Yuck - The Wall: Yuck - The Wall - Pitchfork Music Festival 2011, Normandie - Believe (Cover by Through The Walls) / Full HD 1080 [yuck], Yuck - The Wall (at

Yuck - The Wall

The indie rock revivalists dig into a tune from their self-titled debut.

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We present the third and final installment of our Room 205 episode with Yuck, featuring a fantastically chaotic performance of "The Wall". With tongues planted firmly in cheeks, director Michael Reich and set designer Tamarra Younis turned the space into a "lo-fi CGI" green-screened cube. Thereafter, editor Forrest Borie applied public domain footage of the Berlin Wall. Literal enough? Indeed.


Yuck perform their hit "The Wall" live for Billboard's Tastemakers series.