Worst music video ever: Worst Music Video EVER ПЕСНЯ СУПЕР СМОТРЕТЬ ВСЕМ, Worst (best) music video ever, THOR- THE WORST MUSIC VIDEO EVER MADE! Худший клип за

Worst music video ever

лучшее дерьмо из интернетов vk.com/abandobed
An 80's Finnish music video called "I Wanna Love You Tender" by Armi & Danny
пы сы : я плакалъ))))))
Strange swedish music video
Title : Ira-Ira★Bee
Music : kagomeP

http://djigit.com Клип группы "Стекловата" - "Новый год" в интернете избран как хутший клип за всю мультимедийную историю.
As touted by the music reviewers of the time, THOR's first album was one of the worst rock records ever made.

I too stake claim as the producer of this video that this is one of the WORST music videos ever made.

It was my first.

Yes, complete with cardboard swords, graffitti splattered castles and a midget (dwarf) in line with the classic icons like atom bombs and burnt video of the early years of MTV.


Yes, I know. But, at the time it seemed like
WTF??!! This Guy Makes Soulja Boy & Lil Wayne look Like Biggie and Tupac!!

Thanks to Amir Farrokhi and Arsalan Farrokhi for their help!!!

Artist: junior-hip-hop
Song: The Worst Human Ever
Production: Prod by junior-hip-hop

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Jan Terri's music video "losing you". What make this one great is that she is dead serious. She is a blend of Miss. Piggy, Jabba The Hut and William Hung.


Official website: http://www.the-fusbi.info
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These guys decided to go all out on this video. The feature a 400 lb live gorilla, a obama phone, 5 x-convicts and a helium tank. These guys are giving Setgang a run for their money on the worst rap group ever. Let me know what you think!

Just Steph Curry and me, doing roommate things.

Thanks to the Brita Stream for sponsoring this video and a huge shoutout to Stephen Curry! #Ad

The title says it all, and I'm sure that you'll agree! This band apparently managed to have a number 1 single in japan. The only explanation is that the video contains some kind of hypnotic suggestion.
I'm not hating on The Weeknd, i am also a fan, if you're a sensitive person who takes everything personal then with all do respect just leave and do not continue watching.

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Chupacabra. The Worlds stupidest Music Video ever. The Song "Chupacabra" is actually catchy. Chupacabra is actually translated " Goat Sucker" So why not do a Music Video of the legendary Monster and add it to the list of Stupid Music Videos? Add 2 over aged idiots who couldn't bust out a move if their lives depended on it, and you have all the ingredients for an ridiculously entertaining Music Video. Some will love it and some will hate it! How ever it's guaranteed to be Stupid, Stupid, STUPID! Chupacabra
wally world. enicinitas ca . so bad it's .......good?
Worst music video ever
chinese rick roll
Madonna - Bitch I'm Madonna (Worst Music Video Ever) Musicless Shreds

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