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ashtailASH - Song For Twilight[Twi's Reply]

Art by Nik

Haha wow, a cover? Well this is flattering ^_^
And from Twilight's point of view? Congratulations, Ash, you're now officially on my waifu list!(gonna have to rearrange things in there first)
Why's this on my channel you ask? Ash doesn't have a channel of her own, so she and her friend gave me artwork and the MP3, and I couldn't let this *not* have publicity, so here you go!
I linked up Ash's page so go check her out and stuff!



Hey you, could you give a listen?
Watched you from afar, can't help but think,
My love for you is a given,
Just the sight of you has me tickled pink,

Cause it's late, I'm awake, and I really can't think,
Cause the guy I'm passing by, I can't put him down on ink,
Cause I'm going crazy trying to find my way
But then again it's so real and I wanna stay

And I can't fathom