Wyoming Wildscapes: Wyoming Wildscapes II, Wyoming Wildscapes 2, Красивое видео-жизнь (Wyoming Wildscapes), Wyoming Wildscapes Ft. Dummy (instrumental) by

Wyoming Wildscapes

It was one hell of a journey during the fourteen months making Wyoming Wildscapes II, my second and final Wyoming related time lapse project. Had plenty of adventures while working on this. Lightning almost got me a couple of times this summer, gear froze up in the winter (literally), and broke a few times (don't think most of the time lapse gear was meant for extended wilderness backpacking), all that fun stuff. Despite any minor set backs, this was without a doubt one of the most fulfilling personal proje
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Awesome high-resolution time-lapses of Wyoming's most beautiful wilderness. Created by photographer Nicolaus Wegner at LightAlive Photography.

Nic first posted this to vimeo where it enjoyed top slot on their homepage, so we just wanted to also share it on youtube too :)

So with Nic's kind permission here it is. Just remember to watch it in HD mode! :D
Timelapse видео — это съемка видео при которой происходит запись сцены или объектов очень медленно изменяющихся во времени.

То есть запись видео происходит часы, дни, недели, а потом проигрывается в ускоренном темпе. Простейший способ снять timelapse видео это http://vk.cc/4U5KGx
Quick look at what I've been working on over the past few months. Only a very small handful of scenes here, but Wyoming Wildscapes 2 will have a significant amount of sequences packed into a 4-5 minute video. However, it is still months out from being completed and I wanted to share something new. Currently gathering a handful of nightscapes and additional nature based walk/hyperlapses. There are only a select few days each month (sometimes) where the conditions are right for night shots here, so it's slow,
The brilliant Nicolaus Wegner returns for the 2nd and final part of Wyoming Wildscapes. We created the music for this masterpiece of timelapse pho...