Youtube Dub Battlejam Live StudioDub Part 1 смотреть онлайн

Youtube Dub Battlejam Live StudioDub Part 1

Ed Solo JFB's 1st Live studio dub..

Equipment used:
Desk: StudioMaster 16-8-2
Fx: Kaoss Pad 3, Lexicon MPX 100 (Reverb)
Akai S3000xl (Delay),Mac g4 Laptop using que to trigger (sample effects),
Qfo Turntable (ScratchySeal brks)
2x 1210's Rane ttm57sl Macbook for serato (which wansn't used) in fact the timecode on the serato record was used for scratch melody's with the mixers delay fx plus a random carboot trumpet rec on right technics deck (also with rane mixer dely)
Edirol FA101, Logic on pc desktop (for tracks recording audio) Edited in SonicFoundry Vegas.
(we are not geeks) beardyman is not in this but were just mentioning his name to get more hits.. !