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Yes — "Soon"
Stephen Bennett playing "Soon" by Yes with his new Holloway guitar!

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7" single version of 'Soon', edited from side 1 ('The Gates Of Delirium') of 'Relayer' album. Released: December 1974. B side: Sound Chaser.
Sound Chaser is also heavily edited, running at 3.06 compared to the album version at 9.24.
The distinctive keyboard sound is created by Patrick Moraz playing a Mellotron (many loops of tape with recorded sound on them built into a keyboard cabinet).

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Yes — Soon


(from Relayer: The Gates of delirium)
The song has the incredible arrangements and quality in the sound very beautiful. Relayer is a brillant Album. Steve Howe se luce en una maravillosa interpretación llena de emotividad junto a la voz de Jon Anderson, hace de este tema una autentica joya de la musica. I Love this song.

“As I am - closer (jvst say yes remix) soon on @axtonerecords in riooooo. @asiam_music @jvstsayyes #carnaval”

Soon oh soon the light
Pass within and soothe the endless night
And waiting for you
Our reason to be here

Soon oh soon the time
All we move to gain will reach and calm
Our heart is open
Our reason to be here
Yes - Legendado. Tema :Sunrise Sunshine. Do álbum "Relayer". O que se pode dizer de algo tão belo, sonho maior da humanidade, e dotado de uma das mais belas melodias de toda a história do rock. Sua própria letra o expressa. Compreende em si, a razão de todos nós.


Soon oh soon the light
Pass within and soothe the endless night
And waiting for you
Our reason to be here

Tamer Hosny "Agmal hadyia "FT" yes-R" SOON تامر حسني "اجمل هديه" قريبا
from tamer hosny upcoming album "Elly Gai ahla"
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Soon from the excellent album Symphonic Music of Yes, arranged and conducted by David Palmer. Produced and engineered by Alan Parsons.
The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Steve Howe, Bill Bruford and Jon Anderson
Letra da música...
I would have liked to have done an orchestrated version but I listened back to this scratch version and thought it sounded okay , so there ya go-- peace.

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Мы ВКонтакте:
BAND YES: Members Jon Anderson (Vocals), Chris Squire (Bass), Steve Howe (Guitars), Alan White (Drums) & Tom Brislin (Keyboards).
ORCHESTRA: Conducted by Larry Groupé.
DVD: Yes Symphonic Live Tour, Performance at the SOON in Amsterdam 2001
Анонс/заставка нашей передачи :)
Yes - Soon do album relayer 1974 ao vivo

Dedicado ao meu Amor, Maria Joao


Breve oh tão breve a luz
passa por dentro e tranquiliza a noite sem fim
e esperando por você
nossas razões por estarmos aqui

Breve ohh breve o tempo
tudo que nos movemos para ganhar alcançaremos e calma
nossos corações estão abertos
nossas razões para estarmos aqui
a muito tempo, entro no ritmo

Breve oh breve a luz
nossa para formar por todo tempo, n
Symphonic Live is a 2-CD & 2-DVD live release by progressive rock band Yes on Eagle Rock Entertainment, recorded with the European Festival Orchestra in November 2001.

Jon Anderson -- vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
Steve Howe -- guitar, lap steel guitar, backing vocals
Chris Squire -- bass, backing vocals
Alan White -- drums, backing vocals
Tom Brislin -- keyboards, backing vocals

Yes founder/original vocalist Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty of APB on Yes progressive rock classics Roundabout (from Yes 1972 Fragile), Yours Is No Disgrace (from 1971 The Yes Album) and Soon (The Gates Of Delirium excerpt from Yes 1976 Relayer). Anderson Ponty Band was live in concert at the Saban Theater, Beverly Hills, CA November 20, 2015. APB members are Jon Anderson lead vocals, Jean Luc Ponty violins, Wally Minko keyboards, Jamie Glaser guitars, Rayford Griffin drums and Keith Jones bass. Anderson
"The Gates of Delirium" is the first track on Yes's 1974 album, "Relayer". Based on Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace", the song begins with a prelude, which leads into a lengthy instrumental section (beginning at about the 8 minute mark) representing the battle. The final section (entitled "Soon"), released as a single in 1975, is a very gentle, soothing prayer for peace and hope which represents the aftermath of the battle. Before the re-issue of Tales from Topographic Oceans or In a Word: Yes (1969 - ), this
From Yes Symphonic Live 2001

The song is placed here for listening enjoyment only.
Please respect and support the music artists by buying their commercial DVD's and/or CD's.
Steve Howe solo in Verviers, Belgium on 25/05/06, performing the end of "The Gates of Delirium" (Soon the light)
Amazing concert !!
Thanks Steve :)
Recorded in december 13th of 2011 at Citibank Hall in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Soon is an excerpt of the epic The Gates of Delirium, suite of the album Relayer of YES.

Gravado em 13 de dezembro de 2011 no Citibank Hall em São Paulo, Brasil.
Soon é um trecho da extraordinária suite The Gates of Delirium do aclamado álbum Relayer da banda YES.

En vivo en Amsterdam

Скоро, скоро свет проникнет,
Смягчит боль бесконечной ночи.
Мы ждем тебя,
Для этого мы здесь.

Скоро, скоро придет время,
Мы обретем покой, который ищем.
Наши сердца открыты,
Для этого мы здесь,
Давно, в созвучии.

Скоро, скоро будет свет,
Для нас, чтобы открыть время
Для нас, чтобы жить.
Солнце поведет нас,
Для этого мы здесь.
From Wikipedia:
The final section (of Gates of Delirium, Soon), in which the drive of the previous sixteen minutes is replaced by a gentle melody and a lyrical prayer for peace, was released as a U.S. single under the title "Soon" in early 1975.

"Sound Chaser" is a mostly instrumental piece that echoes the then-popular jazz fusion of Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return To Forever. "To Be Over" features complex, melodic arrangements of guitar and electric sitar (at one point quoting a theme from Tales

Grabado en directo el 22-11-01 en el Heineken Music Hall de Amsterdam, dentro del álbum Symphonic Live (2002).
Versión original extraída de The Gates of Delirium, del álbum Relayer (1974).