Who? That? Which?: Who? That? Which?, Who That Which, The Relative Pronouns WHO WHICH WHERE THAT, Правила использования WHO, WHICH, WHOSE,THAT | урок 38,

Who? That? Which?

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Lower - Intermediate Grammar Level 1
WHO, THAT, and WHICH are relative pronouns used to link a phrase or clause—both essential or nonessential— to another word in the sentence. Sound confusing? Not if you watch my video!
Learning Hub Studio proudly presents a video to explain how to join sentences using relative pronouns like who, whom, which, whose, that etc .

The video mapped to CBSE board curriculum. Children would learn what are relative pronouns, what relative pronouns do, antecedent, how to join sentences using relative pronouns .

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Are you interested in learning more about grammar? Check out this video and learn how relative clauses with who/that/which work.
Writing with Adjective Clauses.

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Do you confuse who, that, and which? Learn the difference easily in this short and simple English grammar lesson.


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"That" or "Which"? "Who" or "That"? Relative pronouns can be really confusing! In order not to make this kind of mistakes - let's take a closer look at them!

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Unit 102 Relative clauses (урок 2). Когда не нужны слова who, that, which
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Если союзы who, which, that заменяют подлежащее, то они обязательно стоят в предложении. Если после союза в придаточном предложении есть подлежащее+сказуемое, то союз можно выбросить

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Unit 93 Relative clauses со словами WHICH, THAT, WHO. Английские придаточные предложения
В этом уроке говорим о ситуациях, когда можно не использовать союзные слова WHICH, THAT, WHO в английских придаточных предложениях #RelativeClauses

На канале Ok English вы найдете #УрокиАнглийского языка и английской грамматики по Красному Murphy (для начинающих), по синему Murphy (для продолжающих), разбор английских текстов, отдельные уроки английского на важные темы. С нами вы выучите #английский с нуля и подтянете