White Chips: GTR (chip) vs silver GTR HKS570 vs white GTR (chip + exhaust) vs tuned evo9,

White Chips

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https://youtu.be/RIaqtMPB9Ek - The white rat Bob -- Белая крыса Боб

2016 07 21

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This recipe originally caught my attention on Pinterest because of the lovely red colour and contrast with the white chocolate chips. Here is the ...

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Learn how to make these soft and delicious half and half cookies! Can't decide whether you want chocolate chip or chocolate cookies with white choc...

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To get this recipe with measurements: http://www.LauraintheKitchen.com
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The BEST Vanilla Chai White Chocolate Chip Cookies of all time! This is a must try especially for the holidays!

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Chip White - Drums
Gary Bartz - Alto Sax
Steve Nelson - Vibes
Buster Williams - Bass

Claudio Roditi - Trumpet
Robin Eubanks - Trombone

Recorded in NY 1994
Album - Harlem Sunset

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http://vk.com/vine.world_of_vine —-— Свежие вайны от лучших вайнеров мира! ;D
After the demonstration from Mig Jimenez in Heiden /Germany about " how to use the chipping fluid / washable white camo " I thought.." hey Carsten...try it and make a video. :) I hope the vid is helpful for someone here.... try to upload the second part asap.
Greetings Carsten

Music : YouTube

http://vk.com/vine.world_of_vine —-— Свежие вайны от лучших вайнеров мира! ;D
Short video recorded in the las Hispania Wargames in Malaga (Spain) by Mig Jimenez explaining the differences between making a Winter camouflage with Washable White and Winter camouflage using normal acrylic White color and Chipping Fluid. 2 methods and 2 different looks.

To make the first method with Washable White Paint:

1) Primer your model with A.MIG-2002 Grey Primer.
2) Paint the model in Greman Dark Grey A.MIG-008
3) Now paint with airbush the Washable White included in our set A.MIG-7107
4) When

A powerful fusion of European pop electronics and Native American ceremony. Austria's Blue Chip Orchestra ( Hubert Bognermayr( died in 1999 ) and Harald Zuschrader ) sets the early drumming, soulful chanting and hypnotic percussion of native music into a beat-driven ambient soundscape."Ashes cold and white" is an example of the above mentioned fusion. From their CD "Red Sky Beat". ( 1998 )

http://twitter.com/task_force_chip — Lil B's #1 fan over 60 makes history once again. This goes to show how Lil' B's positivity and based message touches all generations.

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