a day off: Never Take a Day Off, Maria Valverde on Instagram: “Day off in a boat... #istanbul #aliandnino”, Ifbb Pro Dallas McCarver on Instagram: “Finished a

a day off

Самые крутые видео: VK.COM/BESTVINES
“Finished a great chest day off this superset... Ouch! Lol great pump and energy today! @bsnsupplements #NOxplode #BSN @thegrithouse #bsnsupplements #push.…”
“PLEASE READ!!! Day 7 of #hardcorechallenge is HERE!! Warning: I have a history of taking off my shirt....haha its been officially one week since we…”
“#RockInVienna ... Signing off with a smile! It's been a great day, tnx for the good vibes! #Festival #muse #incubus #triggerfinger”
“Julianne and Derek are Having a day off with family......
Our Open Day is off to a great start! #astonuni #openday #astonopenday #astonbestbits
“Video of the Day! Didga the skateboarding cat from Australia shows off her skills at a local skate park. #GoPro #cats #skateboard”
Я в Риме, и в свой выходной я заболел. Мне себя очень жалко. И возможно я немного драматизирую... #СпаситеКэмерона #СпаситеФэрриса #СпаситеБубле…
ussoccer_wnt's video on Instagram http://instagram.com/p/uDxYz1hCgM/?modal=true
Невероятно магическая короткометражка о волшебстве в Вильнюсе ^_^
увидено в группе [club208344|Психоделические Мультики]
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Music video by The Wanted, The Wanted performing Walks Like Rihanna. (C) 2013 OFF TV / Global Talent Music Recording Ltd

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! - http://vkontakte.ru/club18674709
This is a drum cover of ADTR's 'Better Off This Way' of their new record 'What Separates Me From You'. It's one of my favourite songs of the album.


RetroVision - Puzzle [NCS Release]
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We had an off day in Milan, Italy. There wasn't much to do where our hotel was, so we just hung out in our hotel. Minecraft, pool, sauna, 31, good food - thanks, Italy!

Video by Adam Elmakias (http://youtube.com/elmakias)
by Ambivalent Paradise
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25.06 A DAY TO REMEMBER (USA) клуб ЗАЛ ОЖИДАНИЯ, Санкт-Петербург http://vk.com/adtr_spb
Подписывайтесь к нам. Видеография рок групп.

Hola, hoy les cuento algo que me pasó durante el rodaje de la película. Además verán al elenco en la playa y el JorgePOV de hoy!

Hey, today I'll tell you something that happened during the filming of the movie. You'll see the cast on the beach and today's JorgePOV

Salut! Aujourd'hui vous allez voir ce qui m'est passé cette semaine avec l'équipe du film. Aussi vous verrez le cast dans la plage et #JorgePOV!
Watch In HD.
A Day To Remember playing Better Off This Way Have Faith In Me (for the ladies) live in Orlando on January 21st, 2012.

Hey guys, sorry its been so long since a cover video. So here is Better Off This Way from the college dorm! Hope you like it... sorry for the crappy quality, i dont have my good camera or good mic with me.

Dont forget to check out Callmeanything.com !!!!
Irish girl wants a day off school
Фильмы этого режиссёра были запрещены к показу в Южной Корее. Эти ленты случайно нашли в архивах кино, в 2005 году. Действие происходит в воскресенье, в конце зимы. Церковные колокола звонят, когда Ха Вук отправляется на встречу со своей возлюбленной Джи-Юн. Ха Вук не может позволить себе создать семью. Он идёт к своим лучшим друзьям, занять денег на аборт своей любимой девушки. Но вместо этого, всё заканчивается кражей денег . Никто не хочет давать ему взаймы. Врач рекомендует сделать аборт его девушке
The main card minus a few notables face-off after media day ahead of UFC 207
Music video by Mindless Behavior performing A Day Off With Mindless Behavior. (C) 2010 Streamline Records/Interscope Records

Трэйлер к большому Орловскому видео a day off 2, отчёт за лето.
Большая примьера уже скоро..
vimeo.com/6385497 - в хорошем качестве. on HD!
English translation: Wen Lee
timing & hardsub: Soshemans KZ
source: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC78PMQprrZTbU0IlMDsYZPw
BASE jumps off a windturbine somewhere in Holland
Team: Triquetra Freefly
Camera: Kiwi Aerial Shots --- join us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/KiWi.aerialshots
Drone pilot: Kim Hoogervorst
Camera: Willem de Groot
Editing: Kim & Willem (Kiwi)
Learn English: Memorial Day, Greenways & Having a Day Off (Phrase)

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Think your day is off to a bad start??? #thinkagain #monday
Ross on a day off before Warped<br/><br/>
The guys from Simple Plan talk to us about travelling the globe and playing in countries like China and Russia. But what would their 'simple plan' be for a simple day off?

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First jump of the day. Nothing like a good off-heading to start the morning! Смайлик «smile»

01 Spicy Sheep Dip
02 Ani Fatma
03 I took A day Off
04 Grey Bubble
05 Hargasha Meshuna
06 Fassiya
07 Fungi Dub
08 ZoobiZooz

Produced by:
Alon Carmelly, Yuval (Shtuby) Tal, Jonathan Alter (Shalter)

All music composed by Alon Carmelly
* #8 Zubizooz composed by Yuval (shtuby) Tal and Alon Carmelly

Alon Carmelly - Bass and Effects
Jonathan Alter (Shalter) - Drums
Yuval (Shtuby) Tal - Synths, Percussion, Clarinet, Termin and Elctronics
Ido Shenzur vocals on Track #3
Muzaffar Warsi Vocals o
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We have not had a full day off in a long long time. SO we took one. :)
A Day To Remember Live
Offenbach, Germany
Better Off This Way
Musical Style: Ambient/Downtempo Deep House/Techno
Year: 2002
Country: United Kingdom
Label: V2

Amazon MP3: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LWS4BRC/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-hundred-days-off/id900257956
Amazon Physical: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00006JBKQ/ref=asc_df_B00006JBKQ3427367

A Hundred Days Off is the sixth album by British electronic group Underworld. It is considered to be less aggressive than their previous album, Beaucoup Fish, and is often more open to ambient music
"A Day to Remember - Violence [Enough is Enough]"<br><br>Brand new single off of A Day to Remember's new upcoming album; Common Courtesy!<br><br>LYRICS:<br>I've been feeling like everythings for nothing.<br>In fact I've never felt so god damn small.<br>Always searching for the bright side to find the strength for when I fall<br>I'm still believing that life has a meaning.<br>Can't cope with things that there's not.<br>I'm so divided that I try to hide it <br>It's the only real thing that I've got!<br><br>So
From the full length album "Dear Liver".
Available everywhere 7-28-15!!!
Take a walk down HAY DAAAAAAAAAAY lane. The bacon's on us. Download Hay Day now. Grow and customize your farm: http://supr.cl/GetHayDay A free game for mobile devices.
Thoth and Lila'Angelique are Tribal Baroque.

Лучшая публичная страница в «ВКонтакте», посвящённая A$AP Rocky: vk.com/asap_rocky.
This is a video that shows the process of how to convert a van in to a luxury off-grid camper in less than three weeks! MORE INFO on my blog; http://offgridvan.blogspot.com/

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Questions welcome - I will try and answer them in good time. Otherwise, I will collect them and do a video response for them all for my next video (just subscribe and you will get a notification for the when it goes live).

I will also publish a video saying why I made decisions and how I do things while on th
2-ой сезон: «Приключения на Апельсиновых островах»

Перевод: Русский профессиональный
Озвучивание: Полное многоголосное дублирование
Here is Brando's and my favorite song off What seperates you from me. Sorry about the bridge notes lol enjoy!! We're heading into studio soon so we will be having a lot of updates!

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"5 Days Off Festival"
сцена Melkweg, Амстердам, 08/03/2012
Everyone needs a day off from working out to let the body rest...Check out what my typical day off looks like during my prep for the Mr. Olympia!!! Yeah Buddy!!! www.ronniecoleman.net
Ferris Bueller's Day Off Movie Clip - watch all clips http://j.mp/xHFlRE
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Ed Rooney (Jeffrey Jones) and Grace (Edie McClurg) discuss Ferris and his popularity.

TM © Paramount (2012)
Cast: Jeffrey Jones, Edie McClurg
Director: John Hughes
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Producer: Michael Chinich, John Hu
On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred heads deep into the woods of Pennsylvania and the Line Mountain 4-wheelers off road race course where off-roaders have been racing for 40-years. Fred's reason for venturing into the sticks is to check out a Ford Model-A off road racer and compare it to a modern day off-road race buggy.

Dirt Every Day appears every other Thursday on the Motor Trend channel. http://www.youtube.com/motortrend

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"A day off a windturbine" is a film that shows the beauty of friends living their passion taking great risks. Watching this film you feel the thrills those guys experience standing on the edge. Most of it is filmed from the air giving away the beautifil scenery, a great sense of heigt and the lack of it. Team: Triquetra Freefly Camera: Kiwi Aerial Shots --- join us on facebook facebook.com/KiWi.aerialshots Pilot: Kim Hoogervorst Camera: Willem de Groot Editing: Kim & Willem (Kiwi) http://www.kiwi-aer
We decided our rats should come for a swim in our new pool. THEY LOVED IT!!
Very very funny

$lave - A Day in LA with OFF! (Upside Down Video Shoot)
Провели выходные в зале ))
Mistakes Everywhere!
This is the second request by 0oDewyo0. She's cool, so talk to her!
Sorry it took a while, but here ya go!

The song in the beginning was a song written by my old band.

Now A Day To Remember has outdone themselves on this album and it's fucking great in my opinion. This vocal cover has NO EFFECTS WHATSO EVER. I'm singing through my house speakers and im running my mic through a mixer that you can see on the left side. It was a fun. This song is really good in my eyes and the lyrics really stand out. So im glad this was requested.

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driving to santa monica from OC

Track 1 from the album A Hundred Days Off

Here's Julia Mancuso's first edit in the off the slopes series. Follow her skiing powder, getting shuttled up to the starting gate by an Audi, dancing in the trailer of the US Ski Team or straight into the award ceremony in Schladming. Shot on GoPro by the athlete herself.

El_Txef_A ( Hypercolour , Fiakun ) B2B Kasper ( Esperanza ) @ W hotel !!!
[club65633337|BestVine] - Лучшие видео интернета.
звук от видео отстаёт в контакте
смторите на vimeo в hd
а лучше сразу качайте в ахрененном качестве
narod.ru/disk/17162152000/BRAIN%20FILMS-A%20DAY%20OFF%202%20full4.avi.html .
Amon Tobin - At The End Of The Day
Promoe - Kkkampain
Snoop Dogg feat. Soulja Boy - Pronto
The National - Slipping Husband
Gangstarr - Who Got Gunz
frankpopp - hip teens(don't wear blue jeans)
Смысловые Галлюцинации - Вечно Молодой
The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel
This is a song that I wrote in 2001 as part of the children's musical "The Day that Football Stopped the War" which was performed by Dudley Primary Schools massed choir in the Town Hall Christmas concert.

I was dusting it off and re-recording it for a couple of local schools to perform during this festive season when Sainsbury's and the Royal British Legion released their excellent and very moving advert. Incredibly my song fits the video exactly and (dare I say it?) enhances it.

Anyway, see what you thin

Join us for an inside look at the final match of the World Championship as esports fans descend upon the Staples Center ... Go to http://lolesports.com for VODs of all World Championship games.
Ruhige Fighter Tour mit 12 Bikes und 2 Sozia durch das Weserbergland quasi um den Block.
Über Rinteln Hameln Pyrmont durchs Extertal bis zum Biker Treff Günters Kurve und über den Pass zurück. Bikes MV Augusta Brutale Suzuki GSXR 750 GSX R 750 SRAD Triumpf Speed Triple Buell XB Honda 2x Fireblade CBR 900 RR 600 er Hornet CB 500 Yamaha VX 800 FZR 600 R6 R1 keine vergessen ?? SMILE
First Ride in der Gruppe für Tina auf ihrer Honda. Believe it Super gemacht gut gehalten weiter so (-:
An acoustic cover of the song "Better Off This Way" originally performed by A Day To Remember.
Watch in HD if you want to! DOWNLOAD LINK below

Filmed by Lovisa Schedin
Edited by Henrik Svedestig


Download this and other covers (as well as tabs):

DJ Craze & DJ A-TRAK spin together live at Fool's Gold Labor Day Party in NYC on 9.6.2010

Justin Bogle and Greg Gehrer take the day off from moto's to have some fun at Reynard Raceway

Song: Josh Sallee - "Walk On By"


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Райдер North Kiteboarding и ION SABRINA LUTZ на домашнем споте в Германии.
Over the weekend I hit up Fools Gold Day Off and saw a bunch of dope performances but one that stood out was A$AP Rocky's surprise performance. Enjoy!


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by Light Tuesday
Видео с мастер-класса Артема Nel'son Лоцких, который прошел 27 сентября в городе Краснодар.
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Vlog 57 - Tour through Gary, and we meet his older, "cooler" cousin. Found a couple sick wate...
A Day To Remember's official audio stream for 'Turn Off The Radio' from the album, Bad Vibrations - available now on ADTR Records (distributed by Epitaph Records). Download the album at http://smarturl.it/badvibrations.

See us on tour all summer long with blink-182 - visit http://adtr.com for dates and tickets!

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Turn off the radio
Pinzolo, Giorno 1: l'arrivo della Roma in Trentino, il numero di Manolas e l'incontro di Totti con i tifosi

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FC Barcelona on Social Media
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"When a snake poops in your beard in Australia, that is good luck." The crew hits Clinton Moore's compound in between shows.

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Привет, ребят. Сделал инструментальный кавер на песню "Better Off This Way". Оцените.
HD 720
'Yann Tiersen - Comptine D'un Autre Ete'

Тритатушечки оп трита ри тата:D
Шэрон Стоун с бойфрендом Мартином Мика
И не надо говорить, что кто-то не любит Саму.
Hardwell - United We Are (Album)
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A lab based parody based on the song "50 ways to say goodbye" by Train

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биология https://vk.com/biologistvk

Вы уже видели некоторые из этих кадров на промо видео - но мы созрели для того чтоб слепить домашнее такое видео на один трек с последнего EP, вышедшего на виниле!