Whiteys Lindy Hoppers .. Hellzapoppin.: Whiteys Lindy Hoppers - Hellzapoppin' - 1941, 01-Whiteys Lindy Hoppers .. Hellzapoppin., Whiteys Lindy Hoppers -

Whiteys Lindy Hoppers .. Hellzapoppin.

Из американского фильма Hellzapoppin' (1941 год)
Ох уж,эти танцы !
by Andrey Mars
Whitey's Lindy Hoppers dance in this scene from Hellzapoppin'. Arguably one of the best Lindy Hop scenes ever filmed.

Dancers in this clip are:
Al Minns (White Coat, Black Pants) , Ann Johnson (Maid) , Billy Richter (Chef's Hat),
Francis "Mickey" Johnson (Maid), Frankie Manning (Overalls), Norma Miller (Chef's Hat), Willa Mae Rickter (w/ Minns), William Downes (Overalls). Mike Tremini,

Dean Collins was in another scene with Martha Raye in this film.

for more info on Lindy Hop see:
Update: Lots of info to be found at http://www.savoystyle.com/hellzapoppin.html thanks to lindyhop411 for the link!

Really old lindyhop movie with some sweet music too. Crazy moves!

If anyone has more info on when/where this is from, please comment!

(the dancing starts at 2:40, before that they get the music started.. good stuff!)
Dance scene taken from the movie Hellzapoppin (1941).

Dancers in this clip are:

Harlem Congaroo Dancers (aka Whitey's Lindy Hoppers)

William Downes (uniform) and Frances "Mickey" Jones (maid).
Norma Miller and Billy Ricker (chef's hat).
Al Minns (white coat, black pants) and Willa Mae Ricker.
Ann Johnson (maid) and Frankie Manning (overalls).

(source: Savoystyle.com)

This movie, based on a hit Broadway play, showcases Whitey's Lindy Hoppers dancing the most famous and most spectacular Lindy Hop
I've only seen this in so-so quality online, so thought I'd post it with the restored print and audio.