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X-Stage Lite

X-Stage Lite в качестве "садового пилона" :)

Подробная информация и заказ: http://vk.com/write52239379

Больше видео о pole dance: www.vk.com/ilovepoledance
Transitioning Between the X-Stage Standard and the X-Stage Lite

Finally testing out my new X-Stage Lite. It's more slippery than I expected and the spin is faster than I'm used to, so the cartwheel was a challenge, but over-all I'm very happy with my purchase.

I chose the song "The Boatman" also known as "Fear a' Bhàta" by Pirates for Sail off their "Dark Side of the Lagoon" album. It's a departure for me into slower, less trick-heavy routines. I hope one day to have the time to choreograph a routine to this song. I really love it. I also noticed upon watching th