Ying Han 2: Проигравший рыцарь 2 / Ying Han 2 (2011) DVDRip , Проигравший рыцарь 2 / Ying Han 2 (2011), Проигравший рыцарь 2 / Ying Han 2 / The Underdog Knight

Ying Han 2

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Thân Bất Do Kỷ - Hà Khiết
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Review all the highlights from the Han Ying Vs Shan Xiaona Women's Singles 1/2 final from the ITTF World Tour German Open 2014 ©TMS International

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Jane Zhang 张靓颖 and Han Geng 韩庚 did a charity collaboration together in June 2012.
a charity song in collaboration of Ai You Foundation, FAW-VW and Audi for Shanghai Baby's Home Launch

Title: Zui Hao De Wei Lai 最好的未来 / Best Future

Jane Zhang:
Every colour should be in full bloom, don't let there be only black and white left behind when the sunlight has gone.
Everyone has the right to hope; love is in my hands following me.

This is the best future: we use love to build the perfect now.
Review all the highlights from the Han Ying vs Miu Hirano (1/2) from the 2016 World Tour Grand Finals

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“0906.15 老人要休息 那剩下的五隻呢😂
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