Zhala - Slippin Around: Zhala - Slippin Around (Greasy Niece Remix), Zhala - Slippin' Around (Aerea Negrot Remix), Zhala - Slippin Around (Cristian Dinamarca

Zhala - Slippin Around

Video - Makode Linde


Zhala "Slippin Around"

The sound of Zhala, pronounced [ʒɑ:lɑ:], recollect the shimmery times when Pop Music was bloody serious and there were no barriers between fine arts and popular culture.

Her first single "Slippin Around" is a bitter sweet hymn of atmospheric sound weaves, theatrical choirs, broken Electronica, rugged Lo-Fi drums and above all, the stunningly clear pop tone of Zhala's voice.

With Stockholm as the physical base, but with the mindset of a modern day Transnational, Zhala's music is futuristic, Cosmic Pop mixed up with Witchcraft Indie - for the ones who grew up with a little bit of everything, whether it was Rave, Bollywood or RnB.

The video for "Slippin Around" is made by the Artist Makode Linde

Artist - Zhala
Music - "Slippin Around"
Series - Teen Wolf
Episode - 3x18

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