Zugzwang: "ZUGZWANG" - Trailer zur Gruppenausstellung vom 24.-25.01.15 in Hamburg, in chess it's called zugzwang, ZUGZWANG ZWEI - HAUPTSTADT, Казахский клип -


We cannot go back. That's why it's hard to choose. You have to make the right choice. As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible.

Münster, Osnabrück, Bremen und jetzt Berlin. Letzter Online Bonus für ZUGZWANG ZWEI diesmal aus der Hauptstadt. DVD / MAGAZIN / BONUS - Jetzt erhältlich... 85min Film, 35min Bonus, 9min Online Bonus!
Ulytau - Zugzwang - Улытау - Цугцванг OST<br/><br/>
Der Film ist fertig!!! bei den Üblichen verdächtigen zu bekommen...

"Цугцванг" - чацвёртая серыя мультфільма "Выгнаннік"
Залил : Kiros; Звук предоставил : MC
chess endgame! Zugzwang! Hello dear chess friends! Welcome to channel Chesswave! Lessons #1 chess endgame and great Zugzwang! Smyslov vs Eingorn 1988, Moscow!
Good chess ending and Zugzwang! Solve chess problems and Strategy endgame! Subscribe to channel Chesswave!
music by ruslan umyarov
produced by gennady lagutin
ツークツワンク - 初音ミク - MV
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Escape The Void дали свой первый концерт 8 февраля 2011 года и после этого времени активно выступали в своем родном городе Петрозаводске, иногда заезжая в Санкт-Петербург. В музыке этого коллектива сочетается космическое и, в то же время напористое, звучание гитар, протяжность и мелодичность виолончели, экспрессивная игра баса и ударных, и, конечно же, вокал, который придает их инструментальной музыке особый, ни на что не похожий, колорит.

Cent Ans de Solitude - Darmstadt Zugzwang Festival II - 05/11/2001 - Another Kind of Experimental Freedom Akt I<br/><br/>
In chess it's called Zugzwang... when the only viable move is not to move.
As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible.

A full video! :O It's been nearly a year. Sorry I've been so inactive. When I saw this film I thought I had to make a video with it. If you haven't seen it then watch it, but prepare to be thoroughly confused.

Film: Mr. Nobody (2009)
Song: Band of Horses - The Funeral
Zugzwang IV Festival Darmstadt 2013-11-02
This Episode was one of the saddest i ever saw in Criminal Minds and Gubler is one of the best Actors. I just needed to make a short Video.

Music by Bullet from my Valentine / The Poison Digipak


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Avant son concert au Festival Au Fil des Voix , Matt Elliott/The Third Eye Foundation nous a offert un titre live plein d'intensité #LiveaFip ►► http://www.fipradio.fr/emissions/live-fip/2016/live-fip-special-au-fil-des-voix-02-04-2016-20-00
MixCult Podcast # 119 Kirill Matveev - Zugzwang (SOUNDTRACK)
This is my entry for the first round of The Vidding Trials:

The task was to choose one of 7 deadly sins as the theme for video. I decided to try myself and chose one of the hardest ones - sloth. It was tough to vid because of calm and non-action scenes, though very challenging. Hope you'll like it :)

P.S. I've added subtitles 'cause voiceovers are quite important for the topic.

Music: r.roo - kasanie
Halo, as you've never played it before.<br/><br/>
This video was shot by Michel Madona at the ZugZwang Festival in Darmstadt, Germany. Special thanks to Minamata.

International Master Daniel Tapia takes a break from his live blitz commentary and chess tactics series to bring us an interesting example of king activity and zugzwang from one of his own games. Enjoy!

For better quality switch to HD. Matt Elliott performing for BR2 Zuendfunk Loungekonert. If I get the recording of the session, I might match sound to the video. Until then, we have to stick to this. Sorry for the camera messing it up in between. For Matt's music: http://mattelliott.bandcamp.com/ The Kursk starting at around 11:40
It's cold I'm afraid
It's been like this for a day
The water is rising and slowly we're dying
We won't see light again
We won't see our wives again
Sutcliffe Jügend, Live at ZugZwang Festival III
03. November 2012 at the Weststadt Bar in Darmstadt/Germany

This video was recorded with a mobile phone - sorry for the poor quality

The festival was organized by Chamber Music e.V.

Ein kleiner Reisebericht aus Lissabon von 2011, exklusiv als Bonus fürs Netz. ZUGZWANGZWEI – Mehr Actions, mehr Modelle, mehr Flavor. Münster - Osnabrück – Bremen. Bald erhältlich...
Zugzwang IV Festival - Darmstadt: Reutoff 2013/11/02

ZUGZWANG ZEITUNG - DIE ROTE AUSGABE Im Frühjahr 2015 erscheint das Magazin mit Fotos aus Athen, Belgrad, Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Köln, Kopenhagen, München, Münster, Neapel, New York, Nürnberg, Osnabrück, Stuttgart und Wien. Desweiteren gibt es Bilder Australien, Holland, Italien, Neuseeland, Portugal, Spanien. Zudem liegt der Fokus noch bei Freunden wie Clik, der Eqt Crew, Fawts, Kid Rue, Radicals und Slam. Insgesamt sind 250 Fotos auf 72 Seiten zu sehen, die mit 30 min Video
gravity falls video

в ролях
Билл Сайфер - Рик Уэйкфилд
Диппер Пайнс - Александр Людвиг
Мэйбл Пайнс - Аннасофия Робб
Стенфорд Пайнс - Вуди Харрельсон
promotional music video
Filmed by Caue Ferraz. 2010.
Цугцва́нг (нем. Zugzwang «принуждение к ходу») — положение в шашках и шахматах, в котором одна из сторон оказывается вынужденной сделать невыгодный очередной ход.
Спасибо Наташе за то, что решила использовать нашу музыку в своем видео!
Вы можете подписаться на ее канал на youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/salmafigeiros
Music video by Colt Silvers performing Zugzwang.
A video by Citeezen and friends.
Multiscreen video here : http://zugzwang.coltsilvers.com
(C) 2013 Deaf Rock Records
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AGUS/BEKS – ZUGZWANG PRÄSENTIEREN: Barcelona, Athen, Amsterdam, Nordrein-Westfalen & Bonus Material... Videomaterial von: EQT • PIT • GBR • CPUK • ABM • RADICALS © AGUS / BEKS / YOGA http://super-ecoutez.tumblr.com https://instagram.com/super_ecoutez
Jonathan Schrantz profiles the zugzwang, a situation where all of a player's moves are bad. See "The Immortal Zugzwang Game" as well as a viewer submission.

Friedrich Saemisch vs Aron Nimzowitsch, Copenhagen (1923): E18 Queen's Indian, old main line, 7.Nc3
Philipp Blume as white: E71 King's Indian, Makagonov system (5.h3)

I'm not the owner of the copyright.

Mr Nobody

WEIRDO – ZUGZWANG PRÄSENTIERT: Ljublijana, Zagreb, London und Münster. Videomaterial von Weirdo, Sheldon, Trotz, Rime & Don. http://super-ecoutez.tumblr.com https://www.instagram.com/super_ecoutez/
DOWNLOAD SOUNDTRACK: http://promodj.com/download/4340071/MixCult%20Podcast%20%23%20119%20Kirill%20Matveev%20-%20Zugzwang%20%28SOUNDTRACK%29%20%28promodj.com%29.mp3

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