Xaguar - Timelapse смотреть онлайн

Xaguar - Timelapse



Hey guys!

It's finally here! It's finally ready! And we're all very, VERY pleased about how it's turned out. We're damn proud of it.

A progressive house track. That means you listen to it ALL :D (PS there is some complextro in the middle too)

The theme of this is actually to do with the new episode about Twilight screwing around with time. Essentially, it's what the title says; a lapse in time. Hence the sudden transitions between various sections in the track, and also the glitchy nature of the song, with fitting samples used (hopefully)

We hope you get a f***ton amount of eargasms from it. Because we had a fair few making it.

Our first release; we are Aetus, Splint and Ryanlauph, and we're here to help you