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YouTube Nazi Germany in beautiful color pictures

We can all relate to the message of the symbolism which surrounds us to the core of our being. It connects us to our thoughts, dreams, and sub-sub-conscious minds. C.G. Jung wrote of the psychological archetypes embedded in our sub-sub-conscious, but we still lack the clear comprehension of this concept in mainstream society.
During the course of the work of the Sirius Project, the meanings and purpose of specific symbols will lay the path to the ultimate question, or observation, of the symbols true origin and pure essence. Just as modern science is only now beginning to map the brain and its complex array of signals and apparatus together with how it truly operates on a separate basis to our conscious mind, the Sirius Project investigation will drive toward similar multi-layered answers regarding all aspects of the applications of symbolism upon human beings.
The Sirius Project is a multi leveled/interdisciplinary institution providing a platform for Dr John Ward Dr Maria Nilsson's research, a