White Chips: GTR (chip) vs silver GTR HKS570 vs white GTR (chip + exhaust) vs tuned evo9,

White Chips

This recipe originally caught my attention on Pinterest because of the lovely red colour and contrast with the white chocolate chips. Here is the ...

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Learn how to make these soft and delicious half and half cookies! Can't decide whether you want chocolate chip or chocolate cookies with white choc...

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https://youtu.be/RIaqtMPB9Ek - The white rat Bob -- Белая крыса Боб

2016 07 21

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Chip White - Drums
Gary Bartz - Alto Sax
Steve Nelson - Vibes
Buster Williams - Bass

Claudio Roditi - Trumpet
Robin Eubanks - Trombone

Recorded in NY 1994
Album - Harlem Sunset

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The BEST Vanilla Chai White Chocolate Chip Cookies of all time! This is a must try especially for the holidays!

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http://vk.com/vine.world_of_vine —-— Свежие вайны от лучших вайнеров мира! ;D
http://vk.com/vine.world_of_vine —-— Свежие вайны от лучших вайнеров мира! ;D
A powerful fusion of European pop electronics and Native American ceremony. Austria's Blue Chip Orchestra ( Hubert Bognermayr( died in 1999 ) and Harald Zuschrader ) sets the early drumming, soulful chanting and hypnotic percussion of native music into a beat-driven ambient soundscape."Ashes cold and white" is an example of the above mentioned fusion. From their CD "Red Sky Beat". ( 1998 )

Они просто невероятные 😍
http://twitter.com/task_force_chip — Lil B's #1 fan over 60 makes history once again. This goes to show how Lil' B's positivity and based message touches all generations.

Produced by Visualive.
Short video recorded in the las Hispania Wargames in Malaga (Spain) by Mig Jimenez explaining the differences between making a Winter camouflage with Washable White and Winter camouflage using normal acrylic White color and Chipping Fluid. 2 methods and 2 different looks.

To make the first method with Washable White Paint:

1) Primer your model with A.MIG-2002 Grey Primer.
2) Paint the model in Greman Dark Grey A.MIG-008
3) Now paint with airbush the Washable White included in our set A.MIG-7107
4) When

After the demonstration from Mig Jimenez in Heiden /Germany about " how to use the chipping fluid / washable white camo " I thought.." hey Carsten...try it and make a video. :) I hope the vid is helpful for someone here.... try to upload the second part asap.
Greetings Carsten

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