XXL - zombie: XXL "Zombie", XXL all sports united vs Zombies, Battle: Zombie VS Humans [ HD, Vintage, All sports, Epic, Attack, Defend, XXL, Survival ], XXL

XXL - zombie

Agency: Schjærven Reklamebyrå
Production Company: Motion Blur
Producer: Espen Horn
Directors: Henrik Sander og Mathis Fürst
Music: The Hives, «Come on»
Visual Effects: Storm Studios
Post-Production: Nordisk Film Shortcut

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Scandinavias second largest chain of sport wilderness goods are known for their "Rock`n roll" comercials. This time it got alot of attention for the use of zombies.

XXL sport commercial. Zombies vs Sport Athletes. (Anbefalt aldersgrense 15 år.)

XXL presenterer en "dødsrå" reklamefilm hvor Zombier invaderer en liten rolig by. Men hvem jager hvem til slutt?

For XXL sport og villmark /sport ocg vildmark
Reklamebyrå: Schjærven Reklamebyrå
Produksjon: Motion Blur
Regi: Henrik Sander og Mathis Fürst
Musikk: The Hives / Come On
#3 Enjoy the third most viewed advert on Youtube between the 23rd and the 30th of November: you're going to love this clip for a Norwegian sporting goods store called XXL. In it, a town gets attacked by zombies and the citizens band together and kill them using sports.

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Distribution Wizdeo.

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