Yiruma - The Things I Really: Yiruma (The Things I Really) , ноты Sheet Music - As You Wish,Lord… Hold My Hand,널 그리다 (The Things I Really) - Yiruma, [ENG SUB]

Yiruma - The Things I Really

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South Korean composer pianist Yiruma (이루마,Lee ru-ma) - 널 그리다/
The Things I Really...(miss you) from "oasis yiruma"album
Composed by Yriuma , Lyric by Yiruma, Vocal. Yiruma

This is not accurate translation. The Korean lyrics are more profound and poetic.

Korean Lyrics :
언젠가 파란하늘사이로
너에게 보낸나의 마음을
천천히 나를 스쳐지나가는 바람속에
가만히 두눈을 감고 나만에...널 그리다

맑은 너의 그 미소는 따뜻한 여름비처럼
너와 지금 이순간도 함께 나LJ
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Music: The Things I Really by Yiruma
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