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Winter Sun

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Видеоклип британской группы Everything Everything на песню «Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread». Трек стал третьим синглом в поддержку третьего студийного альбома группы «Get To Heaven», релиз которого состоялся 15 июня.
Release Date: 24/02/2017
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The Winter Sounds present "The Sun Also Rises" from the new full-length "Runner" out now on New Granada Records
Player, operator: Mikhail Kotsilov (AERO-YO Friend)
Yo-yo: AERO-YO Droid
материал группы - ● Марк Стронг | Mark Strong ●
Lovely remix by Moonnight...Winter Sun-Chris Metcalfe.


All videos contained within this video are not the property of mine.Film director: Gunter Gheeraert,actor: Daniel de la Fuente.
Directed by Mathieu Tonetti & Bianca Benloukil

Starring Yan Brams, Anouk Féral, Barbara Cavalier, Aguibou Ba
and Julia Chimot, Capucine Delaby, Alice Jacq, Doom Maldonato
with Clémence Ansault, Anteia Grelon, Irène Bouraly, Juliette Behar

Director of Photography : Nathaniel Aron
1st AD : Andreas Meszaros
Stylism : Garlone Jadoul
Hair : Sadek
Makeup : Laura Merle
Location manager : Aimeric Bonello
Post-production : Ben Géronimi

© Record Makers / Vetta Films - 2013

Великобритания, США 2006
«Who would you kill for?»
режиссер: Адриан Шерголд
сценарий: Саймон Дональд
продюсер: Ронда Смит, Грег Бренмен, Кэтрин Митчелл
оператор: Ульф Брантос
композитор: Мартин Фиппс
в ролях: Марк Стронг, Брайан МакКарди, Роберт Уиллокс, Винсент Риган, Нив МакИнтош, Джон Сешнс, Мерседес Гроуэр, Берн Горман, Мишель Дункан....
История о работе шотландской полиции. Два полицейских детектива Эдинбурга убивают третьего и обставляют всё так, словно тот совершил самоубийство. Труп сажают за руль автомобиля, который сбрасывают с пирса. И всё бы ничего, если бы при подъёме этой машины не нашли два трупа! Второй оказался в багажнике с отрубленными руками и без головы… Для чего полицейским понадобилось убивать коллегу и как они теперь выкрутятся?
перевод - o.gaothin (Julia W)

материал группы - ● Марк Стронг | Mark Strong ●
Low Winter Sun 1x07 Promo 'There Was A Girl'. On Low Winter Sun 1x07, The DPD catches a break on the case; Damon and Maya's freedom is in jeopardy; Geddes and Frank have a confrontation.


Low Winter Sun 1x07 Promo/Preview (HD)
Low Winter Sun S01E07, Low Winter Sun Season 1 Episode 7
Low Winter Sun Season 1 Episode 7 Promo/Preview/Webclip/
Динамичный трейлер Low Winter Sun
Саундтрек Bobby Peru - I'll be glad when you're dead

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2013© CreWo
Группа! Здесь музыка целыми альбомами!
© Relapse Records


Where has the sun gone from us
Where is the moon lost to us
The moon will not gleam at all
Nor will the sun shine at all

Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy - Sun In The Winter (Estiva Remix)

Heating the freezing room
I leave the world behind me, so icy
You muted love without a warning
Now all I hear are distant words of our past

Fooling me like the sun in the winter
Warm for a while, fade away
Taking me in like summer is calling
A promise of love turned a cold surprise
AMC's upcoming original series Low Winter Sun reflects the increasingly international nature of the drama business in the U.S. today. Based on a 2006 U.K. mini-series of the same name, the show also features two British actors: Mark Strong, who starred in the original, and Lennie James, now familiar to American audiences thanks to his turn on The Walking Dead. It is being represented by Endemol Worldwide Distribution, and is set to roll out globally on FOX International Channels. At the helm of the series i
Maiia vs. Zero Cult - Winter Sun
Live @ Vermel 03/01/2014
ATS dance by Anastasya&Katya

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Official stream for 'Winter Sun' by Woes off their debut EP, 'Woes'.
Pre-order 'Woes': or

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What if it's broke and I can't fix it?
Stop to think did you really give it all you had?
Or are you just drifting?
To give it all away would it be so bad?

You're not in my plans, I'm sorry that you can’t understand
On tour in demand, when you call me up I just say that
I haven't got the tim
Composed by Victor E. Nikolenko
More info & purchase:
Band: Sun of the Sleepless

Song: Tausend Kalte Winter

Album: SOTS & Nachtmar
NeformatFest 2015
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Chris Metcalfe & Jo Cartwright - Winter Sun (Kago Pengchi Remix)
RU: Зимняя радуга (паргелий) над Москвой 28 января 2014
Copyright: Oleg Tarabanov
Сюжет сериала основан на британском одноименном минисериале 2006-го года и рассказывает историю убийства, обмана, мести и коррупции в мире, где грань между копами и преступниками размыта. Сериал начинается с убийства полицейского его другом, детективом из Детройта. Это убийство повлечет за собой события, которые навсегда изменят жизнь детектива.

♫New atmosphere. From Monte. With love ❄❄❄♥

1000 лет холодной зимы
It's actually doesn't make sense since Baekhyun from Goryeo which is thousand years prior of Xiumin's Joseon Dynasty.....but who cares? XD And to celebrate ChenBaekXi sub-unit!!!



kim minseok
byun baekhyun
moon lovers - scarlet heart: ryeo
kim seondal

official fanmade trailer
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"Is there a hero somewhere someone who appears and saves the day..."

All clips from trailers and tv-spots.

Can't wait to see this! Certainly the Phase 2 movie I've been looking forward to the most!

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HYPNOLOVE - Winter in the sun
Sun Peaks is a four season resort community located 45 minutes north of Kamloops in British Columbia's Interior. As the second largest ski area in British Columbia, and the third largest in Canada, Sun Peaks truly has terrain for everyone. Guests enjoy the well planned pedestrian village with over 20 restaurants and cafes and many shops! This video was shot over the 2011-12 ski season.

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Материал группы - ● Марк Стронг | Mark Strong | Official Group ●
Guitar - Konstantin Sedov
Guitar - Polina Sedova
Bass - Alex Zavolokin
Key - Evgenija Prokhorova
Drums - Victor Kukormin

Съемка: Сергей Капитанюк
Поразительный по своей силе и красоте - новый альбом Brendan Perry - Ark (2010 г.)
Выступление на конкурсе "Круг друзей" 13 апреля 2014 г.
Композиция Winter sun, в обработке трио Violini, из репертуара группы Bond
Трек Antiloop - Signing off, перескок на Diggadgy - Misha
Новости,промо,трейлеры,даты выходов фильмов и сериалов только у нас: ►◄

Дата выхода - ►19 августа 2013◄
New Cyberloud Records release!
Release Date: 09.04.2012!/CyberloudRecs
Самая большая группа про ЭКСТРИМ l EXTREME
Windhand from Richmond, Virginia. Taken from their 2010 demo.

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Успел снять последние, снежные дни в совоем городе.

Музыка: DEAD BATTERY - Floating

Камера: Canon 70D, Helios 44m.

Я здесь:


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Everything Everything perform Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread at Reading 2015. Visit the Reading 2015 website for more videos and photos
Music video by Everything Everything performing Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread. (C) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
YANA VEVA - rassian LISA GERRARD. My clip. Мой клип - премьера (10 января 2011)
Available to buy now here

Cairn String Quartet play a #quartetquickie cover of Kid Canaveral's 'Low Winter Sun' at Castlesound Studios in Edinburgh. Recorded by Garry Boyle and mixed by Graeme Steel.

Twitter: @CairnQuartet

Thanks for watching!

Faine Jade - Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (1968)
Long Island guitarist Faine Jade began performing and recording as a member of the Rustics in the mid-'60s, with basic, energetic, angst-ridden material that differed little from literally thousands of other like-minded garage bands across the country. After a single with the Rustics in 1966, Jade recorded a 45 under his own name in 1967, "It Ain't True," which was rescued from obscurity on the Pebbles, Vol. 8 compilation. His solo LP on the tiny
Artist: Black Sun Aeon
Song: Core Of Winter
Album: Routa
Year: 2010
Genre: Gothic / Death / Doom Metal
Country: Finland


Совместный трейлер Low Winter Sun и Breaking Bad - "Вышедшие из под контроля"<br/><br/>
Москва, Клуб Алексея Козлова
PART 6 of a 45 minute set by Mark Kozelek during Sommerfesten in Giske, Norway. 6/31/10
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для холодных зимних вечеров. остров крит. греция.
Black Sun Empire And Noisia - Winter War sour

This world seems to be getting colder by the day. This song, which is set to Dishwalla's song "Winter Sun", addresses some of those things. This song is not meant for sale. Enjoy.

Watch the official Swallow the Sun Cathedral Walls video here &lt;br&gt;Support the guys by ordering their new album Emerald Forest and the Blackbird. &lt;br&gt; &lt;br&gt;Video by Jari Tuukkanen and Nora Niemispelto at &lt;br&gt; &lt;br&gt; &lt;br&gt; &lt;br&gt;
Welcome to Maryland Deathfest XII (2014) - Edison Lot Baltimore, MD!

Sorry about the break near the end...accidental thumb slippage.

Posted with permission from band. All rights reserved to the artist.
Павел Лукоянов - гусли звончатые
Одиссей Богусевич - духовой орган, композиция
Духовой орган музея им. Глинки, Москва
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Idealist – "179 Metres Below"
Label: Idealistmusic – idealistmusic 04
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Country: Switzerland
Released: 04 Mar 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub Techno, House
Сочинил и сразу записал - почти импровизация
Хеллоу эвриуан! Всех еще раз с новым годом! Посылаю Вам лучи добра,приятного...
Black Sun Aeon on Before the Dawnin solistin, Tuomas Saukkosen sooloprojekti.

*Band: Nuclear Winter
*Split cd with Thy Repentance "Control Shot or Halls of the Red / Ode to War (Apotheosis of Hate)"
*Genre: Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal
*Country: Russia
*Year: 2002
ЭЛЕКТРОГУСЛИ и Диджей Одиссей (проект Winter Sun)

Выступление в Москве на Пушкинской площади в рамках празднования Масленицы.
1.MΣ$†ΛMN ΣKCПØNΛ† - Верните в моду любовь
2.MΣ$†ΛMN ΣKCПØNΛ† - Не уходи
3.MΣ$†ΛMN ΣKCПØNΛ† - мальчик в девочку влюбился
5.MΣ$†ΛMN ΣKCПØNΛ† - Коронована луной
6.MΣ$†ΛMN ΣKCПØNΛ† - Целуй меня
After noting that the bank manager has to look at the computer screen to learn Frank's name despite the fact he's been banking there for 16 years, this happens. I wanted to love this show but it bored me terribly for most of the season. Everything about this scene, and the last 2 episodes of the season in general, is what was missing from the show early on. From the intensity or Mark Strong's acting to the note of humor to the Detroit funk rock that kicks in afterward - where the hell was all that before?!
ЧионЪ - города убеЖища музыка: TijuanaCartel

Воркаут взимку - тизер


Музика: Alex Mad & Platon - Wonderland (Original Mix)

PIRA-MIDA PRODUCTION - Winter beats EP (2014)

Бесплатные минуса от PIRA-MIDA PRODUCTION . Послушать полностью и скачать их можно здесь
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A collection of randomness from the last month or so, shot on the Panasonic GH4. I am new to the GH4 so carried the camera everywhere I went, testing settings as I went along. Mostly shot in UHD 25fps with a few bits of 96fps thrown in.
Lenses: Panasonic 12-35mm f 2.8 and 25mm f1.4 Camera Profile: Cine-D -5 -5 -5 0 0 Luminance: 16-235 Master Pedestal: either +5 or +10 i-Dynamic: Low and i-Resolution: Low Music: Stakes by Vancouver Sleep Clinic
1983年アルバム「SUN SINGER」より。
Fine raw and atmospheric Deep House - Highly Recommended!
Much as we love the UK it doesn't half get wet, dark and cold in the off-season. The solution is pretty simple - pack up the bikes, hop on a plane and head for Malaga to see our buddies at RoostDH! Here's our video from our week of living the dream!
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Crystal icicles glimmering
In this cold, dark heart
Leaves are falling, leaving naked
Trees to warm a fire

Now it's time to let you go
Amidst the falling snow
Now it's time to say goodbye
As winter sun overcomes autumn sky

Bitter memories overtaken
Numb and chilled to the bone
This reflection, glassy mirror
Shows a face unknown

Now it's time to let you go
Amidst the falling snow
Now it's time to say goodbye
Artist: Noisia Black Sun Empire

Title: Winter War

Album: BSE LP3EP1
Для зимней войны отлично подходит драм-н-бэйс. Клип на песню Winter war от Noisia и Black sun. #DnB #Neurofunk
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New single from Demon Hunter / New Album Coming March 2017
iTunes: | Amazon:
Live @ Club Tapper, Tallinn 17/02/2017. Around 5min I noticed that video not in the focus, lol. But there not much to take on video. Hope sound is ok.
This activity is funded in part by the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council with money from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008, and an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature.

The Band

Barb Lavigne
David Grinstead
Yvonne Mills
Marco Good
Betsy Bowen


Amy Henrikson
Don Hammer
Jennifer Shulz
Lucy Kruesel
Jim Ouray

Krampus Crew

Roger Ab
Сообщество сериала -
Dmitry Sabaneev
,•´ ¸,•´`)
(¸,•´ (¸♥®ஐ♥♫ღღღ l٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ Trance ღღღ♫♥ஐ®^√V—♥—­»☼.
,•´ ¸,•´`)
(¸,•´ (¸♥®ஐ♥♫ღ MuSiC ♫♥ SabD ♫♥ TraNcE ღ♫♥ஐ®
"The winter sun". Музыка и слова Н. Ермолаевой. Видео с концерта 24.05. 2013, г. Новокузнецк. (первое публичное исполнение произведения)

Исполняют: Любовь Балахнина (вокал),
Ирина Каменева (виолончель),
Наталья Ермолаева (ф-но).
Материал группы - ● Марк Стронг | Mark Strong ●
Маленькая зарисовка о нашем мимолетном зимнем отдыхе.
Trio "Winter Sun" with new CD at 10 festivals in Koktebel. Crimea

03.01.2017 Jazz Philharmonic Hall

В. Урусова-вокал, A.Половко-саксофон, Н. Сизов-рояль, Д. Семенищев- контрабас, Г. Багдасарья-ударные

Cъемка:Иван Высоких
Звук:Эльдар Урусов
PLAINS Chapter Five: "Winter Sun" Starring // Makenzie Murdock and Jessica Rotter Directed and Written by // Alexandra Palmer and Kelsey Lyn...
Chris Metcalfe & Jo Cartwright - Winter Sun
Beatport date: June 15, 2015

A remix package of Chris Metcalfe & Jo Cartwright's ‘Winter Sun’ is next up here on Essentializm, originally released on Amsterdam Trance Records and reaching a respectable number 18 on the Beatport Trance Top 100 chart. It was certainly well received by the Trance Community!

Kago Pengchi is first up with a progressive house take on the original that has plenty of bounce and energy. Following up is Bluskay with an uplifting masterpi
Twilight waiting for the winter sun.

Soundcloud link and mp3 download:

Copyright issues: MLP:FiM and all related characters are copyrighted by Hasbro.
The instrumental itself is copyrighted by me, lol.

US Low Winter Sun (Entertainment Daily News)