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Wife - Bodies

Official Music Video
Body Tempering was invented by Donnie Thompson. It use devices we call diffusion rods to break up adhesive muscle and tissue. Temper Tendons, ligaments and bone. This is highly anaerobic and will get the athlete stronger than just training. Myofacial release is done in seconds instead of hours. There is nothing like it and its simplicity is the key ingredient to defeat hypertonicity of the body.
Stoic EP. Released on Left Blank. Pretty stunning record, hard pressed to find a more moving debut, let alone release, this year. Dig deep into your pockets and go cop this one.. you certainly won't regret it! http://boomkat.com/vinyl/612497-wife-stoic-ep
Sylvester Stallone (68) and his Incredibly Fit Wife Jennifer Flavin (46) Shows off their Perfect Bodies during a Family Vacation in South of France. Do you think they are the Fittest Couple in Hollywood right now?

Like many overweight women, morbidly obese Natalie Werrett hated her 24-stone bulk and did everything she could to cover her bulging body. But after meeting ‘chubby-chaser’ hubby Liam, the mum-of-one from Norfolk has learned to embrace her gargantuan curves – and now she’s flashing the flab online. Curvaceous Natalie,