Zyzz — 1 Year Anniversary Tribute: Zyzz - 1 Year Anniversary Tribute, Zyzz- 1 Year Anniversary Tribute (Legendado em Português)

Zyzz — 1 Year Anniversary Tribute

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TRACKLIST! since you all wanted it

You Walk Away - Tydi Ft Audrey Gallagher
Man On The Run - Dash Berlin
Skyfire - Shogun
Currents Arc feat. Kate Miles - (Original Mix)
Enough is Enough - Avicci
Amerstam - Luminary and Super8 tab remix

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Zyzz - 1 Year Anniversary Tribute
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1. tyDi Ft. Audrey Gallagher -- You Walk Away (Original Mix) [00:00]
2. Dash Berlin - Man on the Run [1:29]
3. Shogun - Skyfire [2:12]
4. Arc Feat Kate Miles - Currents (Original Mix) [4:19]
5. Avicii - Enough is Enough (Don't Give Up On Us) [5:44]
6. Luminary - Amsterdam (Super 8 & Tab Remix) [7:57]
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