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You Are A Champion

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Сегодня джентльмены, я имею честь тренировать Вас, и мне более чтит, что я поведу Вас на поле сражения. Есть и другая честь, которая будет дароваться Вам. Это - ответ, который идет с тем вопросом. Кто я?
Ответ: я - чемпион!
no time for losers! cos michael is the champion.. of the woooorld
The Best Motivational Video Of American Football - You Are a Champion

Шикарно мотивирующее видео. Плюс одно к обязательному просмотру по утрам!
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Queen tribute band "Dios Salve a la Reina" at "Shuster LIVE" (18.06.2010)
[HD for a great canadian horse]

Yesterday (November 5th 2011) canada lost one of it's greatest athletes. Hickstead. and it was a sad day when I heard he had passed. He was a great champion, Eric Lamaze and Him had won numerous titles, to me it would have been an honor just to have watched him in the show ring. He died doing what he loved... showing people what he was capable of.

Yes i'm uploading to this account because this is an important video which all my subscribers should see. but also subscribe to me new account


Rest in Peace Hickstead
1995- 2011

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Cup of the two capitals in rowing . Moscow Lomonosov University team vs St.Petersburg University. Stage at the promenade of the Gorky Park. The Guitar by Michael Egorytchev (Carnaval band)
Queen tribute band "Dios Salve a la Reina" at "Shuster LIVE" (18.06.2010)