г.Санкт-Петербург.
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Montreux Jazz Festival in 1976.
Billy Cobham - Drums
George Duke - Moog Synthesizers
John Scofield - Guitars
Alphonso Johnson - Bass
Herbie Hancock: Grand piano
Ron Carter: Double bass
Billy Cobham: Drums
5 Free Play-Along Songs:

The rhythm section is the driving force and leaders of a band, so it's important as a drummer to establish a solid foundation when beginning to play with others. Billy Cobham has a few tips to share to help ease this process.

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Come Together - John Lennon
Teatro ND Ateneo -
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Drum Cover of "Street Urchin" by Billy Cobham

by Epov Vitaliy

Sonor 507 series Drums:
12x10" Rack Tom
16x16" Floor Tom
22x18" Bass
14x6,5" Snare

16" Masterwork jazz master crash
20" Istanbul Agop Sultan jazz-ride
15" Untitled handmade hi hats
14" Sabian AA sound control crash

and Evans Drumheads
Billy Cobham - Wilbert Gill - Marcus Ubeda - Stefan Rademacher - Per Gade: Red Baron
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Billy Cobham drum solo
Билли Кобэм — американский джазовый барабанщик панамского происхождения, композитор и лидер биг-бэнда. В трехлетнем возрасте семья Билли переехала в Нью-Йорк. В возрасте 8 лет дебютировал со своим отцом.Самый известный барабанщик мира.
Исполнено 13 августа 2011 года в клубе "Rock'n'roll City" (Караганда)
Recorded live in Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, 6th July, 1976 GEORGE DUKE - voc, keyb, BILLY COBHAM - dr, perc, JOHN SCOFILED - g, ALPHONSO JOHNSON - bg
"Mahavishnu Orchstra(l)" - Auftritt der hr-Bigband mit Billy Cobham im Stadttheater Rüsselsheim am 20. April 2012

Performance of the Frankfurt Radio Bigband feat. Billy Cobham at Stadttheater Rüsselsheim, Germany

Peter Feil, tb; Axel Schlosser, tp; Martin Scales, g; Oliver Leicht, as; Billy Cobham, dr

_BILLIE JEAN_Marcus Miller_Billy Cobham_Stefano Bollani_Jean Paul_Bluey Maunick_Enrico Rava
Очень содержательная школы одного из влиятельнейших барабанщиков современности.
Речь в ней пойдёт о постановке рук, выборе барабанных палочек, подходу к исполнению барабанных партий и многом другом...
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Alto Sax - Anna Bokum
Guitar - Alexandr Biryukov
Keaboards - Natali Osipova
Bass - Nikita Lesovoy
Drums - Stepan Krasavin

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In this episode, we will be breaking down an awesome paradiddle sextuplet lick from Billy Cobham at the Zildjian Day in 1984. Check it out and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!
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Клуб Алексея Козлова 4/03/2016
Billy Cobham - барабаны
Алексей Козлов - саксофон
Евгений Шариков - бас
Юрий Погиба - клавишные
Cancun Market ("Рынок Канкуна" ; Канкун - крупный курортный город на Карибском побережье Мексики , полуостров Юкатан, провинция Кинтана-Роо , административный центр муниципалитета Бенито - Хуарес . Население 526 701 человек (2005) . )

Специальные Гости :
Billy Cobham (Билли Кобхэм) - ударные
Фёдор Досумов ( " A ' STUDIO " ) - гитара

Состав группы "Marimba Plus" :
Лев Слепнер - маримба, перкуссия, клавиши, композитор
Сергей Нанкин - кларнет, бассетгорн, вокал, перкуссия
Илья Дворецкий - флейта
Тимур Некрасов - саксофон
Евгений Ярын - бас-гитара
Артём Фетисов - ударные
Никита Белых - звук
Специальные Гости :
Billy Cobham (Билли Кобхэм) - ударные
Фёдор Досумов ( " A ' STUDIO " ) - гитара

Состав группы "Marimba Plus" :

Лев Слепнер - маримба, перкуссия, клавиши, композитор
Сергей Нанкин - кларнет, бассетгорн, вокал, перкуссия
Тимур Некрасов - саксофон
Илья Дворецкий - флейта
The dictionary might as well have this video as the definition for Ambidextrous.
лучший альбом джаз рока
Performing 'Conversations' by Dr. L. Subramaniam
Live at the Gateway of India as part of the Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival 2003

Dr. L. Subramaniam

iTunes link to original:
Throwing it back to 1976 with part 1 of a Billy Cobham solo. What's your favorite work by Billy? After you enjoy the solo, watch his Drum Talk TV interview right here:
Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Billy Cobham - Speak Like A Child

Herbie Hancock Piano
Ron Carter Bass
Billy Cobham Drums

Recorded at Palazzo dei Congressie, Lugano January 26, 1983..N'Joy!!
Школа Ударного Мастерства - обучение игре на барабанах в СПБ

тел. 982-98-50, 983-74-66
Mike Portnoy, - drums.
Billy Sheehan, - bass.
Tony MacAlpine, - gtr.
Derek Sherinian - key.
Misha Ryazhenka - guitar -
Dmitry Maximov - bass -

United Store, Moscow - 25.10.14
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Live in Leverkusen - DVD WDR
Drummer Billy Cobham stopped by the Evans Studio and jammed for the day.
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Billy Cobham´s Culture Mix is a celebration of the universality of jazz. This is a dynamic original combo, where each member come from a different background. On tour with master drummer Billy Cobham are the Danish guitarist Per Gade, Göteborg based Spanish pianist Marcos Ubeda, German bassist Stefan Rademacher, and, from Trinidad, steel drummer Junior Gill.
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Billy Cobham 5tet. - Live at Nancy Jazz Pulsation 2011

Billy Cobham - drums
Jean Marie Ecay - guitare,
Cristophe Cravero - keyboards, violin,
Michael Mondesir - bass,
Camelia Ben Naceur - keyboards

1. Mirage
2. Obliquely Speaking
3. Two for Juan
4. A days Grace
5. Crosswinds
6. Isle of Skype
7. Stratus
8. Alfa Wawas
9. Red Baron<br/><br/>
I'm convinced that when Dean Brown is soloing his electric guitar he is channelling a from a subconscious, higher level..
Drum solos and hot stuff performed by Billy Cobham excerpted from the following performances:
**Horace Silver Quintet**
Jazz Omkring Midnat
Denmark TV 1968

**Mahavishnu Orchestra**
Munchen, Germny,
Olympia Jazz
August 17, 1972

Chateauvallon, France
August 23, 1972

August 25, 1972

**Billy Cobham Band**
Rainbow Theater
July 13, 1974

**Billy Cobham / George Duke Band**
Montreux, Switzerland
July 6, 1976

Billy Cobham : Drums
Gil Goldstein : Keyboards
Dean Brown : Guitar
Tim Landers : Bass

Larry Kimpel lays it down with Billy Cobham and the late George Duke. This is Billy's classic tune "Stratus".
Osibisa vocalist gives another funky performance inside CGI images very stylish.From Gregg Kofi Brown album 'Together as One' which also feat. Sting & Dominic Miller on 'Lullaby to an Anxious Child'.,,,
Billy Cobham - Horace Silver - Bill Hardman - Bennie Maupin - John Williams: NUTVILLE - from Omkring Midnat Denmark TV - 1968
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Alesis DM 10 Studio Kit + Addictive Drums 2 + Yamaha DD65
Chicca assoluta proprio da collezionisti, una bellissima session Tullio De Piscopo e Billy Cobham "Caravan"

In this Tuesday drum lesson sponsored by learn a classic Billy Cobham groove from the song Stratus released in 1973.

Bass [Electric, Chapman Stick] -- Alphonso Johnson
Electric Guitar -- John Scofield
Electronic Drums -- Billy Cobham
Engineer [Re-mix] -- Steve Hodge
Engineer [Recording] -- Dennis McKay, John Timperly*
Keyboards -- George Duke
Percussion -- Billy Cobham
Producer -- Billy Cobham, George Duke
Synthesizer [Drum] -- Billy Cobham
фрагмент TV прграммы "Апология" 11.12.2002
"Mahavishnu Orchstra(l)" - Auftritt der hr-Bigband mit Billy Cobham im Stadttheater Rüsselsheim am 20. April 2012

Performance of the Frankfurt Radio Bigband at Stadttheater Rüsselsheim, Germany

Soli: Peter Reiter, ep; Oliver Leicht, fl; Billy Cobham, dr; Axel Schlosser, tp; Martin Scales, g

More information.!

Billy Cobhams' "Drum-Legend" induction performance at the GC Drum-Off Grand FInals - Jan 8, 2010 at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. For more information on Guitar Center or Drum-Off visit

Billy recording "Milestones" for the burning for Buddy cd!
You can find this video on his page in the website:
(all tracks credited to William E. Cobham, Jr., but parts of the music were co-written with the other musicians and resulted from jamming in the studio)

"Quadrant 4"
"Searching for the Right Door"
"To the Women in My Life"
"Le Lis"
"Snoopy's Search"
"Red Baron"

Billy Cobham - Drums
Tommy Bolin - Guitar
Jan Hammer - Electric piano (01-10), Acoustic piano , & Moog synthesizer
Lee Sklar - Fender bass
Joe Farrell - Flute
Very nice Latin feel and touch; great execution. Billy is getting a bit older, but he's only getting better.

BILLY COBHAM (RED BARON ) Feat. Frank Gambale, Brian Auger, Novecento.
drum 'n' voice tour
Billy Cobham's "Spectrum 40"
Featuring Jerry Goodman, Dean Brown, Gary Husband, and Ric Fierabracci
Inaugural show -- BB King's, NYC

George Duke with Billy Cobham in Montreal Jazz Festival

Buy Physical CD ! ! ! at:

BILLY COBHAM (STRATUS ) Feat. Frank Gambale, Brian Auger, Novecento.
drum 'n' voice tour 2008
Jazz performance.

Billy Cobham - drums;
Herbie Hancock - piano;
Ron Carter - double bass
Billy Cobham - Horace Silver - Bill Hardman - Bennie Maupin - John Williams
NUTVILLE: JUST THE DRUM SOLO - from Omkring Midnat Denmark TV - 1968
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Performance Spotlight with VF Signature Artist Billy Cobham performing Miles Davis' composition "Seven Steps to Heaven"

Drums - Billy Cobham
Bass - Ron Carter
Saxophone - Donald Harrison

More on Billy Cobham:
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Highlight performances and interviews from the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, November 2014.

For more info, visit and

Filmed and edited by Miguel Monroy (
The great Billy Cobham shredding drums on the tour with George Duke, John Scofield and Alphonso Johnson. Billy uses a variety of amazing techniques which proves his grasp on the rudimentary approach of drumming. This is a great source of history, something all those who can understand it should cherish.
в программе "Его Величество Rock-n-Roll"
Billy Cobham
Rainbow Theater-London, England
"The Old Grey Whistle Test"

Tenth Pin

Billy Cobham: Drums
John Abercrombie: Guitar
Michael Brecker: Tenor Saxophone
Randy Brecker: Trumpet
Glen Ferris: Trombone
Alex Blake: Bass
Milcho Leview: Keyboards
On French TV, January 1984

Hellborg: bass
Mclaughlin: guitar
Cobham: drum
Recorded at Sardegna Jazz festival
For more details:

"Crazy Drum Day-2"
Концерт студии ударных инструментов "Tap'n'Roll"
г. Сергиев Посад 17.11.13

Spectrum is the debut album of fusion drummer, Billy Cobham. Released in 1973, Spectrum is regarded as one of the most important and essential albums within the fields of drummers and the jazz fusion genre.

Bass Guitar [Fender Bass] – Lee Sklar
Electric Piano, Piano, Synthesizer [Moog] – Jan Hammer
Guitar – Tommy Bolin
Drums – Billy Cobham
Billy Cobham & Mike Mainieri Band - Jazz In Concert 1983
LQ video with mono sound but the performance itself is off the charts.
Imported from Nicinico, but the original clip which is obviously a UStream rip, is not mine.
26th Nov. 2011 @ Roppongi Beehive, Tokyo, Japan.
Senri Kawaguchi:Dr
Minoru Mukaiya:Kb
Kyoji Yamamoto:Gt
Tetsuo Sakurai:Ba
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William Emanuel "Billy" Cobham, arguably the epitome of the fusion drummer, is an American composer, bandleader, and educator with an extensive list of accomplishments - and we are so honored to have been able to host him in our studio.

Having inspired drummers such as Carter Beauford and Denni
Our own version of "Stratus" by Billy Cobham.
From his album "Spectrum" - 1973

Larry Belton - Drums -
Jack Gardiner - Guitar -
Leslie Johnson - Bass, keys and arrangement -
Jazz Fusion legend Billy Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis) doesn't simply answer a question -- when he talks you will get some serious adv...
Enjoy mr BC in great form, Great stuff!!!
Aurora Borealıs 3:26
Mr BC 9:40
Claıre Voyance 16:26
Stratus 22:28
Dessıcated coconuts 30:26
Crosswınds 35:50
How was that nıght 43:30
Spectrum 52:30
Концерт в Черниговском "Вареникс Пабе" 27 февраля 2013.

Василий Фесенко - бас-гитара
Сергей Галамага - гитара
Артем Рей - ударные

Звукорежиссер - Константин Прищепа
Запись звука - Сергей Сорокин
Камера - Андрей Дерзкий

AGNER Swissdrumsticks Endorser
Primo Live Remix: nell'arco di otto mesi grandi artisti jazz sono stati intercettati da Alessio Bertallot ad ognuno di loro è stato chiesto di improvvisare sulla versione acappella di Billie Jean di Michael Jackson.
In seguito le tracce sono state mixate da Silvia Catasta e Marco Rigamonti. Al suono si sono accompagnate le immagini di Marco Ligabue.

Voce _ Michael Jackson
Basso _ Marcus Miller
Chitarra _ Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick
Batteria _ Billy Cobham
Tromba _ Enrico Rava
Pianoforte _ Stefano Bollani


Billy Cobham Band;
Billy Cobham - drums;
Randy Brecker - trumpet;
Gary Husband - keyboards;
Carl Orr - guitar;
Stefan Rademacher - bass;
Jazz 606


Feodor Dosumov (guitar) play solo
This is a special opportunity for the musicians to actually see and understand how a sound check is actually done. Billy does not let it be, rather he takes control of everything and makes sure everybody sounds good at the end.
черновая запись импровизы.. "Красного Барона"
drummer, composer

Подписывайтесь и развивайтесь!

Recorded live at "the Montreux Jazz Festival" , July 6, 1976

Excellent lineup Cobham has 3 Americans with him as he toured across Europe. George Duke on keyboards of course played with Zappa as well as Jean-Luc Ponty. Alfonso Johnson on bass is probably best known for his work on those 3 classic WEATHER REPORT albums. John Scofield on lead guitar has quite a long solo career and put out an album with Pat Metheny. This "Montreux Jazz Festival" from 1976 is one of the freakiest Record i've ever seen!

- Bill
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Подписывайтесь и развивайтесь!
Настя Павлова, Данил Шевченко, Вика Мелихова, учимся играть джаз рок.
Музыкальное пространство "СКВОТ"
Bill Watrous with Ron Carter Chick Corea & Billy Cobham 1976
Концерт в Московском клубе JAZZ TOWN

JAZZESSENCE» представляет
Легенда мирового джаза
Billy Cobham
17 ноября
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Michael Brecker - Randy Brecker - John Abercrombie - Glenn Ferris - Alex Blake - Milchu Leviev - Jazzfestival Kongsberg - 1974
...more Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD:
Billy Cobham ► Spectrum 40 @ Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa • 2014
Качанов Сергей Валентинович, 30 лет, Сергиев Посад, Stratus (Billy Cobham cover)
Конкурс Drummers United 2016!
Учреждены три номинации:
- барабанщицы
- барабанщики в возрасте до 16-ти лет
- барабанщики от 16-ти лет и выше.
Победителей ожидают достойные призы: комплекты тарелок, малые барабаны, педали – все инструменты только профессионального уровня! Ваши видео увидят тысячи людей (видеоролики будут размещаться во встрече и на ресурсах партнёров) и самое главное – победители, занявшие 1-е места, получат возможность выступить на Главной сцене выставки NAMM Musicmesse в прайм-тайм (17-го сентября, суббота) в рамках выступлений легенд отечественного драмминга!
Организатор: Blastbeat Drum Shop
The drummer is arguably the driving force of the band, so how should we approach taking on this responsibility? How do we get the other members comfortable so we can begin the sonic conversation?

Подписывайтесь и развивайтесь!
Get exclusive drum lessons from Billy Cobham:

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Billy Cobham explains why having a basic understanding of the whole band helps him perform and serve the music better. Being aware of the melody and vocal patterns can help you decide where to play a little more or lay back and stay out of the way!

Watch Billy Cobham's full live lesson:
Anna Bokum Band:
Drums - Stepan Krasavin
Bass - Nikita Lesovoy
Guitar - Alexandr Biryukov
Alto sax - Anna Bokum
Экзамен по специальности 5го курса
Три гениальных музыканта!
After this solo with FOUR sticks, check out Billy Cobham's interview on Drum Talk TV right here:
Пермь,КДЦ_Его Величество Rock'n'Roll 26.04.2014
Moscow Drum Community DRUMROOM

#drumroom #drumroomtulskaya #drumroomelektrozavod

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