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archive - goodbye

I'm thinking of you, in my sleep
And I could talk .... the worst kind of sound
I've noticed things can not be repaired
When I wake up, I'll be in despair
Cause I know I've got to say, I know I've got to say

Goodbye, baby goodbye
Goodbye, baby goodbye
You're my sweetheart, goodbye
You're my sweetest, goodbye

I know I'm gonna look so, so, so, so bad
But there's no easier way for me to have to walk away
But I don't wanna hear this no more and I don't wanna feel this no more
And I don't wanna see this no more
люби сердцем, живи эмоциями...
"Goodbye, my sweetest."
Archive is the band I love since I listened to their album "Lights". This is one of my favourite songs which have such power on me and brings back so many memories. Listen to the original song by Archive!
I dedicate it to those people I've lost forever. I don't believe in heaven or hell or chance to meet them again so... goodbye.

STUDIO SKVORTSOV 2011 ord.№ 68

One of the best Archive songs composed while Craig Walker was their vocalist.
@ Brussels Summer Festival on Saturday 21st with Julian Chown (keyboards) and Miss Wonder (vocal).
cover piosenki Goodbye grupy Archive

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Archive is a music-collective, originating from London, UK, but based in Paris, France for many years where they enjoy a much bigger following. They are signed to Warner Music France.

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Archive's favorite song to sing :)