X-Fade: Kanye West x Ty Dolla $ign x Post Malone — Fade, Alan Walker feat. Iselin Solheim - Faded (LIVE Performance) X-Games Oslo [2016, 95) Alan Walker feat.


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You were the shadow to my light
Ты была тенью для моего света
Did you feel us?
Ты нас ощущала
Another star you fade away
Ещё одна звезда ты угасаешь
Afraid our aim is out of sight
А нашей цели боюсь всё ещё не разглядеть
Wanna see us alive
Я хочу видеть нас живыми
Where are you now?
Где ты теперь
Where are you now?
Где ты сейчас
Where are you now?
Где ты теперь
Was it all in my fantasy?
Это всё была моя фантазия
Where are you now?
Где ты сейчас
Were you only imaginary?
Разве ты была воображаемой
Where are you now?
Где ты теперь
Atlantis under the sea under the sea
Атлантида на дне морском под толщей вод
Where are you now?
Где ты теперь
Another dream
Ещё одна мечта
The monster's running wild inside of me
Во мне неистовствует чудовище
I'm faded I'm faded
Я поник я обессилен
So lost I'm faded I'm faded
Совсем пропал я поник я обессилен
So lost I'm faded
Совсем пропал я обессилен
You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us
Another start
You fade away
Afraid our aim is out of sight
Wanna see us
Where are you now
Where are you now
Where are you now
Was it all in my fantasy
Where are you now
Were you only imaginary

Where are you now
Under the sea
Under the sea
Where are you now
Another dream
The monsters running wild inside of me
I'm faded
I'm faded
So lost, I'm faded
I'm faded
So lost, I'm faded

These shallow waters, never met
What I needed
I'm letting go – a deeper dive
Eternal silence of the sea – I'm breathing
Where are you now
Where are you now
Under the bright – but faded lights
You've set my heart on fire
Where are you now
Where are you now

Where are you now
Under the sea
Under the sea
Where are you now
Another dream
The monsters running wild inside of me
I'm faded
I'm faded
So lost, I'm faded
I'm faded
So lost, I'm faded
Alan Walker feat. Iselin Solheim - Faded (LIVE Performance) X-Games Oslo [2016]
)) С лажей прямого эфира )) - Бывает ))
Ты был тенью моего света,
Чувствовал ли ты нас?
Еще одна звезда, ты исчезаешь вдали.
Боишься, что наша цель находится вне поля зрения,
Хочешь увидеть нас, живыми.

Где ты сейчас?
Где ты сейчас?
Где ты сейчас?
Было ли это все моей фантазией?
Где ты сейчас?
Был ли ты только воображением?

Где ты сейчас?
Атлантида, под водой, под водой.
Где ты сейчас?
Другой сон,
Монстр звереет внутри меня.
Я исчезла, я исчезла.
Так потеряна, я исчезла, я исчезла.
Так потеряна, я исчезла.

В этом мелководье никогда не встречалось того, в чем я нуждалась.
Я погружаюсь глубже.
Вечная тишина моря.
Я дышу, живая.

Где ты сейчас?
Где ты сейчас?
Под яркими, но блеклыми огнями,
Ты зажег мое сердце.
Где ты сейчас?
Где ты сейчас?

Где ты сейчас?
Атлантида, под водой, под водой.
Где ты сейчас?
Другой сон,
Монстр звереет внутри меня.
Я исчезла,
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Also don't judge me with the choices of stage

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I know, it was kinda unfinished... But, I got kinda sick of it, and, I'm new to the ''X'' thing ok? So just.. Let me start out. To be honest, I don't like the whole X concept ok?
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(NEW) Chris Brown Ft Soulja Boy, Meek Mill & Tank - "BANG BANG" (She Faded) **2013** (X Album)

(NEW) Chris Brown Ft Soulja Boy, Meek Mill & Tank - "BANG BANG" (She Faded) **2013** (X Album)

(NEW) Chris Brown Ft Soulja Boy, Meek Mill & Tank - "BANG BANG" (She Faded) **2013** (X Album)

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(NEW) Chris Brown Ft Soulja Boy, Meek Mill & Tank - "BA
X-Fade - Dance - Fun Mix, Blackbeard Italy 1995 BB 95-05
X-Fader - Dance
Фан-клуб "Syou Kurusu & Nanami Haruka"
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Song : Alan Walker - Faded
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Sorry for the suck solution and editing. hope you like my fanfic music video ^^

My first GMV after a very long time! I started to play FFX a few days ago and I just felt like doing a new Vid with it again! I really love this game, in my opinion the best FF game :)

This Video is very simple, I just want to tell the story about Tidus being just a dream, but after a long time in Spira he wants to stay there. But the Fayth told him that he´s just a dream and if they would stop dreaming, well... Tidus will disappear. He´s shocked and wants to find a way to stay with Yuna in Spira. Tidus a
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Nest Beatz przedstawia remix świetnego singla Alana Walkera - "Faded" który jest połączeniem kilku gatunków muzyki (edm, dubstep oraz hip hop)
W warstwie lirycznej pojawił się Popek, Paluch oraz Borixon. Całość skomponowana jest tak aby inspirowała oraz motywowała każdego do działania w pasji.

Paulo Coelho Paulo Coelho
"- Dlaczego mam zatem słuchać serca?
- Bo nie uciszysz go nigdy. I nawet gdybyś udawał, że nie słyszysz, o czym mówi, nadal będzie biło w twojej piersi i nie przestanie powtarzać

Vanic X K flay — Make Me Fade
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Spoilers through episode 24. Unfortunately YouTube isn't processing this video beyond 360p and I'm not sure why. I don't know if this will end up being fixed or not.

Series: Steins;Gate
Song: Never Fades Away
Artist: Delta Goodrem
Programs: Sony Vegas 13, Adobe After Effects
Музыка: The faded - Pull Up
Хореография: Les Twins

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Ещё больше удивительных Mashup - ремиксов и видео в группе V E R S U S https://vk.com/musicalexperiments

Mashup by BVNNY
Tracks sampled:
ZHU - Faded
Phantogram - Fall In Love
Major Lazer - Aerosol Can ft. Pharrell Williams

Get THE NIGHTDAY EP by ZHU here: http://bit.ly/NIGHTDAY
Directed by Romain Chassaing Produced by Solab Pictures & Excuse my French (Premiere Heure) Producers: Edouard Chassaing, Constance Guillou & Nicolas Tiry assisted by Lucie Santamans Cast (in order of appearance): Miglen Mirtchev, Jacky Nercessian, Pascal Decolland, Louise Grinberg, William Nadylam, Jonathan Genet, Paul Hamy, Yohann Pisiou, Emmanuel de Sablet, Kamel Labroudi Cinematographer: Fabien Benzaquen First Assistant director: Antoine Ricard assisted by Adèle Boyé Set Designer: Clementin
"Faded" is the second exclusive from Mike WiLL Made-It's upcoming mixtape, #MikeWiLLBeenTriLL, being released this December. Buy tickets to the #MikeWiLLBeenTriLL Event, Dec 2nd at Terminal West in Atlanta: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/mikewillbeentrill-event-tickets-9498065971

Mike WiLL Made-It x Future - Faded [Official Video]Mike WiLL Made-It x Future - Faded [Official Video]Mike WiLL Made-It x Future - Faded [Official Video]Mike WiLL Made-It x Future - Faded [Official Video]Mike WiLL Made-It x Fut
This hilarious animation is from Mike Epps' new special Under Rated, Never Faded, & X-Rated. Available in stores and for download everywhere.

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Title : Ugly Verse
Artist : DJ Myosuke
Label : Japanese Stream Hardcore
Cat No : JSHSA001
Release Date : 2013/04/29
Price : 1400円(税抜)  

01 DJ Myosuke feat.Yukacco - Ugly Verse
02 DJ Myosuke - Nightmare Empire
03 DJ Myosuke & QUIL - Flying Kaos
04 DJ Myosuke - Indigo
05 DJ Myosuke - DANZETSU
06 DJ Myosuke - Secondary Effects
07 DJ Myosuke - WAZA
08 DJ Myosuke feat.chitamo - ANCIENT
09 DJ Myosuke & moro -
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this song is the that i posted on vine ( the song isnt in the right place ) vine; taehyung stans

you can stream and purchase #AMSF via afternoonsmodeling.bandcamp.com cassette also available.

visuals created by BATTLECAT. Check out more from BATTLECAT here https://vimeo.com/user1130227
please watch in HD !

"Where are you now ? Was it all in my fantasy ?
Where are you now ? Were you only imaginary ? "



Covered by GD x Fade
(feat. Layboy)
Enjoy my sweethearts !
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This is something like my training video cause I always have problem with vidding new fandoms so I promise that the next video will be better :D
◄fandom ; Hemlock Grove
◄couple/ship ; Peter Rumancek & Roman Godfrey
◄coloring ; mine
◄song ; google or pm me
Fade x Vanilla Cup - Ain't One (G.B. & H.P. Choreo)
Looks better in HD.
Sometimes, when I look at Alucard's character, I see past the bad-ass man that's on the outside...And notice that he's sad.
Still. He and Integra were made to be, I think.
I dont own Hellsing or the song Fading by Decyfer Down.
This video is purely fan made and intended for entertainment purposes hence no copyright infringement is intended.
A1 - Dance (Extended Mix)
A2 - Dance (Radio Edit) 04:55
B1 - Dance (Fun Mix) 08:29
B2 - Dance (Controll Mix) 13:24

Fatima Al Qadiri's "Desert Strike" Out Now on Fade to Mind www.fadetomind.net

Inspired by the blend of technology and destruction in Fatima Al Qadiri's EP Desert Strike, artist Alex Gvojic's lush visualization of Ghost Raid is a blend of real war footage, video games, and original computer animation. Drawing upon the background of the Gulf War and ancient myths of Djinn, the film documents the creation of secret machines in unseen dimensions, black particles rising like smoke from oil fires, evil en
Classic euro dance. Taken from Mc Mario's CD King size. 1996

Ноггано (Нинтендо) Feat. Купэ vs Fade x Vanilla Cup - Черный Пистолет (Dj Chekurin Mash UP)
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Clippers Used:
Andis Master
Wahl 5 Star Balding
Andis T Outliner

Just Showing You All Step By Step How I Cut Hair, There Are Many Other Great Ways To Cutting Hair And Dying Im Just Showing You All How i Do My Work.

X-Fade - Dance (Radio Edit)
Alan Walker Faded Beatbox and violin cover!

Lim marvel ver. https://youtu.be/JWZTH2Vg-R0

Beatboxer Lil marvel
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Coloring by Kitty Kat

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Good quality tunage!!

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[dedicated to some scream vidders i like and one special person]

comment: i loved the song, especially this amazing cover, i decided to do something about stavo and brooke 'cause i love them, i really hope you like this work!
coloring: 14 by malin edits
ship: brooke maddox x stavo acosta
fandom: mtv scream
song: alan walker - faded (sara farell cover)
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, a
my mad fat diary 1 x 04
♡ / mazzy star - fade into you / ♡
A very dark and emotional interpretation of a popular New Wave hit from 1980 - arranged, recorded, filmed and directed by Germanys former Cult-Psychobilly-band "THE P.O.X." - aka "The Psychobilly Orchestra X".
The song was recorded by THE P.O.X. in June 2009 as a pre-production-version of "Fade-2-Gray" for the upcoming album "Insanity Is No Disgrace" (release projected for winter 2009).
Watch in HD!
Anime: Kiznaiver
Music: Faded by Alan Walker

I finally made an amv again! This time I made an amv with the anime Kiznaiver. I focused on Katsuhira and Sonozaki as a couple and their past as kids. I hope you guys will like it!
by HokkiStyle[Anime] · #vanic x k.flay - make me fade, #animemix, #fate/kaleid liner prisma☆illya, #login gorizon, #kekkai sensen, #rakudai kishi no cavalry, #bestvideo, #fate, #anime amv, #video music, #anime music, #anime video, #аниме, #anime
Her på vores kanal får du de bedste klip fra X Factor. Både auditions og optrædender fra live-shows.

Du er velkommen til at indlejre/embedde klippene på din hjemmeside.

Du kan altid finde endnu mere om X Factor på http://www.dr.dk/xfactor - og se programmerne i deres fulde længde.
I decided to make one of these...don't ask why -_-...also no hate on this I just dont like Foxy x Mangle because they are different versions of themselves so it would be wrong

Song By: Alan Walker

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#owarinoseraph | #ons | #owari_no_seraph | #seraph_of_the_end | #mikayuu | #yuumika | #mikaela | #yuuichiro | #hyakuya |#yaoi
The song is Faded-By Allen Walker
Pictures do not belong to me except the two at the end and the one that says snazcat162 in pink.

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The first in our new series of How to Cut & Style videos, featuring legendary barber Dane Hesse, aka "Pig Barber"

Watch Dane cut, shave and finish a classic side part with a modern twist - a razor fade and hart part

Dane makes this seriously technical cut look easy before finishing the style with Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

For more grooming tips and how to's, visit http://www.uppercutdeluxe.com
For all bts and red velvet fans.
Hope you like it. Like and subscribe xx
Please ignore if you don't like it.

I USED (editing):

Sony Vegas Pro 13


BTS - I need u: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMdTd9e-LEI
BTS - Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wn85Ge22FQ
RED VELVET - Ice cream cake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glXgSSOKlls
RED VELVET - One of these nights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xWiro_tS1k
RED VELVET - Automatic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px2Q47O0_eE
Watch 1080p^^ Do not copy/edit/reupload.

I am in LOVE with this show
Mashup by T MASH

Tracks used:
Robin Schulz ft. Jasmine Thompson - Sun Goes Down
Alan Walker - Faded
A very simple storyline with a couple I haven't used before.
Enjoy :)
Music: Faded by Alan Walker
Footage: Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Anastasia

vk: dashadee
facebook page: DashaDeee
youtube: DashaDeee
mail: Dancing_ass@mail.ru
Prod. Beatrice Kidou. SUBSCRIBE
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1. "Part 2"
2. "Father Stretch My Hands"
3. "Waves"
4. "High Lights"
5. "30 Hours"
6. "No More Parties in L.A."
7. "Fade"
8. "FML"
9. "Real Friends"
10. "Wolves"
11. Ultra Light Beam Ft. Chance the rapper
Music video for #GFM(God,Family,Money) ft Fade Dogg X Mark Gaboda performed by MexicanTrill.



Copyright (C) 2016 MexicanTrill.
Powered by http://www.vydia.com

I don't want to be that fan but I shipped this before the All In (걸어) video, but I'm going to be that fan and tell you that I shipped this since No Mercy era, when no one bothered with this ship and now they sailed it so nicely ㅠㅠ

Well with that said, please enjoy the video !! Thank you for watching; comments are always appreciated! ^^

~this is purely fanmade, I do not own anything except the editing~
Pro X Fade Ad

PRE-ORDER THE DELUXE VERSION: http://music.itseyeris.com/album/tv-deluxe-edition
PRE-ORDER THE STANDARD VERSION: http://music.itseyeris.com/album/tv

Album by Creep-P (Help by Makku, Prisma, and Giraffey for tuning)
Art by Sleppu
Album art by ROAD

After two years of work, the Kickstarter, and everything else, TV is finished! So, firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me in the Kickstarter. I am so eternally grateful for everyone who came to the final Kickstarter.
Can I get 10 likes please... more likes equals more videos!
Want to learn Final Cut Pro X and learn the most out of it, well here it is the basic guide to learning the video editing software for beginners. Showing you how to use tools,clips, and exporting videos to upload to youtube!

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Hola aquí les traigo la segunda parte del del video de la química que se ve entre JUDY Y NICK de ZOOTOPIA sujiereme de que quieres que sae el próximo video, y si te gusto el video dale me gusta y suscribete a mi canal gracias hasta la próxima

------------------- Please watch in HD ----------------------------------------
Anime : Snow White with the Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayuki Hime)
Song : Faded - Alan Walker

My new AMV Hope you Enjoy! XD
Самая информированная группа
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Thumbs up & Favorite for this song from: Vanic x K.Flay - Make Me Fade.
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Music: Vanic x K.Flay - Make Me Fade.
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• ● Picture credit ● •
If you are the owner of
HD is ♥
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You thought that i forgot your birthday, huh? 7u7
(haha i'm stalker!)

I hope you have the greatest birthday ever!♥
You are so important and special person for me♥
& i'm so happy that i've a friend like you!♥
You are a such sweetheart♥

Love this guy!

Original video:

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Vocalist: Iselin Solheim
Video Location: Oslo, Norway

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[x-Box]^BBG** Музыкальные и видео новинки!!! 2011-2012
My new dance video dancing to some dubstep choreography to Make me Fade by vanic X K Flay was made on the spot with 2 other dancers in about 10 minutes! We had a lot of fun dancing hope you enjoy!
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Launchpad Faded X Cold Water | REMIX

Ig @rezkihermawan
@Anantavinnie (cover)
~HD & headphones~

This is my part for the lovely and incredible Exestas! I'm so happy I was able to be a part of this and I can't wait to work with you again in the future ;D
Storyline (before this part): Nod, Queen Tara, and Ronan have been close for a long time. While Nod and Ronan are practically brothers, Nod and Tara's relationship grows into something more. However there was a darkness inside Nod that soon finds it's way ou