beaded bag: diy recycled plastic grocery bags into gorgeous beads, How To Recycle Plastic Bags To Make Jewelry Beads, HARE KRSNA - Йога мешочки / Bead bags,

beaded bag

Take ordinary plastic grocery bags and easily recycle them into gorgeous beads. Use these beads to make stunning jewelry, ornaments, etc. Just think of the possibilities for selling these items!

Sorry for the confusion, everyone! The full tutorial is on my blog (link at the bottom of the description). My husband made me this video, but it's not very informative... sorry about that!
Learn How To Recycle Plastic Bags To Make Jewelry Beads. This exciting new craft idea is easy and simple to do. Learn how here:

This my take on plastic grocery bags. This tutorial is very long ~sorry~ :( I got this Idea from (hectanooga1) is her You Tube channel. Go watch her and subscribe!

Gorgeous angel decoration made from a plastic bag, some yarn and a few beads. This is a very cheap and easy project to make and will look great on a Christmas tree or shelf etc. Great and very rewarding little project to have fun with.
Make some one of a kind, hard, plastic, unbreakable beads from grocery bags, or any plastic bags! It's easy, and you can make them big or small! A wonderful way to keep plastic bags out of the garbage dumps, and make something useful!


Hand made beads for your jewelry making!

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Today we're going to make a pony bead tote bag. Its so colorful and attractive to bring it to anywhere.

It would be easier to follow this tutorial if you have some basic in crocheting. But no worry as you can always learn. Here are some basic crochet stitches tutorial that you can refer and learn.
You can always repeat the video and follow step by step if you find the video is a little to fast.

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