Wrong Side of Town: Изнанка города / Wrong Side of Town (2010) , Изнанка города (Wrong Side of Town) Проф.Мн-голосый, Изнанка города \ Wrong Side of Town

Wrong Side of Town

Сведения о киноленте:
Название: Изнанка города
Original name: Wrong Side of Town
Когда вышел: 2010 год
Жанр: боевик
Кто снимал: Дэвид ДеФалко
Кто снимался:
Сторми, Дэйв Батиста, Джа Рул, Роб Ван Дам, Кэти Найтен,
Рендал Ридер, Луис Хертэм,Лара Грис, Скотт Л. Шварц,
Эрик Браун и т.д
Краткое содержание:
Главный герой фильма бывший военный, который долгое
время служил морским пехотинцом. Теперь он своё отслужил
и живёт спокойной жизнью со своей семьёй. Однако это
спокойствие решили нарушить некие люди, к
Wrong Side of Town-2010
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Бывший морской пехотинец собирает команду сослуживцев и начинает охоту за похитителями своей дочери.
Проголосуйте я номер 2
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Батя жги ... деревянными единоборствами.

Пы.Сы. OST: 7 Days Away - "The Calling"
BBM - Wrong side of town

"You've heard it said, I taught the bird to fly.
One kiss from me and some can't say goodbye.
The place you'll find me when the sun goes down,
After hours, on the wrong side of town.

How many faces will I change today?
Take them to places where the shadows play.
That's where you'll find me when the sun goes down,
After hours, on the wrong side of town.

Lulled by the promise of a broken dream,
They all come looking for the answer
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Batista & RVD Rob Van Dam stars in an action thriller Wrong Side Of Town, Soundtrack by Taxi Doll<br/><br/>
Adimiron song Wrong side of the town taken from the album When Reality Wakes Up, 2009.


Bobby Kalinowski (Rob Van Dam), is a former Navy Seal enjoys a peaceful life as a landscape architect in Louisiana with his family. After receiving an invitation from new neighbors Clay Freeman (Edrick Browne) and Elise Freeman (Ava Santana), they go out for a night on the town to a famous club. The evening soon takes a turn for the worse when Bobby gets into a conflict with one of the club owners, named Ethan Bordas (Ross Britz). In the middle of the conflict, Ethan accidentally falls and is stabbed by his
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