World Trade Center: Tiesto at World Trade Center - Dubai, UAE (02.12.2016), James Zabiela @ World Trade Center #1, One World Trade Center Elevator Ride Show

World Trade Center

21/09/2012 Челябинск
Как изменялся Нью-Йорк в течении 500 лет
Стенки лифта в новом здании Башни Свободы в Манхеттене показывают таймлапс истории того, как менялись виды Манхэттена начиная с 1600 года. Видно, как появляются и исчезают здания старого Всемирного Торгового Центра.

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depeche mode- enjoy the silence (world trade center promo version)
Debunking every single 9/11 conspiracy theory, one at a time.

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Spaziergang durch New York mit World Trade Center
200 Greenwich Street / 2 WTC is the capstone in the redevelopment of the World Trade Center and the final component of the revitalization of Lower Manhattan. The 80-plus story building is developed by Silverstein Properties and will serve as the new headquarters for 21st Century Fox and News Corp. The tower will rise to 1,340 feet, respectfully framing the 9/11 Memorial Park alongside One WTC, 3 WTC and 4 WTC. "The completion of the World Trade Center will restore the majestic skyline of Manhattan and un
Thirteen years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the new centerpiece skyscraper at the World Trade Center opens.
11 Сентября. Башни-близнецы.
iva Movie Drama world trade center
In honor of One World Trade Center becoming the tallest building in New York, EarthCam has released an exciting time-lapse movie showcasing the construction progress from 2004-2012. Watch years of construction in just two minutes!

Американский сайт "EarthCam" опубликовал шикарное таймлэпс-видео, составленное из обрывков записей веб-камер, следивших за стройкой нового "One World Trade Center", воздвигнутого на месте разрушенных башен-близнецов 11.09.2001.

Работы велись с октября 2004 года по 25 мая 2015 года. Стоимость работ оценивается в 3.9 миллиарда долларов, что является самой большой суммой на возведение такого рода проекта. Самое высокое (строящееся) зданий "КингТауэр" в Дубае высотой в 1001 метр стоит 1.1 миллиарда. Высота же нового ВТЦ всего 541 метр.

29 мая этого года первые посетители уже поднялись на самый верх башни.
"Срочно в номер!"
Найдена видеозапись, сделанная незадолго до #11_сентября_2001 с вертолёта #СМИ, пролетавшего рядом с башнями Вмемирного Торгового Центра...
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The original World Trade Center was a complex of seven buildings featuring landmark twin towers in Lower Manhattan, New York City, United States. The complex opened on April 4, 1973, and was destroyed in 2001 during the September 11 attacks. The site is being rebuilt with five new skyscrapers and a memorial to the casualties of the attacks. As of September 2011, only one skyscraper has been completed with four more expected to be completed before 2020. A sixth tower is still awaiting confirmation to be buil
These animated reconstructions of the impacts and collapses of the World Trade Center towers were originally created for a 2004 litigation. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) data generated by the investigating engineers was used by Z-Axis to create the only technically accurate visualization of the sequence of events.
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Occasionally film makers and media companies are facing the problem of being asked to reproduce certain real world events in CG. This video shows my attempts to do so for the collapse of World Trade Center 7 using the new fracture tools of Blender.

I ultimately couldn't get to a point of satisfaction with the results for that purpose, but since I got some really spectacular collapses I decided to post them anyway f
The World Trade Center Transportation Hub is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's name for the new PATH station and the associated transit and retail complex currently under construction. The station's renaming is expected to take place when the hub opens. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the Transportation Hub is composed of a train station with a large and open mezzanine under the National September 11 Memorial plaza. This mezzanine is connected to an aboveground head house str

To the 2,998 that died....RIP
Dope: Elevator Ride From One World Trade Center Shows Time Lapse Of New York Skyline!
WTC Elevator Pods Show Rise of New York Skyline Through Time
Sky Pods Show Rise of New York Skyline

On Time-Lapse Rocket Ride to Trade Center’s Top, Glimpse of Doomed Tower
World Trade Center elevators to show time-lapse video of NYC
Dramatic elevator time-lapse at new World Trade Center observatory includes Twin Towers
Elevator Journey To The Top Of 1 World Trade Center Features Spectacular Time-Lapse History Of New York
Sky pods show rise of New York skyline from 1500s till now on time-lapse rocket ride to trade center's top.
An imposingly realistic vision of 2 World Trade Center, the ultimately doomed south tower, will begin appearing next month in a most unlikely place: the five special elevators servicing the observatory atop the new 1 World Trade Center.

From the moment the doors close until they reopen 47 seconds later on the 102nd floor, a seemingly three-dimensional time-lapse panorama will unfold on three walls of
Check out the WTC missing tape video:

Is this a foreshadowing of what happened to the World Trade Center Twin Towers terrorist attacks?

Here are some questions that need an answer:
# Je suis un Parisien

In an Amazing Gesture Gov. Andrew Cuomo has directed the lights of One World Trade Center’s 408-foot spire to be lit blue, white and red: the colors of the French flag.One World Trade Center Lights Up With French Colors in solidarity with the people of France

November Thirteenth Twenty Fifteen
Прогулка по зданию WTC 1999 г
In recognition of the opening of One World Observatory in New York City, we have released a special edition of our One World Trade Center video. Watch and share this commemorative time-lapse showing the building progress from October 2004 to Memorial Day 2015. Over the past 11 years, EarthCam’s construction cameras captured hundreds of thousands of high definition images and our Creative Team hand-edited the footage to create this exclusive movie.

Produced and Directed by Brian Cury, EarthCam's CEO & Found
О жизни, местах и событиях в США
Climb to the top of 1 World Trade Center with the professional mountaineer and photographer Jimmy Chin.

Read the story here:

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A video of the second plane hit the wtc but filming from the ground and slowly.
Небоскреб One World Trade Center (1 WTC) в Нью-Йорке, стоимость строительства которого оценивается в 3,9 миллиарда долларов, возглавил топ-10 самых дорогих небоскребов в мире, составленный порталом Здание высотой в 1,776 футов (541 метр) было построено в 2006-2013 годах на месте Всемирного торгового центра, разрушенного терактами 11 сентября 2001 года. Magic-hour time lapse video in high-definition showing the construction of the new One World Trade Center tower from the time it emerged on the skyline in February 2011 to completion in 2014, as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Also featured - construction of the Barclays Center arena in the lower right corner. Music by F*ck Buttons
Реальная история о храбрости, семейных узах и человеческой стойкости. Два нью-йоркских полицейских оказались в ловушке 11 сентября, 2001 г. Господь даёт видение одному из них об их спасении. Бывший морской пехотинец отправляется в центр событий, потому что Бог дал ему дар помогать и спасать людей: «Услышь голос и следуй за ним». Скоро эти трое встречаются...
Страна: США / Paramount Pictures, Double Feature Films, Intermedia Films
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In 1990, a promotional video for “Enjoy the Silence” was shot by French TV (for the TV Show “Champs-Élysées” with Michel Drucker) with Depeche Mode lip-syncing the song while standing atop the World Trade Center at the WTC rooftop World observatory.

In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, in which the towers were destroyed, this video gained special significance among New Yorkers and others as, now, functioning as an elegant tribute to the victims.

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Яндекс.Деньги - 410013350441409 Информационный портал о жизни, местах и событиях в США
21/09/2012 Челябинск
These animated reconstructions of the impacts and collapses of the World Trade Center towers were originally created for a 2004 litigation. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) data generated by the investigating engineers was used by Z-Axis to create the only technically accurate visualization of the sequence of events.
The 1994 action game Urban Strike, the third in the Strike series, features a scene where a giant laser deflects from a satellite, hitting the World Trade Center's Twin Towers. Further missions take place involving the effects of this, at the World Trade Center. Ironically, the game takes place in a fictional/alternate 2001 timeline. Mobile Phone All Specs ping your link search engines - 2000 instant backlinks - What Is My Website Worth? - Tawnee Stone Rare Photos
BIG reveals eye-catching Two World Trade Center design
Red, white and blue confetti rocketed through the sky as LEGOLAND California Resort kicked off Independence Day weekend by unveiling the tallest LEGO building in the United States of America, the One World Trade Center! The skyscraping LEGO model is featured in the newly remodeled Miniland New York located in the Park’s Miniland U.S.A.
Run by Kurt Nimmo
Run by Paul Watson
Run by Paul Watson
Run by Aaron Dykes
Run by Steve Watson
Run by Kurt Nimmo
Посмотрите это видео и приходите к нам на вечеринку в 2014-м)))
Super Skyscrapers - One World Trade Center
Съемки проходили на 20-ом этаже клубного корпуса Crown Plaza в залах City Lounge и Premier Lounge.

Организатор: свадебное агентство Поженимся.Ру (
Видео - Сергей Лебедев (
Декор - Наира Ависон (
Стилист - Екатерина Смолякова
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This Is Some Of The Most Stunning Single Camera 9/11 Footage You Will Ever See
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World Trade Center Never Forget
Minecraft 11 September
Майнкрафт, памяти 11 Сентября и всем погибшим людям!
Всемирный торговый центр 1:1 by STRIK
Видео by STRIK
WTC 1:1
WTC 1:2

A walkthrough of a memorial world built for 9/11 that can be found on's Official Freebuild server.

Creator/Designer: Flodder

Never Forget!
World Trade Center (Minecraft Machinima)
Aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City. Raw footage of search and rescue and clean up. Part One.

This footage is available at a low-cost total buyout.

This is a low-resolution sample. TIme code window does not appear on master. To order this material as broadcast-quality full screen/full resolution, send a request (with link) to or visit All material public domain and royalty-
Originally edited for my application into film school, this is an experimental project about 9/11, specifically the World Trade Center attacks. I had to edit a five minute montage of anything I liked to music of my choosing. I'm very happy with the end result and hope you like it too. Please share.

Music by James Newton Howard from "The Last Airbender", track "Flow Like Water"

Contains footage from CBS, Channel 4, clips from United 93 and World Trade Center as well as CG renderings and timelapse of the ne
Son Atrevidos concert at World Trade Center (Moscow, Russia)

Director: Ekaterina Moskvina
Camera: Rustam Nazarov, Deniz Ersoy
Editor: Ekaterina Moskvina
Producer: Anna Slemzina
more at

"Footage of World Trade Center from a work print." General construction footage, WTC telephone circuitry installation, etc.

Reupload of a previously uploaded film with improved video.

Public domain film from the Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and one-pass brightness-contrast-color correction & mild video noise reduction applied.

The film was silent. I have added music created by my
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клип о теракте 11 сентября под музыку Enya - Only Time
9/11 day unfolds in 18 minutes (NEW REVISED VERSION). Graphic video for educational purposes only. Most footage never aired on TV or only on that day.

First Plane Hit Top 911 Disturbing North Tower then South Tower Plane Crash, 9/11 Terrorist Attack, 911 people jumping from World Trade Center buildings, 9-11 Exploding Twin Towers, 9 11 Terror Twin Towers Collapse After Plane Collision Caught On Camera, Eye Witnesses WTC7 collapses in NYC on September 11th 2001. What collided into the pentagon? No Plane C
September 11, 2001 Attack on the World Trade Center, let us not forget, and my condolences to the Heros & Victoms of 911. May the victoms and Heros RIP
May this sinister act never be repeated to our Country Again!

The September 11 attacks resulted in 2,996 immediate (attack time) deaths: 2,977 victims and the 19 hijackers. A total of 372 foreign nationals (excluding the 19 perpetrators) perished in the attacks, representing just over 12% of the total. The immediate deaths include 246 victims on the four pl
Two World Trade Center in BIG trouble?
Voyez-vous un avion ?
11 сентября 2001 года из-за теракта погибли 2977 мирных жителей и 19 террористов. Еще 24 человека пропали без вести.
Ведущий гала-ужина Нестеров Сергей
World Trade Center movie clips:

Will (Michael Peña), John (Nicolas Cage), Antonio (Armando Riesco), Dominick (Jay Hernandez), and Christopher (Jon Bernthal), run for cover as the tower collapses on top of them.

Director Oliver Stone once again offers a powerful and provocative story based on real-life events in this drama. Sergeant John McLoughlin (Nicolas
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A short clip of the World Trade Center with Tower 2 near completion. Found on a 400' Super 8 home movie reel at the bottom of the pile labeled: "1972". Filmed on Kodak Super 8mm Ektachrome 160. DIY Telecine
Видео предоставлено группой:
0:03 - plane wtc 1
0:49 - plane wtc 2
2:29 - demolition wtc 2
5:35 - demolition wtc 1
Amazing video footage i took at the world trade center from the ground, observation deck and roof in the summer of 2001. I hope you like it and thanks for watching. I have also uploaded my video with extra footage and added music. Here is the link and i hope you like it.

Although most of the space in the World Trade Center complex was off-limits to the public, the South Tower featured an indoor and outdoor public observation area called Top of the World Trade C
I made this video because what I ever wanted was visit the twin towers, and when i learned about the disaster of the 9/11 I felt very very sad by those people that were inside while the towers fell, I dedicate this video to those persons, heroes (the firefighters) and to those beautifull buildings that now are two empty places that remind us of the greatness of overcoming of every day
Watch and share this commemorative time-lapse movie, highlighting progress at the World Trade Center site from October 2004 to September 2013. Witness the rise of One World Trade Center, including the installation of the spire, bringing it to a staggering height of 1,776 feet. Hundreds of thousands of high definition images were captured over the past 9 years and hand-edited for this special time-lapse movie.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised due to graphic contents. On the morning of September 11th 2001 almost 3,000 innocent people were murdered by Al Qaeda terrorists. As many as 200 people jumped / fell to their deaths from their burning offices on the uppermost floors of the 110-storey twin towers of the World Trade Center before both towers collapsed. They symbolize the true horror of that day as well as the desperate conditions inside the towers. Intense heat and suffocating smoke pushed people to break
Watch this Earthcam time lapse video of the construction sequence of the Oculus at the World Trade Center Transportation Hub from beginning to end.

Город Екатеринбург. Крыша WORLD TRADE CENTER в Екатеринбурге (Центр Международной Торговли Екатеринбург, бизнес-центр).

Руслан Нойс

Music: Reaktion ft. The Eden Project – Alone
18 different views of the second plane crashing in the WTC on 9/11 in the USA. Proof of the aircraft in a compilation & terror, osama bin laden, fake, lie, bush.
World Trade Center in America, high quality and uncompressed
Download here the orginal and HD videos in full length:
It's all uncompressed!



List of Clips:
01 → 00:05 ABC: Live Chopper
02 → 00:32 'Anonymous Am
Visitors to the top of 1 World Trade Center will see an amazing video showing the development of the New York City skyline during their elevator ride to the top.
EarthCam released this time-lapse movie showcasing construction for The Oculus, New York City's new transportation hub, from July 2011 to May 2016, in honor of the ribbon cutting ceremony on May 26.

A message from the CEO and Founder of EarthCam, Brian Cury:

“Unique and impressive designs like The Oculus are defining 21st century architecture and my hope is this movie acts as a time capsule of our innovative culture. We are proud to provide industry leaders with a powerful visual medium to showcase thei
Информация о концерте:
Билеты во всех кассах города и по телефону: 246-00-00
Официльная afterparty со звездой в MadFlat Bar: 264-21-59
Two World Trade Center in BIG trouble?
This video is dedicated to all the victims that lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Due to some graphic footage, Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Flight 11 Impact (first plane)-- 0:00:22
Flight 175 Impact (second plane) -- 0:22:30
South Tower Collapse -- 1:01:45
North Tower Collapse -- 1:26:03

Piranha was commissioned by Silverstein Properties to create a short film depicting the completion of The New World Trade Center site. Piranha wrote, produced, art directed, filmed, and finished all vfx for this inspiring piece marking the 10th year anniversary of 9/11.
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World Trade Center - Construction of the WTC 1970's. The people at work there. The SS Rotterdam ship into a berth in the foreground.
a Classic BBC series presented by James Burke Filmed on top of World Trade Center in the 1980´s Incoming SAS Flight 911
This is part 3 of a 7 part series of my video showing the twin towers of the world trade center in New York City before 911. These videos were personally made and produced by me, "Bobby Joe Knight" on the dates of August 2nd and 3rd of 1997.
watch high quality

download high quality

Nathan Evans

Video Animation is open source and will be used in Loose Change Final Cut
World Trade Center 911 - здание рушится (HD)
ReThink911 presents 9/11 best evidence - edited from the original 9/11 documentary "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" from Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth (
Comente este vídeo ! Canal: Somente a Verdade

O maior atentado terrorista da história ocorre. Terroristas sequestram aviões e lançam um ataque coordenado às torres gêmeas do WTC e contra o Pentágono. Milhares de pessoas morrem e o mundo entra em estado de choque. Mas será que a verdade sobre tal ocorrido é realmente o que a mídia e o governo americano divulgaram? O que as investigações descobriram e a quais conclusões podemos chegar?
Há muita informaçã
Inside 7 World Trade Center Moments Before Collapse. Building 7 collapse was and still remains a mystery, as to why it even collapsed. Leave your thoughts on the mystery behind building 7 collapse, and what you think caused it to smash to the ground. Subscribe!

Cover your ears for this insanity:

Good ol' Boys Fishing Trip gets Explosive!

For More Exclusive Viral Videos go to http://www.facebook.
View Downtown Manhattan's future skyline

This megacomplex include:

Five new skyscrapers (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 WTC)
The National September 11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center
The World Trade Center Transportation Hub
550,000 square feet of retail space
Performing Arts Center

This vision represents an unprecedented merging of architects, artists, and urban developers, including Santiago Calatrava, David Childs, Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, Fumihiko Ma
On August 7th 1974, a young Frenchman named Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire and walked between New York's Twin Towers.

Two World Trade Center in BIG trouble?
7 августа 1974, молодой француз по имени Филипп Пети вышел на проводе и ходил между нью-йоркских башен-близнецов.
Самой большой фестиваль дизайнерских подарков, мастер-классов, лекций, воркшопов, вкусной еды и музыки!
Special thanks go out to Mike Byrnes for allowing Elevator World to use this video footage. More videos on this subject to come.
This is a 6 minute video of raw footage I shot in 1999 at the ground level of the twin towers, from the indoor viewing platform ("top of the world"), and from the roof itself. It involves lots of crappy zooms in and out far too often, but if you ever wondered what it was like to stand at the bottom looking up, or what the view was like from the top, here it is.
Not my creation. I just thought it was fun, and I couldn't find it on youtube. And please, for the love of god, stop complaining about how I sympathise with terrorists: I realise 9/11 was a tragedy, I just happen to understand that this joke isn't about the tragedy itself, just about the absurd mix of video and music.